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December 26: Peggy and Keith Wheeler, California, USA
We send all of our friends and family Chistmas greetings from the Slogvik farm in Tysvær kommune, Rogaland fylke, Norway (just east of Haugesund), where we have the honor to spend Christmas this year.  For several years in the past, we viewed Chistmas in Haugesund by this our most favorite web site.  This year we were thrilled to be there in person. If you are interested in more about our winter trip to Norway, please visit:  Our Chistmas card to all of you may be viewed here:  God Jul og godt nytt år til alle  -- and especially to Eirik for bringing us this site.

December 22: Katrina Paulson, Vermont, USA   (  )
hello! I am searching for ancestors and someone recommended your site! It's  wonderful. My great Grandfather was from Haugesund area, possibly Karmoy. My grandmother tells me it was an island. My great grandfathers name was John Johannesen, had a two brother Halvor and Carl both who emmigrated to the USA, Carl left wife and five children in Norway. He also had a sister that remained in Norway. He was born (my great grandfather in 1881. Would love some info and hope to find some relatives or to visit someday! thank you.   Katrina Paulson, South Burlington, Vermont

December 20: Kari Holgersen, Wokingham, England (  )
Hilsen til alle dere i Haugesund og omradet.  Jeg sitter her og lese gjesteboken og har faktisk funnet noen jeg kjenner der! Vil bare onske alle dere some kjenner meg, Kari Holgersen fra Solvang, gikk pa Gard Skole fra 1958 til 1963 (tror jeg),  Ha en riktig god jul og a flott nyttar.  Jeg kommer hjem til Solvan i februar for a se pa OL.  Takk for flotte bilder, alltid kjekt a se dem. Har bodd i England i over 30 ar men norsken, den glemmer jeg aldri. 

December 18: Harold Eric Hornland, Alberta, Canada (  )
My mothers maiden name was Marie Olson-Meling ( sister to Lars Meling)  My fathers name was Carl Johan Horneland (changed to Hornland in U.S.A) Married in Haugesund in May of 1913. Emmigrated to America in 1913. Came to Canada in 1919.  If you could supply some more Information to this , it would be greatly appreciated.    Hope you have a Happy Christmas    Harold Eric Hornland

December 07: David Egeland, USA ( )
Eirik,   I'm very happy to have found your website again.  Somehow I lost track of it.  I thoroughly enjoy your pictures.  Do you have any pictures from the Skanevik and Valen areas?  Thanks to the generous help of Hans Gangsto my wife and I were able to visit my great-grandfather's farm on the west edge of Valen this fall. Unfortunately, we were unable to spend much time there because we tried to see too much of Scandinavia in too short a time. Hopefully, we can visit again in a few years.   Keep up the good work.  Greetings to Hans.  Dave Egeland 

December 1: Torvald Hellesland, New Zealand (
Hei Haugesund.   En liten hilsen fra en fraflyttet haugesunder. Jeg sitter i nydelig sommervaer her i New Zealand, men savner Haugesund likevel. Ha det bra.    Hilsen Torvald Hellesland

November 20: John Finnigan,   Liverpool  UK ( )
I have visited your website and find it very interesting. I found it  after seeing a ship on the river mersey in my home town of Liverpool, with the name Knutsen OAS on the side of the vessel. I have been able to find out that the company has its base in the very beautiful area shown on the website. It would be nice to visit your part of the world one day, it certainly looks attractive. 

November 18:  Mioky Hsu, USA ? ( )
Hi! This site rocks! I have been able to find everything About Norway that I could ever need! I hope the makers have a lot of money!

November 13: Bill Sugrue, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire, England ( )
Hi, my name is Bill Sugrue and I live in Denby Dale, Near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. I am writing because my wife, Linda, dies unexpectedly and prematurely at the age of 52 years on 27 June 2001 and I have been unable to find the adresses of friends in the Haugesund area to let them know of the sad event. Linda spent many summers as a child during the 1950's and early 1960's with Magnus and Berta Askeland, Forland, Tysvaer as part of a child holiday exchange scheme with Haugesund Kommune. She learnt to speak Norwegian fluently and struck a long-lasting friendship with Britt Magni (the daughter of Magnus and Berta. Magnus and Berta died in the early 1970's and soon after Britt Magni went to live in Sweden - at this point Linda and I lost contact with both Britt Magni and other friends in the Haugesund/Tysvaer area. My kids, Kristian and Anna, would love to re-contact Britt Magni and other friends in the Haugesund area not only to let them know about Linda, but also to re-establish the frienships. I have also written to the Haugesunds Avis requesting their help and we are hopeful that both of these initiatives will lead to success.  Many thanks

