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Dec 31: Jon Otterson, Wisconsin, USA ( email: )
GODT NYTT AR to all the folks of western Norge, and especially to our wonderful friends, David og Margot Sjoen of Akrehamn, and of course to Eirik, the facilitator. Hilsen fra Jon and Sandy Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Dec 31: Torleif Lie, Australia ( email: )
Sender nyttår hilsen til all kjente og de som var på Hauge Skole-1945 -1952.  Jeg vosket opp på  Bakarøyna  og  reiste til  Australia i 1958.  Hilsen Torleif  Lie

Dec 30: Ole Hauge, p.t. Spain ( email: )

Dec 30: David Egeland, Minnesota, USA (email: )
How can I get information about Fjelberg?  Is there anything available on the net?  I'm trying to get information about my grandfather, Ole P. Egeland, and his parents and other ancestors.  Is there a genealogical society or other organization in or near Fjelberg that  would be helpful?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Dec 26: Ray Risely, Australia ( email: )
Thank you for all the spectacular photos.  Happy Christmas greetings to you all from South Australia.

Dec 26: Brenda Hilpipre, Clarion, Iowa, USA - email:
Seasons greetings to all!  I am interested in researching parts of my family tree.  All of my grandparents came from Norway.  My maiden name is Helgevold, I believe they originated in the Sandeid, Rogaland area.  If anyone has any information on the name or area...please contact me.  I also have Lilledahls in my lineage that came from the Etna area.  Any information would be appreciated.

Dec 23:  Kaare Mikkelsen, USA ??  ( email: )
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Tor, Bjorg, Gunvar, Magnus, Ellen, Tore Andre, Ida Sophie and Thomas Mikkelsen ----Love from, Onkel Kaare & Tante Janice

Dec 17: Annedore v. Donop, Germany ( email: )
I am courious to find out what happened to Arvid Moerch, who is in his fourties now and spent the summer of 1979 in Brittany, France with a friend and rented a windmill or something like that there , , ,

Dec 13: Bob Overturf, Florida, USA ( email: )
This is to wish God Jul og Godt Nyttaar to all viewers of and especially to Eirik Hustvedt and his family. For the past few months, checking the photos from this beautiful city and area has been one of the first activities of my day, after making the coffee, of course. Through Eirik, I have been able to locate and communicate with many relatives in Haugesund, Bergen, Oslo and Sweden. Although it can't be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, this has been a wonderful gift in time for Christmas. To Lars Sigurd Ohm, Anne-Lise Nordahl, to Eirik and others, tusen takk.  Bob Overturf, Crestview, Florida.

Dec 01: Martha Abrahamsen, Arizona, USA (email:
Hilsen til bla russ 1976 fra Tucson, Arizona. Oppdaget denne siden mens jeg lette etter bilder fra Haugesund og tenkte at jeg skulle sende en hilsen til alle dere som var bla russ i 1976. Skremmende hvor fort tiden har gatt. Er det noen som har planlagt 25 aars jubileum eller er dere alle for opptatt til aa tenke paa det?     Martha (Eeg Olsen) Abrahamsen 

Nov 27: Greta Eder, (email: )
...would like to convey greetings to my cousin Erik Saetrang and his family who live in Haugesund.  Met you only once when
visiting Norway several years ago.  Want you to know that in the event that you or your relations should ever  travel to our part of the world,that you would be most welcome to stay with us.  We have plenty of room.  We really enjoyed our trip to Norway, the beautiful landscape and the friendly, helpful people.  Hope to return in the not too distant future.  Hope you and your family are well.  Greta and Paul Eder

Nov 24:  Valerie Hagen, Bergen, Norway (
Det er rart med det, en Bergenser flytter hjem igjen etter å ha bodd i Haugesund i 29 år.  Når en kommer litt på avstand, setter en stor pris på å lese denne siden.

Sender en hilsen til alle kjente i Haugesund.  Er nå vel etablert i ny leilighet og jobb.  E-mail er nå kommet i drift igjen og adr. er:

Hilsen Valerie Hagen

Nov 22: Eva Kalmér Savjord, Norway ( email: )
Hello !     I`m looking for imformations of Olav Østensen born 1902. He imigrated from Haugesund to U.S.A when he was young.  He is my grandmothers Cousin.

Nov 20: Gregory Hausken, USA (email:
Hello, my name is Gregory Hausken. I am searching for my family roots. I believe my family may be from Rogaland Norway.  My great-grandfather was Aanen Hausken. He emigrated from Norway in the 1890's. Do you have any suggestions as to how to continue my search for relatives? Anything you can tell me about the area would be appreciated. 
Thanks, Greg Hausken

Nov 19: Diane Gil, California, USA ( email: )
Eirik and Hans...In the United States we will soon be celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday.  We take time to thank God for our many blessings and we also remember those who have caused us to be thankful during the year.  You both come to mind at this time as I am so very thankful that you located my cousin, Johanne Bachmann and her husband, Torsted, from the Rossebo area. As a result of your efforts, my husband, Joe and I were very fortunate to visit them in Haugesund in September and meet many other cousins who reside in Haugesund and Karmoy.  It was a memorable experience to visit the beautiful area and to see where my ancestors and relatives have lived. I also want to thank Eirik for the time you took out of your busy schedule to take Joe and I around the area as well. We will never forget our Haugesund adventure and are hoping to return. Hopefully we can meet Hans at that time. In the meantime,  we are staying in contact with our new- found Norwegian family.  You both opened up a new world for us.  Thank you again.  I continue to check your website daily and wish you continued success in your endeavors of bringing much happiness to many.  Diane Gil, Mi Wuk Village, CA, USA

Nov 18: Margrete Munkejord from Budapest (email:
Hei dette er Margrete Munkejord som er paa farten. Jeg er naa i Budapest og nyter livet ville bare si at alt staar bra til med meg og hilser alle venner og bekjente. Stor klem fra meg altsaa.

Nov 15: Jon Otterson, USA (email: )
Eirik...  Your night photos are spectacular! You must do more when conditions allow. Thanks for all your efforts, again.     Jonnie

Oct 31:  Kari Klemma, USA  (email: )
Well surprice--. Guess what? Picture from Karmoy bro.Sa koselig.Fant endelig Haugesunds avis & sa fant jeg bilder. Kommer til og ga pa den siden ofte. Greetings from a old Norske. 

Så koselig og lese guestboken. Sender en hilsen til min lille soster. Radialogi soster Mally, ps haugesunds sykehus.Hoper jeg ser deg til sommeren. Much love from Kari.

Oct 10: Hugo Carl Lütcherath, Bergen (email: )
GRATULERER MED FLOTT NETTSIDE OM HAUGESUND.  Den har jeg savnet lenge. Jeg kunne tenke meg en annen kameraplassering, men det kan kanskje komme? Jeg arbeider for tiden med historien om båtene som gikk i rute mellom Haugesund og Stavanger og er i den forbindelse på jakt etter fotografier av M/S Haugesund og M/S Fjorddrott ved kai i Haugesund og Stavanger. Forøvrig vil jeg, som utvandrer til Bergen, gå jevnlig inn på denne siden og nyte bilder fra Haugesund. Mange hilsener fra Hugo Carl Lütcherath

Oct 05: Tommy Holmberg, Sweden (email:
Qvarnström Cattis. Fin hemsida över en fin by. Hoppas att vi åter får besöka Haugesund 2001
igen. Under hamndagarna . Det var trevligt 1999.

