No. 1203   Sommerdagsmorgen

Tekst og foto:   Eirik Hustvedt (c)    Dato: Jule 04-05,  2005



haugalandet Net er tekstet på norsk og / eller engelsk ! Sommerdagsmorgen

Summer day morning

It was a beautiful July day morning today. Windy, of couse. Remember that this is Haugesund. But the wind was warm, giving us this special kind of summer morning feeling. Leaving on a weeks holiday later today, and want to share a couple of typical Haugesund glimpses with you before I take my Postman Pat car and drive.


Have a fine summer, all you Haugesund and haugalandet interested people out there, somewhere.

Click links to see the photos:


Wide view over the town and ocean, from Vardafjell


Closer look at the town centre


Part of the "new" Inner quay og Haugesund (almost finished).


The Risøy bridge will soon be finished (refurnishing)


"Paparazzi photo": Celebrity tourist in Strandgaten, Haugesund
(forgive me, Early Hyman, having a close connection to haugesund and Skånevik)


MS Braemar at the Garpeskjærs kai in Haugesund (Sun July 3)


MS Braemar under the Karmsund bridge (Sun July 3)


Tusenvis av bilder fra vårt distrikt

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Haugesundsområde og havet utenfor. Urter er markert
Map of the Haugesund area and the ocean west of it. Urter is marked.

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Simadalsfjord / Kjeåsen i øvre, høyre halvdel

Map showing the Hardanger fjord (Kjeåsen upper, right part )

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