November 10: P. Pedersen, USA ( )
We would like to thank everyone in Norway and especially Haugesund for being so kind to us when we were stranded in Norway when the terrorist hit the World Trade Center.  Everyone was particularly kind in getting us from Trondheim to Haugesund where we have family.  We made it safely mostly in part by the extreme care that SAS took loading our plane with both passengers and baggage.  Norway is so civilized.  Thanks with all our hearts.

November 02: Kevin Akre, USA ( )
Hei  Eirik:    I have been enjoying your website for quite some time now. My farfar og farmor were from Karmoy and my morfar was from Haugesund. I was interested in the Christiansenhuset.  My grandfather came to America with his parents about 1885. His father was Tonnes Christiansen Hamre. They had a leather and shoe business in Haugesund. I just wondered if there was some connection between my family and the Christiansenhuset. Tusen takk,  Kevin Akre

November 01: Brian Taylor, Middlesbrough, England ( )
Hi to everyone at the Haugesund Maritime College from all the staff at Teesside College, Middlesbrough, England we are looking forward to working on another joint project between  our 2 colleges.

October 30: Ilse Lustrup, USA  ( )
My maiden name was Ilse Lustrup, and I spend a lot of time i Haugesund in my  youth.   I would love to correspond with anybody that may remember me from the 1950's.  Thank you

October 30: Anki Wendt, Germany (
Hei, mein Norwegenurlaub hat mich der Natur ein ungeheures Stück näher gebracht. Ebenso wie einem sehr gutem Menschen. Er bedeutet mir sehr viel, doch leider wird diese Bedeutung durch die uns trennende Entfernung extrem eingeschränkt. Nicht desto trotz liegt Du, lieber Didi, mir sehr am Herzen, ebenso wie dieses bezaubernde Land. Ich hoffe, dass ich beide bald wiedersehe! Anke

October 25: Lilly Olsen, Mobile, Alabama, USA  ( )
Really enjoyed the photos of the ferry trip from Skudeneshavn to Mejarvik.  My husband, daughter, and I made that same trip in September of 2000, and it was a REALLY rough trip over Boknafjorden.  I started looking around for the life preservers!  My husband, who was a seafarer from Skjoldastraumen (near Haugesund) before he retired some years ago, said, "This is nothing!"  But my daughter and I were really glad when that ferry trip was over!  Thanks again!

October 19: Gayle Richins, USA ( )
Hello, My ancestors are from Haugesund, Norway.  I am looking for information about them, do you have any suggestions?  They were Jacob Williamsen and Birtha Helgesen, parents of Martha and Tina Williamsen.  Many thanks, Gayle Richins

October 18: Julie Dodge, USA ( )
Greetings from Illinois USA!!! My G-Grandmother JANNA BERTHA JOHNSON is from Haugesund. She married SYVERT NILSON KLUNGTVEDT. She arrived in America on Sept. 13 1910, anold with her daughter Dorte ( Dorothy). Does anyone know how to find out the names of her parents? I would love to find out i still have cousins in Norway!  Thank-You,  Julie Dodge

October 17: David Hutz, England  ( )
hi, my name is David and i am from Bristol, in England. I know a guy from Haugesund, No. who studies at college with me. I tried to talk to him but he wont talk to me. Could you give me some hints or norwegian phrases to start up a conversation...maybe about Haugesund, which looks beatiful from the pictures on the website.
thanks    David Hutz 

October 17: Sue R Alderney  ( )
I am trying to trace Elisabeth Houseby who worked at the Hotel Rica Saga about 1989-1990.