Oct 04: Jerry and Mary White, S. Dakota, USA (email:
I am an American living in South Dakota.  All my grandparents were born in Norway.  I like looking at this web site and the pictures of Norway.  I hope someday to visit Norway.   Jerry and Mary White, 46186 300th St, Centerville, SD  57014-6129

Oct 02: James A. Blumer, Colorado, USA (email:
Greetings! I have posted a message here previously, soon after the guestbook was established.  I just wanted to let you know that I visit your website frequently and enjoy the pictures very much.  I live in Westminster, Colorado, USA.

Sep 28:  Bob Harris, USA (email:
Looking forward to my visit in December.  A long way from the sunshine and the beaches of Florida!  Bob Harris Tallahassee, FL, USA

Sep 25: Harald Østensjø, Haugesund (email:
Kjære gjestebok. 
Ja, nå har vi gjort til vår startside. Det var artig å lese i gjesteboken alle hilsene fra utflyttede haugesundere. Web-siten ellers er jo bra med mange fine fotos. Lykke til. Håper å få en del hilsener fra kjente som er inne i gjesteboka.    Med hilsener fra Inger Johanne og Harald Østensjø, Langgt. 5, 5523 Haugesund - Norge.

Sep 25: Kari Klausen, Nord i Norge (email:
Hei og takk for ei flott side!  Det har vært virkelig artig for meg å se på siden deres, siden båten til mannen min (M/S Skarholmen ) har ligget ved havna og jeg har kunnet se den fra det kameraet som dere hadde fotografert fra over den fyrlykta (tirsdag 19/9). Stilig med så mange oppdaterte bilder, bare synd der var så få fra den vinkelen. Skal dere sende filmopptak også fra Haugesund havn, slik at han kan vinke til ungene???? (Ha ha) Takk i hvertfall for ei kjempefin side. 
Med hilsen Kari Hanne Klausen tlf. 76138541

Sep 22, 2000: Karl J B Schultz, Alabama, USA (email:
Hi!   Har faat en ny (server) her i Alabama som kan gi meg fortere resultater med en helt ny teknologi som er helt fantastisk, men har skaffet meg mye arbeid til aa forandre adressen min paa email til alle vore venner og slekt.     Haaper ikke dere har trodd min kone og jeg hadde droppet helt ut av cirkulasjon,men epost er ikke som postvesen, som kan videre sende en forandring i addresser.  Foelger med i alt nytt fra norge, spesielt fra haugesund som vi savner da vi kom ikke ditt i sommer. 
Ser dere neste aar, hilsen fra Selma og meg, Karl johan

Sep 21: Paul Bjetak, (email:
Congratulations for your  wonderful webside. I have been 6x in Haugesund (my brother Hans lives there for nearly forty years) and i like it very much. The best times i remember was the former ? TIVOLI (playing pinnball and other things), the walks in the rain or the swimming in the icecold water not to forget the last row in the cinema. 
I think its hard for you to leave your area but if you once go to the south visit Vienna but stay a little bit outside 15KM (twenty minutes by train from the center) in a little town named Purkersdorf ( a like Haugesund peacefull corner but be carefull one bear (Krügel 0,5l)  costs twenty Kronen. 

Sep 19: Fredrick Hoversholm, USA (email:
Many thanks to Karl Hoversholm of Skudeneshavn, Norway who we had the honor of hosting his visit to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Karl brought our family history to us Hoversholm's in the USA, and we are so proud to have the name Hoversholm as Karl and his brother David are in Norway and there brother's Nil's and John Erick and sister Kristina are in England. It has brought the Hoversholm's across the sea closer to our heart's and we thank you Karl so very much. I hope one day to stand with you and david on the Hoversholm farm in Norway.    Love Fredrick I. Hoversholm and Family. Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

Sep 18: Oniel Albino,  USA (email:
I wrote once before and I am writing again to Thank you again for allowing others to view your part of Norway.  I have visited Fredrikstad and think it and Norge are an great.  I have convinced my girlfriend to take a trip to the west of Norge the next time I go there.  Your site allows me to remember the quiet, and tranquil Norge I experience when I visit.  Quite
different from life in the United States.  Any aerial pictures of Haugesund soon?   Good luck, happy picture taking and continue the great work!!

Sep 15: Melody Isvik,  Canada (email:
Hi, My name is Melody Isvik, I live in Canada and I have relatives who I'm curious about who are living in Norway.  I know one of my cousins names is Cato Isvik and I had two unlces Carl and Petter whom are both deceased.  It would be interesting to speak with any of my relatives that I haven't met.  My fathers name is Julian Isvik.  Please contact us with any information you may have.  I know my father's family homesteaded in Isvik.  I look forward to any inquiries!  Best wishes Melody

August 26: Renn Loa Loren, O'Ahu, Hawaii, USA (email:
Hey Aloha Eirik,  This is Renn Loa Loren writing from beautiful, Kailua Hawaii on the island of O'ahu. I was looking for some photos of Norway, Haugesund in particular as I spend quite a LOT of time over there (when I'm not here at home that is) to show my friends and relatives. I was happy to find your very nicely done site! I'm over here releasing my CD The Hawaii Project on Koa records. I don't know when (or even if) they'll release it over in Norway, but we're already on WKNH a radio station in New Hampshire of all places on their world music program. If you ever stop in at Shabby Records on Strandgt. please hils fra meg til Vidar og Sven.  Tussen Takk for en kjempebra (ellers dødtsbra?) site.  Well done, Ahui hou, Renn 

August 26, 2000: Norma Clanin, Ohio, USA (email: )
Hello!   I was a 4-H exchange student from Ohio, USA to the Breivik farm in the summer of 1970.  They were wonderful hosts, making me feel so welcome.  I weeded the hugest carrot patch I'd ever seen!  Lots of visiting friends and neighbors, boiled potatoes, fiskebolle, goat cheese, open face sandwiches, fresh berries, heart-shaped waffles filled with jelly, I could go on and on...bee-keeping, hiking (up and down - I'm a "flat-lander!) The scenery was beautiful and the community so friendly.  If you see any of the family - let them know I said hello and thank you!  Tussen Takk  (If I remember correctly!)

August 25, 2000: Nils Dahl, England (email: )
Nils Dahl,son til Johannes, Leirvik, Stord, vil snakke med noen fra Leirvik.

August 16, 2000: Doe Leen, California, USA (email:
Hello,    I have received more information on the family. Theresa Kristine Mikalsdtr. Herberg, born 11-27-1866 in Utsira, married 5-19-1888 in Caledonia, Traill County, N. Dakota USA to Halvor Bernard Rover, born 8-23-1854 in Rovaer, Norge, he died Aug. 1906.  They had 8 Children, #7 was Arnold Michael who was my husband's Grandfather on the Father's side.  We have as far back as1776 on Theresa's side but nothing past Halvor B. Rover on the other side.  Does anyone know who goes prior to Halvor?  We enjoy this website and the communication back and forth.  Thank you for anything & everything.  In La Quinta California 760-564-0321.

August 14, 2000: Laila Haugen Bergquist, Ontario, Canada (
What a wonderful way to show the sights and sounds from Haugesund.  I have so many good memories of Haugesund between 1945 and 1950 and later in 1962 and 1986 especially the 17th of May celebrations.  I hope to return for a visit again soon. All the best from Laila Haugen Bergquist

August 13, 2000: Tom Thorson, Prescott Valley, Arizona (email:
My Grandfather, Thor B. Thorson, b. Nov 4, 1871; d. Sep 27 1965; came from that area and was a son of Thor Gjerdvek (sp.?).  Grandfather lived in Plano, Illinois, USA his later years.  I'm interested in seeing where he came from, and if anyone is still living in that area who is related to me. I believe Grandpa had several sisters and brothers, but I'm not sure if they all came to America or not.

