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The new Denmark ferry needs harbor space

Text and photo: Eirik Hustvedt
Released: 12. februar 2003

Short, english text summary

  1. The new  Denmark ship
  2. Links  concerning the harbour packhouse and the new ship

The main harbor packhouse on Garpeskjærskaien on Risøy is soon history. It was built in 1952, and played an important role in handling the cargo over Haugesund harbor in the 50's until the early nineties. Some years ago the harbor authorities decided to remove it when the situation made it nessesary. Now  there will be urgent need of more space for a car park and handling facilities when we get a new ferry to Denmark from April 3. In a week or two, the work will have started. In 1,5 month, it must be finished.

"Fjord Norway": The "new" Denmark ferry

For some years now, the former Denmark ferry, MF Bergen, has passed Haugesund and Karmsundet on its way between Bergen, Egersund to or from Denmark. But this ship has been to small to handle Haugesund as well. But now, the ferry company Fjord Line has bought a ship twice as large, and with far higher capacity, both for passengers and cargo. The ship was bought in Australia last December, and at the moment (Feb 12) it is rebuilt and refurnished in a danish shipyard at a cost of 112 mill. NOK. April 3 at 11.30PM it will bring still another way of getting to and from our region.  We will have 2-3 weekly tours, depending of the time of year. The ferry starts off in Bergen in the afternoon, passes Haugesund at app. 11.30, then on to Egersund for a mid-night stop before starting of the North sea and Skagerak crossing with arrival in Hanstholm on the western coast of Denmark at app 3PM the day after.





Facts about the "new" ship:

Llenght: 161m Wide: 27,6m  deep: 6,2m
Capasities::  1.600 passengers, 600 cars / 75 long vehicles
500 cabins  with beds for 1.500
Seven restaurants  and a total of nine places where they serve food.
500 sqm taxfree shop

Built 1986 in Bremerhaven, Germany. Sailed as  "Peter Pan" Travemünde - Trelleborg
untill 1993, sold to new owners in Australia. Got the name "Spirit of Tasmania". Handled the Devonport - Melbourne route until earlier 2002, when they got two new built ships.

Bought Dec. 2002 of the company Nort Sea Ferries  KS in Bergen at a price of 260 mill. NOK. Beeing rebuilt and refurnished by the Ørskov shipyard  i Danmark at a cost of 112 mill. NOK.

Starts off its new service from Bergen April 3, 2003, leaving for Haugesund, Egersund and Hanstholm the same afternoon.

Source: Haugesunds Avis and Fjord Line, Haugesund.

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