October 10:  Roger Ellefson, Spring Hill/ Brooksville, FL, USA (
Hello, My name is Roger Ellefson. I am hoping to find a connection to my adoptive family member's history.  My Birth Name is Gregory Scott Lillemoen.  I have FOUND my birth family here in the U.S.  I am related to Gunder Gunderson (4th Great-Grandfather) Helge GUNDERSON Lillemoen (3rd Great-Grand father).  Lillemoen is believed to come from his "Foster Family", who brought him over to America, out of respect added the name.)  The birthdate I have for Helge Gunderson Lillemoen is November 23, 1848, all the family history has for birthplace is Norway.  I do have some information on my 3rd Great Grandmother, Ingeborg Stenersdatter Snerud.  She was born on February 02, 1849, daughter to Stene Snerud and Randi Amundsdatter, on the Snerud Farm in Norway.  If there is anyone who can assist my family with any other information, I would greatly appreciate the assistance.  I have no way of knowing if my family is from Haugesund, please let me know of any websites similar to this one for the other area's.  Thank You!  Roger Ellefson 

October 02: Bernie Ask, GA, USA (
Thank for your the kind words toward the US after the terrorist attack!.  My parents left Haugesund for the US in the  early 50's, and for a brief time I attended school there. I lived in Haugesund in 1969, and have visited often.  Though born in the US, I consider Haugesund my "hometown". It is a joy to look at Haugesund through the web cam and to read the news.  My Norwegian has become very rusty, but the English translation helps greatly.  Keep up the good work,  Sincerely, Bernie Ask, CEO, Odin Systems International, Inc. 400 Main Street, St. Simons Island, GA 31522

October 02: Juliette Violette, Las Vegas, NV, USA (
Hello, I am Juliet Violette from Las Vegas NV.  I am looking for family in Haugesund.  My family's last name is Fjetland.  My great-grandparents immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. 

I would love to find any family from here!  My great-grandmother's name was Jorund Fjetland.  I also have the family last name of Eileraas. I think she had a sister named Emma and a brother named Ingaborg.

I have enclosed a picture (Eileraas family)!  Thank you!  God bless...     Juliet Violette

Las Vegas - For Kids!
And please see the above link for legit ways to donate to NYC and DC.

October 01: Per Arne Rødseth, Ålesund (
Hei alle  kjente og ukjente!

September 24: Kalla Susort, USA (
Hello,  I was looking in the internet for my last name Susort.  I am full blooded Norwegian and looking for contacts, and information on the culture.  I would be nice to be in touch with someone from that place.  Blessing to all,  Kalla Susort

September 20: Davide, Italy ( )
hi , I'm Davide from Italy. Last month I met a norvegian girl, Iselin Bjelland, from Husnes!
I would like to come to Norway to see her again, but I don't know even where is Husnes!! If anyone has some information contact me please!!!

September 19: Sean Fitzpatric, Massachusetts, USA  (
Life in America is lived at an incredible pace, as though we all were racing to a finish line that is just out of view. In such a country, it is difficult to take the time to see the beauty and stillness around us, especially after the horror of last week. For me, the pictures on your website, seen across a thousand miles of ocean are a daily reminder of a gentleness that now seems to be missing from our everyday life in America. To see pictures of your wonderful city each day allows me to experience the world in a different way than I can experience it here. Your photos and your city provide me the perspective and distance that I cannot provide myself in these horrible times.

The accident and luck of history has made the United States rich in resources and even richer with the collected wisdom of three hundred years of immigrants. This wealth and power has remarkable benefits, but can carry with it a tremendous burden and, sometimes, an unbearable cost when we become the primary target of  all the anger that exists against the Western democracies.

On behalf of everyone in the US, I extend a sincere thank you to all in your city for your prayers and support at this difficult moment. 

And I ask that you forgive me if I watch the daily workings of your city from afar with a bit of jealousy; for the days of such peacefulness for us in America now seem so very far away...

September 12: Jon Otterson, Wisconsin, USA (
Let me thank the people of Norway for their out-pouring of sympathy and support for our people in New York! I thank God I was able to visit your beautiful country last year. Now it may be some time will have to pass before I feel safe to cross the Atlantic again...but hopefully not too long.

September 12: Den Collins, Long Island, USA  (
Eirik, Thank you for the photos of the flags in Haugesund flying at halfmast today.  The world is no longer separate islands.  We suffer and rejoice together.  It is comforting to see that inspite of some hate, there is care and concern throughout the world. 
Den Collins 

September 12: Norm Haugen, Utah, USA (
Hi Eirik, Your pictures of the Norwegian flags at half-mast touched me greatly.  I pray that all nations who cherish freedom will also display their flags in the same manner.  This was not only a strike against the United States, but against all civilized countries.  This is a dark day for all humanity.  I'm afraid that grave consequences will follow in the coming weeks and months.