August 10, 2000: Jon Otterson, Wisconsin, USA (email: )
Hei, I just went to a jazz concert here in Madison, Wisconsin last night, and I couldn't help but think of you all about to enjoy your fabulous yearly event, the Sildejazz! How I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you! Of course Eirik gives us many great pictures to see, but I wish there were some way to "e-mail" the sounds of it to outsiders like me. I hope you have good weather this year! Jonnie

August 08, 2000: Torin O. Torgersen, California (email:
Bare hadde lyst å sier hallo igjen til alle mine venner i Haugesund. Det har vært over 20 år siden jeg gikk på Breidablikk skolen, men jeg har ikkje gløymt gamle Haugesund. Jeg skal prøve å reise tilbake for den første gang i 20 år, neste sommer. Håper at det virke ut. Hilsen Torin Olav Torgersen i Bakersfield, Kalifornia.

August 05, 2000: Julie Dodge, USA (email:
Hi Eirik,    I am researching my ancestors and just found out that my Great-Grandmother JANNA JOHNSON was born in Haugesund Norway. She was born 11 December 1880 to JOHN JOHNSON and OSSELINE GULLIKSON JOHNSON. I have no idea how to start searching for information about her. If you could give me some direction I would very much appreciate it. She married SEVERT KLUNGTVEDT and had one daughter Dorothy (Dorte?) before coming to the United States.

August 04, 2000: Åse Kristin Pettersen, p.t. Scotland (email:
Hei!   Jeg vil gjerne sende en hilsen til familie, venner og kjente i Haugesund. Jeg trives veldig godt her i Scotland og kommer til aa bli boende her i ett par aar. Jeg har virkelig funnet drommejobben som konsulent i et Risk Management firma og maalet er aa starte et konsulentfirma i Stavanger om ett par aar. Jeg kommer kanskje hjem i September for en uke.
Aase kristin Pettersen, Caledonian Court, Hoy 2/5, 218 Dobbies Loan, Glasgow G4 OJF

August 03, 2000: Joe Børsethagen, Louisiana, USA (email:
Hallo!  Hvordan har du det?  Jeg har det bra.  Jeg heter Joe Børsethagen.  Jeg bor i Louisiana, USA.  Jeg er tretti år.  Jeg har to barne.  Min datter heter Erin, hun er et år.  Min sønn heter Ryan, han er ni ar.  Min koner heter Jan, hun er ikke Norsk.  Hun er Irsk-Amerikan.  Jeg er Norsk-Amerikan.   Jeg liker lærer Norsk.  Min datter vil lærer Norsk ogsa. If you would like to write to me in Norwegian, please do!  Ha det bra! 

August 03, 2000: Bjørn Magnussen, Fredrikstad  (email:
Heisan! En liten hilsen fra en som jobbet på Umoe, men er nå bosatt i Fredrikstad. Har mange gode minner fra Haugesund og Dixelen. Kom og besøk hjemmesidene våre da vel. Her er adressa: 
Signer gjerne gjestboken!!! Folk i Haugesund er jo kjempekjekke.

August 03, 2000: Norman Haugen, USA (email:
Hello all in Haugesund. 
We will arrive in Haugesund Aug. 10th.  Very excited, as it has been 51 years since we moved to the US.  Thanks to all my friends and family who have kept in contact via 'e' mail these last several months - my cousin Adolf M. Haugen, Marit Haugen, my first grade comrades - Rolf Selsaas, Erling Holme.  Rolf has arranged dinner at the Rica Maritime on the 12th.  Can't wait for that.  Also, thanks again Eirik for your great web page.  I especially liked the one today with the Hasseloy bridge.  See you all in a few days.  Norm & Lynette Haugen 

July 27, 2000: Marit Haaland Warriner, Bisley, England? (email:
Hei, Jeg vil takke dere for supre bilder fra Haugesund som jeg ser frem til hver dag.  Det er nesten som aa veare hjemme i Haugesund.  Jeg sender ofte bilder  videre til America til de som bor der. Jeg vil hilse til alle mine venner i Haugesund Gudrun Valen Simonsen, Reidun Vatland Forre, Astri Breivik Furumo, Aase Skogland Munkejord, Bjorg Naess Haavik.  Haaper a se dere allle  i August.

July 26, 2000: Karl Schultz, Montgomery, Alabama, USA ( email: )
Min kone Selma og meg som de siste ti aarene har bodd i Haugesund halve aaret og i Florida det andre, har nu flytted til Alabama, hvor saavidt jeg vet er det faa av norsk aett. Selma har sine to doetre hatt stor familje her, men nu gjennom ekteskap og annet flytted til andre byer i landet.      Montgomery er forholdsvis en liten by (noget over 200,000). varmen her er nesten uutholdelig og vi ser frem til aa komme det halve aaret til den kalde nordavinden i haugesund!

Nu, hvad jeg egentlig skulde ha sagt: Vi har internet og kan sende epost til hele verden (inkludert Haugesund). saa er det det jeg ville, aa spred dette rundt til alle vore kjente dere treffe, og ikke minst til de ukjente som kunde ha lyst til aa sende en hilsning til oss som til tider foeler oss litegrann isolert fra ett norsk miljoe vi har levd.   En ekstra varm hilsning til alle der borte, og haape att noravinden har avtatt! Dette fra Selma og meg, Karl Johan.....

July 24, 2000: Greg Meland, Yorktown, Virginia, USA ( email: )
Hi! I have been researching my family history for the last 20 years or so. Last year I found some relatives (4th cousins) in Haugesund, Norway.  Erling & Turid Mæland, their sons Torbjørn, Vidar, and Jan Erling and Vidar's wife Ruth.  We finally got to meet a few weeks ago in person.  It was really great.  They are a great bunch of folks.  If there are any other Melands/Mælands out there who descend from Erik Olson Gulhaug Mæland or from any of his ancestors, please contact me.  I hope to come to Norway in a year or so and would like to meet as much family as possible.

July 03, 2000: Erick & Angie Hoversholm, USA ( email: )
Greetings to all visiting - we are quite interested in Norwegian sites and info as we have recently discovered a number of our family who still remain in Norway. My Grandfather was quite proud of his country as I am today.  God Bless ALL.     Erick Hoversholm

Greetings to David Hoversholm and Family, Karl Hoversholm and all the family in Norway. We are currently preparing for the 4th of July celebration here at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We wish all of our proud family the very best.  Erick Angie Kyra and Kortney Hoversholm,  Andrea Hayden-Hoversholm And Jack DuLac