August 25: Kristi and John Johnson, Maryland, PS, USA ( )
Dear Erik - we read your website with great interest.  We just learned that my husband's father may be from Haugesund. His name was John Johnson and his parents were John Johnson and Martha Mitchell.  He was born  in 1892.  Is there anyone who would be able to help us look up the church records to learn his exact birth date? It seems there are several churches in Haugesund. Last summer we were in Stavanger at Nordleik(i play the fiddle a little bit). But unfortunately, we did not have this information. Thank you for your consideration.  Sincerely,    Kristi and John Johnson Bethesda, Maryland  PS we belong to 2 Norwegian American organizations and celebrate May 17th each year!!!!

August 23: Thomas Ask, Pennsylvania, USA, (  )
Hallo, jeg heter Thomas Ask fra Ulster, Pennsylvania USA og foreldrene mine var fra Haugesund og min bestemor bor der enda.  Jeg besoker når jeg kan, men når jeg har barne og spebarn blir det vanskelig.

August 15: Eva Harris Ytreland, USA ( )
Hello Again, I sent a greeting several days ago and I meant to compliment Mr. Hustvedt on this wonderful site.  The pictures are just lovely and the information available about western Norway has helped me to learn more about my new country.  Thank you Mr. Hustvedt for creating this terrific resource.   Eva Harris Ytreland 

August 13: Eva Harris Ytreland, USA ( )
Hello,  My name is Eva HarrisYtreland I am an African-American whose husband is from Haugesund. His name is John Ytreland. He is spending a year in the United States with me while I finish School and we will move to Haugesund permanently next June.  If anyone on this website is a cross-cultural couple or just someone who would like to correspond with us, we would love to hear 
from you. 

August 01: Haakon and Terry Bjerke, Honolulu, Hawaii ( )
Congratulations to cousin Helga who found Shelly Kirilenko and the long lost branch of the Kallevik's.  The pictures in your paper with Helga and new found member Shelly is absolute beautiful.  I know Helga has looked for this branch for years now, and that she has succeeded in finding them (with help of Hans Gangstø) is just amazing.  I know both Hans and Helga are both dedicated genealogists, it just goes to show dedication pays off. 

July 30: Maria, Liverpool, England ( )

July 24: Kate Munk, NY, USA (
Dear Eirik,  Our boys, GJOA U-14 Norsemen, have been the guest of FK Vard-Haugesund, en route to the Norway Cup in Oslo after a stop in Kvinesdal. Your fabulous website has made us stateside parents feel a bit more in touch. The webcam and panoramic views are outstanding.   Thanks,  Kate Munk

July 20: Jan Korsman, Nederland (
Hello haugesund, when I was a young man I sailed as a radio-officer in Ms Minerva of Rederi Wrangell & Co, This was 1962 now I ams 61 yrs than a junior. Looking for a ctc in the Wrangell company and see if possible to lay my hands on a photo of Ms Minerva as I lost what I had. Memory lane ....  anyone mange Tack ..

Hello Haugesund, I visited your technical school there during February 2000 on an exchange.  The project was linked to gas powered vehicles.  I enjoyed your hospitality very much and your country has spectacular scenery.  I hope very much to visit you all again one day.  Hope Olaf, Harry, Hilde, Kjell and all of the other wonderful people whose names I cannot remember or spell, are well and looking forward to a summer break.  I have recently discovered one of my neighbours has links with Haugesund too.  His father lives on Karmoy.  Best wishes to everyone 

July 17: O. Keith Wheeler, California, USA ( ) 
We have been meaning to send you greetings for many months now. Your site is very special to us.  We look everyday to see new pictures of your beautiful country.  We are always impressed with the variety and your talent at composition.  You have an artistic eye.  Of course it helps to live in an awesome place, but your work is outstanding.  Our desktop background is a photo you took of the Haugesund quay side.     We study our family genealogy and we have made contact with the owners of the old Slogvik family farm in Tysvær to your east. (Our ancestor, Jacob, left on the sloop Restauration in 1825.)   The Slogviks have become very close friends with whom we exchange e-mail nearly every day.  We visited last year in July and enjoyed a concert in Aksdal with Hannah Krogh.  Your July 15, 2001, entry brought happy memories of it.    Because of your fascinating web site we became very interested in the Haugesund area and made a point to stay in the Maritim Hotel and to take time to walk around your pleasant and friendly city.  We hope to return some day, hopefully soon.      We just want you to know how much we appreciate your web site. Should you be interested, we have tried to document our month long stay in Norway with our own web site.  This is at:
Gratefully, Peggy and Keith Wheeler, Mad River, California, USA