June 28, 2000: Runa Adelsten Jensen, Danmark ( email: )
Hermed en hilsen fra Danmark og et stort TIL LYKKE med en flott-flott hjemmeside!!! Siden er nettopp blitt studert med stor interesse - og store, nesten tårevåte øyne.... Så vakkert Haugalandet er!     Jeg er en haugesunder (med store bokstaver), som "utvandret" fra byen og landet etter russetiden i 1980. Først var det meningen å bli i Danmark ut studietiden på Handelshøjskolen (3-4 år) for deretter å dra videre ut i den store verden eller vende nesen mot nord og dra hjem igjen - men nå 20 år etter at jeg "landet" i Danmark med ryggsekk, Aurlandsko, collegegenser, catalinajakke og koffert (+ 1 kilo appelsiner!) må jeg konstatere at planen ble endret noe underveis!    Jeg har nettopp vært en tur hjemme på gamle tomter i f.m. (rød)russen-80's 20-års jubileum i Handelsstandens lokaler: Vi møtte mannsterk opp (125 av 180 mulige!), og stemningen var helt i topp fra første stund: "Skravlå gjekk", kveldens hovedtale medvirket til enda et løft i stemningen, især da 125 entusiastiske feststemte og lokalpatriotiske mennesker impulsivt brøt ut i allsang - med haugesundske "Haraldsgatå" som den mest suverene! -, dansen fortsatte til den lyse morgen, og vi var en hel gjeng som tradisjonen tro "nådde" hjem til frokost... Akkurat som i russetiden! - Jeg tror jammen meg at vi var det mest patriotiske og sammensveiste kullet som noensinne har gått på Skeisvang Videregående. Vi var de siste - og de første. Vi var de siste som så artianerne gå ut av Haugesund Gymnas og de første som begynte på Skeisvang Videregående Skole og ble russ etter den nye utdannelsesreformen. Det forplikter å skulle bygge bro mellom gammelt og nytt!      For undertegnede ga festen minner, ikke bare fra russe- og gymnastiden, men også fra årene forut: Fra Rossabø Skole, skolens korps og kor, Håvåsen Ungdomsskole, Ungdomskorpset, Scola Cantorum, "Platekoret" (vi var med på innspillingen av Haugesundsplaten!) og mye annet. Så det ble også til litt melankolsk "snufsing og grining" inn i mellom...        I dagene etter festen rakk jeg bl.a. å være med på Ola Flytt-dagen; For en uforglemmelig dag, med korpsmusikk (anført av Tjessheim, min kjære gamle dirigent), ro- og fiskekonkurranse, tog, taler og haugesundsk sang. Haugesunderne har noe å være stolte av!      Og hva gjør en så innbitt haugesunder her i Danmark? Ja, det er et godt spørgsmål. Men det er vel slik at når en hele tiden ser nye utfordringer rundt neste hjørnet i livet, ja da bliver det vanskelig å slite seg løs! Og det til tross for mange lengselsfulle stunder, mimring i Den Norske Sjømansskirken over en vafle og en kopp kaffi, kreering av dikt og musikk til hyllest av Haugalandet og Haugesund og løpende kontakt til andre haugesundske lidelsesfeller i nærheten... inn i mellom mye jobbing - for tiden på Luftfartsskolen (Aeronatical Instsitute of Denmark), hvor jeg jobber med markedsføring, utvikling og gjennomførelse av  utdannelse av piloter, flymekanikere, flyklarerer og andre personalgrupper inden luftfarten.    Så nå må vi se om lengselen en dag bliver så sterk at jeg kommer hjem igjen... Foreløpig en GOD SOMMER til alle! Ta godt vare på byen vår!

June 27, 2000: Doe Leen, California, USA ( email: )
Hello, In search of information on Rovear Island.  Our Family is from there - Arnold Michael Rover, son of Theresa.  Not much known - can you help?  In USA, California

June 23, 2000: Michael Brandt, Bergen ( email: )
2 norwegian inventors seek friends and buisness associates in USA with relations to the norwegian immigration society. We have an unique learning product for children and the family, witch we want to introduce to the american marked. Please mail us:

June 15, 2000: Marianne Reitan, Stavanger ( email: )
Hei venner og kjente !  Sender en liten hilsen fra herlige Stavanger som jeg trives så godt i ! Men, når jeg ser bildene fra Haugesund....ja, då lengte eg him ; til familie, gode venner, naboer,x-kolleger, Djupadalen, Stemmen, Håvåshytta, Kringsjå, Haraldsvang, Kattanakk, 17.mai m/morgenprosesjonen, pannekakene på Melkebaren, Totalen, komlene fra Helgesen, Solandsbakken, Sildajazzen, Stripå, Steinsfjellet.....og så var det ALLTID fint vær.............   De e løje me de...når eg e her så lengte eg jem te Haugesund å nårr eg e jemma så lengte eg tebake te siddisane.    Hilsen Marianne Reitan   så alltid går med ein båtbillett i lommå....

June 14, 2000: Anita Heath, USA ( email: )
Hilsen fra Anita i Acton, MA. Bestemor var fodt i Haugesund i 1876. Hun var heter Dorothea Carolina Eliasdatter, datter av Elias Tønnessen Gausdal fra Flekkefjord, og Johanna Gurine Olsdatter fra Sveio. Jeg vil besok slekninger (sp?) i Norge i sommeren. As you see, my Norwegian needs a lot of improvement. It's been a long time since I was in Haugesund, but if there are any other relatives of Elias Gausdal, drop me a line! 

June 12, 2000: Wolfgang Sekanina, Karmøy ( email: )
Hi.  Are you interested in the Karmoy area and particular Skudeneshavn, arts&crafts and knitting according to old fashion norwegian pattern, then please have a look at our homepage.    . Helga is born on the island  her maiden name was Kvilhaug, until we met. I moved there for quite a few years ago, and I tell you, what a lovely place.      Best regards Helga&Wolfgang

June 08, 2000: Jon Otterson, USA, ( email: )
Warm greetings to our new friends, David and Margot Sjoen, and of course to Eirik, who's guestbook brought us together. We passed through Haugesund 5-6-00 after visiting my ancestor's home farm at Haland. What a great time we had! Unfortunately, we only had time for a few photos of Haugesund and then boarded the last express boat to Bergen to complete our great circle tour of Norway. But, WE'LL BE BACK!!! Happy summer to all! Jon & Sandy from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

May 29, 2000: Frederic Hoversholm, USA ( email: )

May 27, 2000: Beth A. Mccormick, USA  ( email: )
Hi, I'm looking for an old friend from Haugesund.  Her name was Solfrid Anfinson.  She was an exchange student in Minnesota and graduated from Kellogg High School in 1982.  Would love to hear from her again.  Any information will be appreciated.  Thank you!

May 26, 2000: Janice and Terry McDonald, USA (email: )
Hello This is Janice Dyve McDonald .Would like to be in contact with my family and friends in Norway.

May 24, 2000: David J. Hoversholm, Vormedal  ( email: )
Greetings to Frederick and Laurie Hoversholm plus their four sons in Eau Claire,Wisconsin.Also to Erick and Angie Hoversholm and there two daughters in Kentucky. Wishing you all the very best from David, Anne Sofie, Susanne, Jorgen and Elen K. The Hoversholms from Vormedal. (just south of Haugesund).

May 24, 2000:  Ethel Smedsvig McGuinness, USA  ( email:  )
Looking for anybody with the name Smedsvik, Smedsvig.  That was my maiden name and my father's family came from Haugesund and Skjold.
Ethel Smedsvig McGuinness

May 24, 2000:  Annette ,Hanwell W7,London ,England ( email:  )
kjaere alle paa Solvang Skole     Tusind tak for en vidunderlig tid i Haugesund. For al jeres gaestfrihet og gode humor. 17 Mai var og forbliver hos mig noget ganske saerligt og specielt. Jeg vil aldrig glemme den dagen.Tusnd tusind tak til alle isaer Johanne, Ingun, Per, Ulf, Bergliot, Svein og alle laerere og medarbejdere paa Solvang Skole. En speciel tak til Johannes ogInguns familier for deres hjertelighed og aabenhed der gjorde at mit ophold i Haugesund blev saa fantastisk flot. En saerlig kjaerlig hilsen til Idar og hans familie,haaber at fremtiden bliver lysere. Det vigtige er at vaere positiv.Ha det bra til vi ses igen. 
Mange hilsner og tanker Annette ,Hanwell W7,London ,England.

May 20, 2000:  Steven Blick, San Diego, USA ( email: )
Many thanks to cousin Jostein Austreim of Utsira for sending me this net address.  I would enjoy hearing from relatives in Utsira and surrounding areas.  Greetings to Olav and Elizabeth Helgesen who have been to San Diego to visit.  We hope to visit Norway and especially Utsira in 2002. Best Wishes to all, Judy Herberg Blick, Thomas Herberg, Mikkal Herberg, and Jens Herberg--Great Grandchildren of  Johan Mikal Herberg of Utsira and Minnesota, U.S.A.

May 19, 2000: Sharon Meland Dutton, Peachland N Carolina, USA ( email:  )
Hello to everyone in Haugesund from Sunny Peachland, North Carolina.  I have family there that I was just introduced to over the past year. They are Ruth and Vidar Maeland and they are the greatest.  Can't wait to meet them in person.  Take care!   Sharon Meland Dutton

May 17, 2000: Jo-Ann Larsen Thornton, USA ( email:  ThorntonJL@Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil   )
Jeg vil bare sende en liten hilsen til alle slekt og kjente paa Haugaland. Hils alle paa TV Haugaland og Haraldsvang Sykehjem.  Gratulere Med Dagen. Tusen Takk for fine bilder av idag.  I wish I could be there.  Masse Hilsen, Jo-Ann Larsen Thornton

May 17, 2000: Jon Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA ( email:    )
Hello to everyone in the Haugesund area ... have a fine celebration of your constitution's birthday! I expect Eirik will provide the rest of the world with some of his great pictures of this special day,  no? My wife and I will be making our first visit to Norway next week ... too late to help you celebrate, sorry! But I am looking forward to making friends with some of you , I hope!  Varm hilsen ... Jon Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

May 15, 2000: Hans-Edgar Andres Haugen, Seattle, USA  ( email: )
Sender en hilsen fra Seattle, USA. Jeg er begynt aa lete etter slekten til min far, Charley Normann Haugen, foedt 16/7 1918, i Haugesund.  Mens jeg "soerfet", kom jeg over denne siden, som jeg synes er veldig bra!  Jeg har selfoelgelig "bokmerket" denne!   Vennlig hilsen Hans-Edgar Andres Haugen.

May 14, 2000: Arnvid Rasmussen, Seattle, USA  (email: )
Hallo til mine slektninger og venner paa Karmoy,
Jeg er veldig imponert over den fine Websiden som Haugesunds Avis har. Jeg er ogsaa imponert over den ekspertisen som Norge har i Internett omraadet. Keep it up! Jeg utvandret til USA i mars, 1950. Jeg minnes godt da vi passerte under Salhusbroen med Amerika baaten, Oslofjord, paa vei mot Bergen. Saa vidt jeg husker var broen ikke ferdig da. Jeg bor i Seattle omraadet, men ikke langt fra Mount Rainier. Mesteparten av Karmoybuene bor naer Seattle. Jeg er naa pensjonist og er nesten hvert aar i Norge. Ved siden av Karmoy,
har jeg slekninger i Bergen, Sandefjord og Kristiansand.   Med Hilsen fra Arnvid Vea Rasmussen

May 14, 2000: Astrid Metheral, British Colombia, Canada  ( email: )
I was really impressed with the new Rovaer web page. My mother was born on Rovaer in 1917 and has not been back since she was 3 years old. We will be arriving in Haugesund by the boat from England on June 13 and as we have very little time I have been researching as much as possible ahead of time - boat and bus schedules etc. She was thrilled to see how much information there was on your page and to see her father's name mentioned in the diary for 1917. We look forward to visiting the island.    Astrid Metheral     ps:  I do speak and read Norwegian but I have never been able to master writing it!

May 11, 2000: Arvid Johansen, Tromsø ( email: )
Det var noen fantastiske bilder!!!!  Jeg har vært en del i Haugesund, men jeg har ikke vært opp på det fjellet som det er tatt panoramabilde fra. Hva det heter der husker jeg ikke, men jeg vil huske at vi kjørte opp i nærheten ar Haraldstøtta og opp til et utkikksplatå i nærheten av en TV-link. Fortsett med denne presentasjonen så vil det sikkert komme mange turister. MEGET BRA. HELT ETTER MIN SMAK.    Hilsen Arvid Johansen

May 11, 2000: Jan Roger Knutsen, Australia ( email: )
Hei, hei! Jeg har skrevet litt i gjesteboken foer, men jeg vil bare si enda en gang hvor flotte disse sidene er. Jeg bor fremdeles i Melbourne, Australia, og jeg maa si jeg savner vaaren hjemme i Haugesund. Jeg reiser hjem i sommer, saa jeg gleder meg til det. Jeg tenkte ogsaa jeg skulle spoerre om det er mulig med flere bilder fra Haraldsgaten, med folk? Kjempe goey aa se folk en kjenner i bilder hjemmefra.     Jan Roger

May 07, 2000:  Norm Trondsen, CA  94506 USA    ( email: )
My name is Norman Trondsen, a native of California now living in Danville, a small town about 40 miles east of San Francisco.  My wife and I am looking forward to visiting your city and sailing in your waters sometime in the next couple of years.  The photos in your website are very appealing.
Norm Trondsen 115 Crestridge Drive Danville, CA  94506 USA Phone/Fax 925 648-1938

May 05, 2000: Den Collins, Hicksville, Long Island, New York (email: )
I was fortunate to be able to attend the Gala Opening of the "Norwegians in New York 1825-2000: Builders of City, Community and Culture" at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City.  Over 1,000 people assembled in the Great Hall at Ellis Island for the event.  King Harald and Queen Sonja, Former Vice President of the United States Walter Mondale, addressed those assembled.  Norwegian performers included Hanne Krogh and AnnbjØrg Lien.  I had the pleasure to speak with Hanne Krogh and discovered that she had lived in Haugesund for a few years.  You may view information about this event at:

Then, this past weekend I was in Washington, DC, and was able to view the new exhibit, "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga."  It has been 1,000 years since the Vikings sailed across the North Atlantic from the area near Haugesund.  This is illustrated on the maps at the exhibit.  The exhibit is currently at the Smithsonian.  It will travel to New York in the fall.  Information available at:

In both cases, I was pleased to see my Norwegian heritage so proudly and prominently displayed.
Den Collins (grandson to Martha Olsen (nee Tollefsen), Risøy, Haugesund)  Hicksville, Long Island, New York

April 15, 2000: Remi Andre Sortland, Haugesund p.t. Stord (email:  )
Hei alle haugesundere!!! Jeg er en utflytta araber, som nå holder til på Stord. Det er en bra side å se på når hjemlengselen blir for stor. Remi Andre

April 09, 2000: Ruth Turid Vea, Østerrike / Austria  ( email: )
Grüß Gott !   Slik hilser en hverandre i Østerrike: Her har jeg vært nå i over 10 år som misjonær. Min hovedoppgave er å jobbe med barn og familier, både blant østerrikere og flyktninger fra mange av verdens land. Jeg trives svært godt her, men tenker selvfølgelig ofte på familie og venner hjemme på Haugalandet. Skulle noen kjenne meg og ha lyst å sende en hilsen er dere hjertelig velkommen til å skrive til     Vennlig hilsen Ruth Turid Vea

April 09, 2000: Kristine Amantea, USA ( email: )
Hello fellow Haugesunders:I haven't been to Haugesund for over 20 years, I'm sorry to say.  I was born there, moved to the US when I was 5 and still have a great deal of family there.  My maiden name was Schroder and my mother's maiden name was Pettersen.  I am related to the Storesunds, Eikemos, Hjertakers.  I also have family in Voss, Bergen and Oslo, to name a few.  Would love to find the time to make the trip.  I understand and speak Norsk (although rusty).  My dear Onkel Alf sends me the new Haugesunds Kalenderen every  year so I won't forget the town of my birth.  Regards and I'm delighted to have found these web pages.  Hilsen Kristine

April 08, 2000:  Warren Langager, USA (email: )
Hello Mr. Hansen from Cyril Langager, John Langaker's cousin.  You can see we spell our name differently back here.  My dad, Sven Langager, born in Karmoy in 1885.  I can not speak or read Norwegian so I write this in English.  My cousin Martha had a son named ODD but I forget his last name.  Anyway, my wife and I are visiting my cousin John at the end of May.  It will be my first time in Norway and looking forward to it.