July 17: Robert L Mathisen, USA (
Hi All,  My name is Robert Mathisen from the USA, my grandmother (Agnes Neergaard) was born in Kristiansund, Norway and my grandfather (Martin Mathisen) was born in Norway also, do not know what town though. My mothers grandfather (Christian Jacobsen) was born in Haugesund, and his wife (Hennrita Gissing)was from Sweden. If anyone has any info on them please let me know. My email address is

July 15: Mastrangelo Maddalena, Italy ( )
My name is Mastrangelo Maddalena (Magda) I am looking for my old friend met in Naples in 1967 when I was 19 and was working for Christian Haaland Steamship Agent and Eva Anne Hartzen was a Ship Captain Daughter. I will be very pls to enter in contact with her, your help will be greatly appreciated. Magda Mastrangelo c/o or

July 09: Clair Swan,  Arkansas, USA ( )
Hello.  I am Clair Swan and am related to the Lonning families located on the south end of the island of Bomlo.  My wife Ruth and I made a one day visit to the island and found family even though communication from the Lonnings in the USA stopped in 1933 - three years before I was born.  On that momentous day I met the most enjoyable people even though I could speak no Norsk.  We returned in 1999 for almost three weeks.  During that time we connected even more and now I communicate with my Bomlo family more than I do with those here.  We find Norway so beautiful. Clair Swan, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA

July 09: Solveig Kraft Hunter, USA ( )
Hallo alle kjente, ja tenk, jeg har bodd her i Amerika naa i 46 aar, helt utroligt. Jeg bor i Huron,Syd Dakota, men Haugesund er da byen jeg var fodde i. Tenk 50 aars jubileum fra Breidablikk skole. Jeg kommer til aa bli der !!!!!  Haaper aa treffe mange kjente, reiser herfra den 23 july. Jeg var Solveig Kraft, saa Kristiansen, men naa er jeg Solveig Hunter. Kan ikke vente til jeg kommer hjem. Datter min elsker Norge. Dette blir tredje gangen hun blir med. 
Ha det, til vi sees igjen.      Hilsen Solveig

July 08: Beatriz Veroneze Stigliano - Brazil  ( )
Hi, I am writing to try to find a friend from Sweden. Her name is Leif Haga and she lived in Boras untill we lost contact, in 1993. I hope to find her again!!!! 

July 07: Bonnee Hustvedt Johnson, ( )
Hello, My name is Bonnee, I was viewing my relative Eirik Hustvedt's site and came to see more photo's, I must say these panoramas are Spectacular. I remember seeing so much of this while I was there in May. My sole purpose for being in Norway was to meet my family members but they were so gracious to allow me to be able to see sooooo much of beautiful Norway in the short 17 days I was there. I must return because there is more to see and I will always keep in touch now with my Norwegian family side. I want to say many thanks for the wonderful world you are sharing and know that I will be passing it on to others to hopefully share thier dream come trues. Sincerely, Bonnee Hustvedt Johnson

June 22: Vincent E. Summers, USA (
Hello.   I have never been to Norway.  My first cousin's father was a HETLAND, though, and so I seek Andres HETLAND who was probably born about April of 1903, and worked on ships for about 5 years.  I believe the one I seek is the fellow who worked on the "Jan" and the "Kinghorn" in 1924 and in 1918.  He came to Pennsylvania, where he married my aunt.  Her name was Loretta SOMMERS.      Is there anyone reading this who knows this Andres/Anders/Andrew HETLAND? I think he went to Georgia, and died there, in the U.S., but that may have been another fellow.  I am not sure.   Thanks, Vince Summers

June 22: Harald Mundahl, Canada ( )
I am an "Avaldsnes bu" and have enjoyed, and still am enjoying <Haugalandet.Net> for quite some time now. It is about time that I say a very hearty "THANK YOU" for all the good pictures. It is amazing that one can sit here on Canada's West Coast and enjoy the picture's of one's "home place". I am looking forward to a visit to Haugalandet at the end of May. Thanks again.

June 18: Lennart Andersson, Sweden ( )
Hej ! Jag vill skicka en hälsning till  släkt och vänner i Haugesund.

June 18: Berber Omer, USA ( )
Hello,  I am a student in a medical university and I will graduate next year (2002). I would like to have some information to my questions. I want to work as a Medical Doctor in Norway . Can I have any informations about these matters from anybody or somewhere else? If anybody give me any informations on this subject, I will be glad very much.  Thank you.

June 08: Bonnee Hustvedt, South Georgia, USA ( )
Hello My Family, Tu Sen Takk !!!      I just want to let anyone who ever wondered if it was possible to ever find a family of people you know little or nothing about. But by the dilligence and planning and much effort by so many, "MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE".  I have not only found and been in touch with many of my family in Norway, but I have just come back from the most emotional yet fulfilling feeling I have ever felt. I was "HOME" for the 1st time in my life, I was in Haugesund and with my family, my relatives, my history. If anyone thought once about doing it,, looking into your family and finding those from whom you and they share the same genes,, please do so because you will never know if you don't seek. Believe me, I have been there and I can say this,, its worth every moment you need to spend to find them. 
Love and Good Luck to you all.. Seek & You will find.  Bonnee Hustvedt

June 07: Bjørg Jeppson, Massachusetts, USA (  )
Jeg bor i South Easton, Massachusetts, og har vert i USA siden 1954. Jeg er veldig glad at Haugalandet Net er "on line" Tusen takk -- fine billeder!!  Bjorg Jeppson

June 02: Jostein Johannesen, Hanoi, Vietnam (  )
Halloen !  Bare en liten hilsen fra en stor by i Vietnam - HaNoi. Skal jobbe her nede ut aaret 2001. Naa staar regntiden for dören og temperaturene skal stige. Det betyr at de 32 gradene vi har hatt de siste dagene kan bli til rundt 40 enkelte dager.  Har bodd paa hotell frem til naa, men flytter inn i leilighet over helgen. Er det noen som vil skrive og "snakke" med meg i den perioden jeg er her nede, setter jeg pris paa det. Hilsen Jostein S Johannessen 

May 31: Ronald Henry Førde, Norge ( )
Jeg flyttet fra Haugesund for ca.30 år siden , men jeg føler meg fremdeles som " ekta araber ". Hilser alle  "KJENTE ". Tar en tur "hjem" nå i helgen.   Med hilsen Ronald Henry Førde

May 28: Iona and Rolly Loken, USA (
Hei!  We leave in the morning for Norway.  We will be visiting in Haugesund two times.  We have been through on the fastboat twice but this time we wisll stop for a while.  We look forward to seeing your beautiful Norway again.  What a lovely web-site too.

May 20: Alicia Ord, Australia ( email: )

May 19: Alicia Funk, USA ( email: )
Hi my name is Alicia Funk, My mother has been working on our family tree for many years and we are at a stand still once we hit Norway.  I wonder if anyone can help us out.   Where we are now is at Tollack Tollackson born in Stavanger Norway he married Inger ?? also born in Stavanger Norway.  They had 6 children, Gabriel, Gertrude, Tonette, Tollack, Isaac, Torkel (Mageland) and Jonas (Mageland).  All of the childrend were born in Norway and moved to Viroqua Wisconsin (Vernon County)  Any help on this would be great or if you could lead me to some where in Norway I could look for the information.  Thank you for taking time to read my message.

May 18: Christina Mesenbrink, Iowa, USA (Email: )
I enjoy this site. From the period from the beginning too the year 2001 and beyond. I'm looking for family bibles and any and all information,   pictures,birth,death, wedding certificates, matter how small or big it is,for the following names.
will pay for copies of verything that is found. I would love to hear from you. My mother(Twlya Mesenbrink;maiden name was wigg) started this by writing to Haugesund, Norway to find out about her father side of the family. Now i am following in her footsteps. Please help i want to learn about my family, because someday i would  love too come too Norway to see where my grandfather family came from and still are living  and will be living for ever. E-mail me or write to me about what is going on or anything you want to write and talk about,also can send anything you find by e-mail or too the address below.

Christina Mesenbrink, 805 grove street, Cedar Falls, Iowa USA ( 50613-3331 )

Just let me want it owe you for anything or everthing that is found. Love too know about your history,during war,and the like. We have a history channel and they do alot of stuff about nazi Germany, I would love to know about Norway during this time for better  or worst, I can't and won't and willn't judge on what happened during  these times. Please be truthful about what happened. Did any of my family fight in these wars. Can't wait to hear from you.