April 02, 2000: Bernhard Snørteland, USA ( email: )
Hei til alle sammen.   Mitt navn er Bernhard Snørteland og kommer ifa Kopervik. Jeg selgte Haugesunds Avis og sennere Haugesund Pressen under krigen 1940 1945. Jeg gikk på styrmanns skolen i Haugesund i 1951 til 1952. Jeg har mange gode minner ifra Haugesund, også seilte på Knutsen sine båter. Jeg har bydd i Seattle, Washington USA i mange år men har nå flyttet til Yelm Washington, ca. 10 norske mil sør om Seattle, Jeg skulle ha hatt lyst å ha forbindelse med gamle skole venner og andre der i fra.   Min E mail er        Beste hilsen Bernhard

Mars 26, 2000: Peggy and Keith Wheeler, USA ( email: )
Hello from Northern California USA.  Your site is exquisite!!! The panorama photography and pages are superb.  Nice work.  We are planning a visit to your area in July for the immigration festivals in Stavanger and Tysvær, and we will certainly spend more time in Haugesund now that we've seen how attractive it is. Thank you.
Sincerely, Peggy and Keith Wheeler Mad River, California USA p.s. Keith's great great grandfather came from the Slogvik farm in Tysvær to America in 1825 aboard the Restoration.

Mars 25, 2000: Michael and Jenny Arnold, Devon. England ( email: )
Greetings to Adolf Lothe and Vigdis Holden in Breidablikk Gt. Also Sveinung Silja and Marianne. Also Jeff Stewart who is a retired farmer from Skjold Greetings to all the folks we know in Norway. From Michael and Jenny Arnold, Devon. England Hilser til alle kjent, har det godt.

Mars 24, 2000: Shirley Whitelaw, Nanaimo, BC, Canada  ( email )
Hello. I live in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. My grandparents came from Bomlo about1888, or so. My daughter married a man from Stavanger, and they visited Norway in 1990. My son-in-law is in Stavanger now, with one of their daughters, visiting his parents. Shirley Whitelaw

Mars 22, 2000: Jean Knudsen i Weston, Vermont, USA ( email: )
I'm writing in English because my Norwegian is very rusty. It's been ten years since I was in Haugesund. It's great looking at the pictures on your site. Could you also include some pictures of food? (just kidding) but actually I miss a good komle dinner and have a craving for makrell, not to mention the fantastic bread (grov is my favorite), and fresh berries in the summer. Every now and again I make myself some fiskeboller i kvit saus med poteter og gullrot- just to feel somewhat "Norsk". Warm greetings to my cousins in town- Randi , Kirsten, Eivind, Elisabeth, Butolf, Magne Harald, Bjorn Olaf, Gullaug, Bjorg, Aase and Torunn and all their families.  From Jean Knudsen / Weston, Vermont/USA email to

Mars 20, 2000: Elisabeth Mattson, Newcastle, Australia ( email: )
Sit og ser ut vinduet, det regnar og blæs, så eg kjenner meg riktig heime! Einaste forskjellen er at me har omtrent 27 grader. Sender ei helsing til alle kjente i distriktet, med forsikring om at her borte i Newcastle er livet riktig bra, sjølv om eg saknar den norske sommaren etter kvart. Helsing frå Newcastle, Elisabeth Mattson, Australia

Mars 12, 2000:  Anne-Lise og Odd Nordahl, USA  ( email: )
Hallo og takk for kjempe fine bilder av hjembyen, Jeg en utflyttet Haugesunder , Haugabu , pikenavn Anne-Lise Ellefsen er gift med Risoy-bu Odd Nordahl, Vi har bodd her i Amerika i over 30 aar, jeg er heldig for jeg besoker hjembyen hvert aar. Har vaert hjemme til silda-jazzen mange ganger,var hjemme ifjor paa klassefest. Sa jeg vil hilse til alle klassekameratene fra Hauge-skole."1957"
Takk igjen. Keep up the good work

Mars 12, 2000: Reidar Østensen, USA ( email: )
A recognition long overdue! Your efforts are highly appreciated and often highly valuable to Haugesund and it's surrounding areas. Recently as a few days ago I suggested to an associate of mine in international marine insurance, to visit Haugesund on his tour to Oslo and Bergen and to have a "look see" at your web site.

Mars 10, 2000: Mildred Sjurset Collett, USA ?  ( email: )
This is my first day to enjoy your program.  Will write more to show my appreciation when I have mastered the computer a lttle better. Sincerely, Mildred Sjurset Collett

Mars 10, 2000: ( email: )
Greetings from Jelenia Góra (Poland)!   I will visit Norway on June this year. I will try to see all nice places you show in Haugalandet net. It will be great if somebody would write to me about the places worth to visit in this beautiful area. Magdalena Brol

Mars 10, 2000: Astrid (Holvik) Helgerud,  Oslo (email:   eller: )
Det var så herlig å finne bilder fra Torvastad på disse web-sidene. Det er første gang jeg er innom og derfor ble jeg svært glad over dette. Jeg er født og oppvokst på Lillesund/Torvastad, og har bodd i Oslo-området i over 40 år. Jeg er på regelmessige besøk hos slekt og venner som fortsatt bor der.  Jeg hilser til alle kjente som måtte lese dette. Takker dere for at dere legger inn bilder og informasjon om Haugesund og Karmøy.

Mars 09, 2000: D. Normann, Greenwich, Connecticut and Studio City, California ( email: )
What a marvelous website!  Haugesund has certainly grown since my first visit in 1966.  Thank you for bringing some wonderful old memories into the present.  I've just bookmarked your site so I can bring it up everytime I go on the worldwide web.  Hopefully, this will be the year I make it to the Film Festival.  Having spent 15 years in American television and the last 15 in motion pictures, I know I'll have a great time.  If you can, give me the upcoming dates for this years Festival.  All the best to Egil and Kristi.

Mars 09, 2000: Pauli aus Purkersdorf, Deutchland ( email:
Liebe Norweger!  Für eine künftige Rechtschreibreform würde ich vorschlagen, daß ihr Lateinische Lehnwörter wie centrum oder zone auch so schreibt. Die alten Römer drehen sich im Grab um. Auch das Wort grense würde ein z vertragen. Viele grüße nach Haugesund  Pauli aus Purkersdorf
Oversettelse: I forbindelse med en evt. fremtidig rettskrivningreform vil jeg foreslå at latinske områdebegrep slik som centrum og zone blir skrevet nettopp slik. De gamle romere snur seg sikkert i graven. Og et ord som grense burde skrives med z.  Mange hilsener til Haugesund

Mars 06, 2000: Mannfred og Regina Schäfer, Tyskland ( email: )
Vi har gode minner fra Haugesund og omrade. Mindst to ganger i aret er vi i Skjoldastraumen hos venner oss. Fra 10.03 til 18.03 er vi pa besök en gang til i Skjoldastraumen hos Halvor  Baadsvik og feire 50.aarsdag fra Manfred.  Mange hilsen for Halvor Baadsvik, Harry og Gudrun Rörvik, Vidar Löken og familie og alle de kjenner oss.  Manfred og Regina Schäfer

Mars 06, 2000: Marike Een Guus, Nederland  ( email:
Nooit in Noorwegen geweest. Een gemiste kans als we de foto's zien. Ons volgende bezoek aan Scandinavie gaat vast via Denemarken en Zweden naar Noorwegen.