May 10: Kari Holgersen, Wokingham, UK  ( email: Kari.Holgerson@GDBA.ORG.UK )
Heia Haugesund, Har nettopp lest gjestboken fra folk som stammer fra Haugesund sa jeg matte skrive jeg ogsa.  Har bodd i England i over 31 ar na sa a kunne lese nyheter og se bilder fra Haugesund, er helt fantastisk.  Jeg er hjemme ganske ofte for mine foreldre lever fremdeles og har masse slekt og venner der og de vil jeg hilse til.  Jeg heter Kari Holgersen og bor i Wokingham, rett vest for Windsor i England.  Er der noen fra Haugesund, sa ring meg pa 0118 9794865, bare kjekt a hore fra dere.  Tusen takk for alle tiders side pa netter for ikke a snakke om de flotte bildene pa Haugaland Today.    Kari

May 05: Ken James, Bornemouth, Wokingham, UK ( email: )
Hi,I hope the fishing is great, and the weather is hot, when i visit sandve/Haugesund in july 21-28. I wish everyone in your beautiful land all the very best, from Ken , Bournemouth England.

May 04: Anne-Synnøve Aga Boner, NJ, USA ( email: )
Hei fra New Jersey!  Det er deilig å få besøke her og se bilder av byen jeg var født i og fremdeles er så glad i!  Et spørsmål: Da jeg var i Bergen i fjor kjøpte jeg  Paraplysøljen - et søtt smykke som representer Bergen meget godt.  Er det noe liknende fra Haugesund?  "Sildanålen", "Brisling brosja" - eller liknende?  Det hadde vært festlig å kunne pynte seg med noe slikt.  Og er der ikke, så værsågod, gullsmeder, dette er en gratiside!    Og hvis noen vet hvor bestevenninnen min fra 5-årsalderen er, Turid Iversen, tar jeg gjerne mot beskjed!  Anne-Synnøve Aga Boner 

May 04: Jim Olson, Black Hills of South Dakota (email: )
I enjoy this site and its photos of Haugesund and area.  I have ancestors that came from Tysvaer (Frakkagjerd) and Ådland on Karmøy.  My maternal maternal great grandparents were Hans Larsen Aadland, 1850-1892, son of Lars Nilsen Aadland and Berte Serine Jonsdtr., and Anna Malene Jakobsdtr. Nygaard, 1853-1933, daughter of Jakob Mortenson Aadland Nygaard and Anna Malene Olsdtr. Sorhaug.  My maternal paternal great grandparents were Karl Severin Kristiansen Frakkagjerd (Carl Peterson in America), 1861-1927, son of Kristian Frederik Pettersen Frakkagjerd and Randi Serine Simonsdtr., and Brønla Bjørnsdtr. Sjurseike, 1862-1922, daughter of Bjørn Evensen Sjurseike, and Lisbet Lamriksdtr.  I have done considerable research on these families.

I will be visiting Haugesund, Vats and Karmøy again this July.  I would be anxious to meet anyone connected to these families or farms.  In 1984 I met a Kjell Nygaard and his sister Nora Langager, and visited about the Nygaard and Aadland families.  Does anyone have a current address for these people? 

I have also done a lot of research on identifying Karmøy emigrants to USA and Canada, especially with the list compiled by the late Martin Gjersvik that was published in connection with De som dro fra Karmøy til Amerika.  It is a continuing project to identify where they first settled and by what name they were known in USA.

Apr 28: Marcel Nelson, USA ( email: )
Hello.  I recently found out that my paternal grandfather was from Haugesund, Norway.  Two brothers remained in Norway.  Would like to check white pages or other source for descendants.  Last name was Tuestead, as spelled on his death certificate.  In coming to America his surname was changed to Nelson.  Thus, his name in Norway was Martin Kristian Tuestead.  Can you help?  Many thanks,  Marchel Nelson  

Apr 17: Lisa Whannel, USA ( email:
God dag.  Jeg heter Elisabeth Whannel, foreldrene mine var fra Haugesund. Bestemoren bor der enda.  Mor sitt navn var Anne Marie Grimstvedt, faren min  var Johan Ask.  De flyttet til Chicago i 1954 fra Haugesund, de hadde fem unger.  Alle av oss bor enda i U.S.A.

Apr 16: Birthe Rosvald, Danmark ( email: )
Siv Inger Rasmussen, født Askeland Bua den  26.10.1950. Far hed Franz, mor hed Sigrid. Siv gift ca. 1969 med Øyvind. To jenter, Ingrid og Hilde. Siv, hvor er du?  Kender nogle til Siv?