Mars 04, 2000: Erling A. Skaar, Seattle, USA ( email: )

Mars 03, 2000: Alf Bjarne Nordahl, USA ( email: )
Just stumbled upon you're site looking for Haugesund's Avis.Booth of my parents are from Haugesund.My father,Odd nordahl,lived on Risoy.And my mother,Anne-Lise Ellefesen,also lived on Risoy.They've lived here for 30yrs and love there new adopted country,But alway's talk about there love of Haugesund.       P.S  How about a couple picture's of Risoy!

Mars 02, 2000: Terri Nelson, Minnesota, USA  (email: )
Hello from Minnesota USA.  I am writing in hopes of finding more family from the Haugesund area.  As of yet I have not found my way over there, but have hopes to someday. I am the three great grand daughter of Sjur and Anna Olsen.  Sjur was the light house watchman on Utsira.  His daughter Olava is the line I am from.  I have had breif contact with Rolf Skare on Utsira, also with Nils Helgeson and his wife, and their nephew Per.  I would love to hear from other distant relations, and how we would be related.   Hope to hear from you soon.  Terri Nelson

Mars 02, 2000: Kirsten S.Isdahl Bakke, Tønsberg ( Email: )
Veldig moro med hjemmeside fra hjemtraktene, har selv bodd i Tønsberg i 10 år, men er alltid Haugalending. Hilser alle kjente i distriktet!!

Mars 01, 2000: Paul og Lillian Lunde, Bryne ( email: )
Hurra !!!  (paps) Nils Våge på Vikse i Sveio er 72 1/3!  Lillian og Paul på Bryne gratulerer!

Mars 01, 2000: Pauli aus Purkersdorf in Österreich ( )
Viele Grüße an alle Leitgebs Ingrid, Monika und Hansi von Pauli aus Purkersdorf in Österreich.  Ps Ich hab Ihn (JH) nicht gewählt!

February 24, 2000: Stein O. Amland, Orange, California, USA ( email: )
En hilsen fra Stein O Amland . Jeg bor her i Orange  har mange gode minner fra Haugesund, Jeg er fra Karmoy, Kopervik, har vert her i USA nu i 23 aar. Skal en tur hjem i sommer. Maa en tur paa torget, det er jo det som er moro. Beste Hilsen Fra KjokkenChefen.

February 22, 2000: Lisbeth Hansen Ellingsater, Stavanger ( email: )
Hei og god dag!  Mulig denne net siden har vært her en stund, men jeg oppdaget den akkurat nu.   Utflytter, men ikke lenger enn til Stavanger.  Hjertet har "pekere" til "gamle byen" , det må nok innrømmes.  Jobber for tiden i Statens Kartverk, Sjøkartverket. Det går så greit. Mitt egentlige navne opphav: Lisbeth Hansen.   Er der noen der ute som formodentlig skulle kjenne meg igjen, så send en hilsen.

February 21, 2000: Anna Åresjø, Sverige ( email: )
Härliga, vackra bilder från staden där jag haft så mycket kul och saknar väldigt! Anna

February 18, 2000: Munir Hasan, Bangladesh ( email: )
I am writing this mail from Bangladesh, far away from Haugesund. Haugesund is a very dearest place for me, the reason is actually twofold. One because of its' natural beauty and the other and of course the bigger reason is some special people which I still very much associated with. These two reasons together will lit the candle of my affection and love to Haugesund forever. I have visited Haugesund only once for a week in 1998 during the summer but I find it enough to feel associated with it for the time to come. I remember my ex boss and friend Svein Gaute for his enthusiastic endeavor to show each and every corner of Haugesund. Though I have forgotten names of all the places but I can claim that I have almost visited all the places from the top of the hill to the closest island Roaver. And I remember my sweet and exotic experience with his family. I still miss the warmth of love and affection I received from the family.    I take this opportunity to express my love to Haugesund and of course to Svein, Solvi, Isa, Ida, Gaute, Kinga and  the beautiful people of Haugesund.

February 17, 2000: Bob Overturf, Crestview, Florida, USA ( email: )
Your photos of the Haugesund bring back many fine memories. I visited Haugesund in l949 and again in l957.  My grandfather's brother, Halvar and his family ran a bakery overlooking the waterfront area. I remember many tasty moments at their home. We also spent time at their summer home near Vikedal, overlooking a small lake. Events and time eventually resulted in losing track of each other. If anyone knows of the Halvar Moe family and the Moe Bakery, I would enjoy communicating.

February 16, 2000: Anne-Synnove Aga Boner, USA ( email: )
Fodd pa Bakaroya, Langgaten 5.  Datter Av Ingeborg Berge Aga - besteforeldre var Selma (Soltvedt) og Anders Berge.  Bestefar var smed pa batbyggeriet.  Bodde i Haugesund til 1949 og besokte hvert ar til jeg flyttet til USA.  Har alltid hatt lyst pa et bilde av den gamle Bakaroybrua - husker at bestemor og jeg gikk over broen som hadde hull i tregolvet - vi kunne se sjoen under!  Hvis noen kan hjelpe meg sa skriv til  - jeg betaler gjerne!

February 13, 2000: Irma Knutsen, Norge ( email: )
Sender en hilsen til alle kjente i Sauda/Skånevik og Haugesundsområdet i anledning Valentinsdag mandag 14. februar.  En spesiell hilsen til min sønn Rune Knutsen med frue Unni og barna Caroline og Ingarth Andre. Hilsen Irma Knutsen og samboer Arne Hval

February 03, 2000: Aage Hansen, Irene and Don Gussler, Minn. USA ( email: )
Visiting my sister during the chrismas holidays. Returning to Norway (kolnes,karmoy) February 10, 2000. Beste hilsen til alle kjente paa Haugalandet fra min soster og meg selv og min svoger-Don Gussler, Bloomington, Minn. USA. Min sosters navn Irene Gussler.

February 03, 2000: Charlotte J. Davis, USA ( email: )
My ffather, Georg Johann Lie, son of Torgils Lie, attended church there.  We visited the church site in October of l998.  The building was in the process of being rebuilt at the time.  I am Charlotte J. Davis. I live in Broomfield, Colorado 80020-l204, and my street address is 266 E.  llth Street. I would like to hear from you. My granfather was born August l6, l852, and died November 26,l949.

January 31, 2000: Paul Vindal, Granvin i Hardanger ( email: )
Hei,  eg heiter Paul og er 21 år. Er fra Granvin i Hardanger. Halve slekta mi er fra Kvitsøy så eg har vore der og på haugalandet sidan eg var liten. Kjem det fotorepotasje fra Kvitsøy snart?  Elles hade fint alle sammen Paul Vindal

January 23, 2000: Herbert and Roberta Larson, Portsmouth, NH, USA ( email: )
Visited this very pretty city about 10 years ago with 6 members of our family. My Grandfather came from village of Sveio.Thomas Faeras Larson came to USA in about 1875. We give greetings to our extended family in Haugesund, Faeras and Risvold kin. Best Wishes.

January 21, 2000: Oddveig Reinikainen, Sweden (email: )
Hei. Koselig med en side fra hjemtraktene.Jeg er fra Sauda,og har bodd i Sverige i 30 år. Vill hilse til alle kjente i Sauda, Sandeid, Haugesund og ellers i distriket.  Hilsen Oddveig Reinikainen

January 21, 2000: Eddy Aronsson, Alingsås , Sweden ( email: )
Vi är i Haugesund varje sommar. Vi shoppar och "koser oss". Kul att ha fått adressen till en sajt som man kan känna igen sig i. adressen hit fick vi av en annan haugesundare i Sverige. Passar på att hälsa till släkt och vänner som ev. läser det här.  Vi ses till sommaren.   Eddy O Maryon

January 20, 2000: Arvid Vestbø, Sweden (email:
Sandeid - Sauda: Tack för fina bilder och reportage.  Arvid Vestbö

January 19, 2000: Ethel Smedsvig McGuinness, Atlanta, USA (email: )
Having spent 6 months in Haugesund in 1947 I wonder if many of my friends are still around.  Harriet and Arne Gunderson and their family.  My family is the Smedsvig, Lie and Myge family.  I would much enjoy corresponding with any of them.  My name is Ethel Smedsvig McGuinness and I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia in USA.  Please write back and give it a try.  I understand most written Norske.

January 19, 2000: Ethel Smedsvig McGuinness, Atlanta, USA (email: )
Way back in 1947 I spent six months in Haugesund and stayed with my Aunt Louise Okland.  I had several nice friends who worked for the Mekanister Verksted on Risoi.  (please excuse spelling).  I have always wondered what happened to those friends.  The only one I was able to keep in touch with was Harriet Gunderson.  Does anybody know the name Ethel Smedsvig.  That's me and  I would much enjoy hearing from you.  I now live outside of Atlanta, GA. in  USA.

January 08, 2000: Troy and Lynne Torgersen, USA ( email: )
Hello:  My name is Troy Torgersen.  The brother to Torin Torgersen.  We both lived in Haugesund in 1976 and 1977.  Torin lived there longer than I did.  I went to school at Havneberg School.  While I was there I had several friends.  the problem is that I cannot remember their full names.  In the school I attended there was a couple of Americans from California of Norwegian Descent.  The boy's name was Teri and I cannot remember the sisters name.  I hung around a boy named Cato how lived south of town with his mother and one brother I believe.  Another friend that I hung around with owned a Yamaha 100 motorcycle and his father had a small store.  The last person that I hung around with was a girl named Karen who's mother was from Norway.  They lived in New York for some time then they decided to move back to Norway.  The father worked in the local ship yard.  We also associated with people from our same religion when we were over there.  One in particular that I remember is Rustad Hustvedt.  He was a good friend of the family.  We still have family in the area.  My uncle lives on Karmoy and is named Oddvar Floen.  We lived at Sorhauggata 150 directly above the music store and across the street from the Hoyviks grocery store.  We had a lot of fun when we were there and like my brother I am anxious to go back someday.  I am fluent in Norwegian as far as speaking writing or reading. I am married and have four children ranging from 1 through 7.  I am a civil engineer who works for the State of Utah in the USA.  I would really like to know what has happened to the people I once knew there and would love to hear back from anyone. Thanks for any information.  Vennlig Hilsen  Troy Torgersen

January 07, 2000: Berner Grinde, Australia ( email: )

January 07, 2000: Mike Taylor, England ( email: )
Hello Eirik     Happy New Year to you, your family and all of your web site readers, may I extend this greeting to all the people I know in Haugesund, particularly those who I have got to know through the "Gastech" project between New College Durham (UK) and Haugaland Videregaende Skole.  I was so very sorry to hear of the dual tragedies of the ferry and the  train which have struck your country lately, my thoughts and condolences are with the families of those who have lost their lives and those who have suffered hurt.
I will be visiting Haugesund sometime in the next few months as  part of the "Gastech" project and I look forward to meeting up with  you and all of the friends I have made in your town and seeing more  of your beautiful country.    Best wishes  Mike Taylor (Durham, UK)

January 06, 2000: Elin Røkkum Nordgård,  (email: )
Hei alle kjente og ukjente!  Sender en varm nyttårs hilsen til slekt og venner i Haugesund/Karmøy,
Er en utflytta Haugesundar/Koperviksbu som nå e flytta til kalde nord,nærmere
bestemt Balsfjord i midt Troms.    Stor klem fra Elin Røkkum Nordgård

January 05, 2000: Wendy Slevens, New Jersey, USA ( email: )
Your website is beautiful.  I visited family in Haugesund and Stavanger in 1967 and have never know such a beautiful place as Norway - both for its scenery and its people .  I am the granddaughter of Harold Wignes (Vigsness) who traveled to the US many years ago.  He had four brothers, some of whom kept their mother's maiden name (Enebok) and went to Minnesota, USA.  But Grandpa was a seaman and raced ships for JP Morgan.  My grandmother's maiden name was Kristiansen.  Please say hello to our Oldemor, Alfild Wignes in Haugesund - we love her.   It is our fondest dream to someday take our boys to visit their ancestral home - the land of the Vikings!  - Wendy

January 04, 2000: Janet Millard Silloway, S. Carolina, USA ( email: )
Hei Eirik.  You can imagine my surprise when I was surfing the Net and saw your website.  I lived in Haugesund as an exchange student with the Jens Lindaas family back in '68-'69.  You probably don't remember me,  but I do remember you and the other wonderful people who were Russ in 1969.   It was so fun to see the pictures of your recent AFS students and the Gymnaset.   Brought back so many memories of my year.  I am now living in a small town in North Carolina, USA with my husband and 2 children.   I can't believe it, but I sat in front of my computer for over 3 hours this evening having a great time "seeing" Haugesund.  Thank you so much for such a great website.  I know I will be back many times to enjoy your beautiful pictures.  I'd love to hear from anyone I knew during my year in Haugesund.    Janet Millard Silloway

**January 04. 2000: Mary Ann Tighe, USA (email:  )
 Hello,  I have an extended family living in Haugesund and they notified me of the tragic accident on the sea. To all the family,friends of the people who were on the boat my prayers are with you.

Last year my daughter and I visited Haugesund in January. It was absolutely beautiful with the snow falling and swirling at night and the sun shining during the day.  However,there were gray bleak days and from where we were staying the sea on those days looked very ominous; so when my daughter took the bus to Stavanger instead of the ferry I was much relieved. As I look at the pictures on this site the fury of the sea is challenging at this time of the year but I guess when you live there and ferrying is a standard mode of transportation you become very ambivalent to the weather. Hopefully from this tragedy,safety will be the #1 priority on all boats in all kinds of weather.  Again I express my sympathy to all the families traveling on that fateful night.

January 04. 2000: Flemming Knudsen, Danmark ( email: )
Etterlysning: Hej Steen-Erik Hagland Hansen . Jeg sender hermed en Nytårshilsen fra Danmark . Da jeg ikke kender din nuværende addresse, håber jeg på at få kontakt med dig ad denne vej .  Mange hilsner fra Flemming Knudsen

January 04. 2000: J. Swerenz (??) , USA ( email: )
Hi!  I am an American living in New York, and I am of Norwegian decent.  My grandparents came over to the U.S. from Norway, and I am told that I have many relatives still over there (mainly on my grandfather's side).  My mother's maiden name is Stene and her father, Lars Stene came from Haugesund.  I would love to get in contact with any relatives. Ha det bra!
PS: I forgot to add that I am told I have many relatives still in the town of Haugesund, and would love to get in contact with some of them (especially my second cousins around my age - I'm 27).  :)

January 02. 2000:  Jan Strømsvold, Ekofisk, The North sea ( email: )
Sender en hilsen fra Ekofisk i Nordsjøen  til alle kjente hjemme på haugalandet, og ønsker Dere alle et godt nytt år.

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