Apr 15: Linda Cupp, USA ( email: )
Trying to find relatives with last name of Ganger .  Please respond if  you have anything.  Thanks  (Grandma was a Ganger)     Linda (Evans) Cupp      HAVE A GRRRRREAT DAY!

Apr 13: Jo Ann Chase, USA ( email:
I've enjoyed your website very much.  Can you tell me what Lothemarken is?  My maiden name is Lothe.  My ancestors came from Ullensvang.  I am told there are Lothe's living in the Haugesund area.  I'd love to hear from any of you.

Apr 07: Mariann (12), USA, soon Frakkagjerd ( email: )
Hey, my name is Mariann and I am moving to Norway after 11 years of living in the U.S.  I moved over here (United States) when I was 2 years old. I am 12 now going on 13 in August. I am looking forward to going back but I am going to miss  everything and everyone very much! I think I am going to Frakkagjerd Ungdomskole. If anyone reads this and they are going there (that is in 8th grade) then maybe we can be friends!! E-mail me if u want to. I like swimming and maybe I am going to join the swim team over there. I also like to play golf and volleyball.  Well c-ya lata' !! buh bye!!

Apr 07: Keith Wheeler, Mexico ( email: )
Saludos amigos, Gracias para tu sitio tan bonito! Con saludos especiales desde amigos de la familia Wheeler de California. Ted y Susan Colima, Mexico

Apr 01: Linda Vermerbergen, Belgium ( email: )
Hello people from Haugesund. I have found a lot off very interesting information on your web site we need the information for us (5 fishermen), who are coming next may 2001 on our every year fish holidays. Now we are going for the first time to Røvær. Thanks for all and for the nice photo's see you. I am from Belgium and I mail you, in name of my husband and his friends.

Mar 27: June Cullen, Florida, USA ( email: )
Hi from Palm Harbor, Florida, USA  --  We had a mini-Haugesund-reunion a few days ago in Melbourne Beach, Florida and if "your ears were ringing" Eirik, it was because we were talking about you and the wonderful job you do keeping us all connected and informed.  I am the daughter of Martha Tollefsen Olsen from Risoy, and my husband Ed and I met you last July in Haugesund.  At that time we were visiting with Randi Strand -- she is now in Florida, visiting us, along with Svein Ostvik.  Last Friday the four of us left "Disneyworld" and "Sea World" in Orlando and drove over to have lunch with Hanne-Mi and Odd Johannessen. I understand you and Odd met recently on a plane.  This truly is a small world! 
July 2000: (June & Ed visiting Haugesund)

Mar 26: Dave & Jan Hanson, UK  ( email: )

Mar 20: Lasse Svelland, p.t. Benidorm, Spania ( email: )
God dag, Erik Hustvedt, ville bare få lov til å sende deg noen ord i fra Spania, i fra Benidorm, setter veldig stor pris på siden og kameraet, men hadde det ikke vært mulig å få satt det på eller under broen, da  utsikten i fra dette sted er svært lite representativt for resten av det  indre havnebasseng, vel bare dette, ellers ikke som kritikk, men resten av smedasundet er jo så fantastisk, ellers er det i dag som de siste fjorten dager et helt skjønt sommervær, med temperaturer oppe i de høye 20, ja i fra 24 og oppover, sol nesten i fra skyfri himmel, og nesten blikkstille hav, vel dette var noen trøstens ord i fra oss her nede i solens land og opp til dere sårt tiltrengte, alle burde hatt minst 2mndr. med sol og sommer, med muligheter for grill og badeliv. så får trøsten være, det går jo i mot lysere og varmere tider, med en vennlig hilsen i fra,       Lasse Svelland......   (Bilde:  Utsikt fra verandaen vår )

Mar 20: Elevene ved Øksnes Ungdomskole ( email: )
Sender herved en hilsen til dere der nede i Haugesund.
For elevene på Øksnes ungdomskole, Steve Ulriksen

Mar 14: Hilde Karin Ulvang, Oslo  ( email: )
Tusen takk for en kjempefin side!  Jeg benytter siden som lise for sjelen når lengselen etter havluft og Haugalandet blir for stor.  Det er nå 15 år siden jeg flyttet fra Haugesund, men i hjertet vil jeg lltid være Haugesunder.   Jeg vil gjerne få hilse til alle 62 modeller som gikk på Rossabø og Håvåsen skole, og sist men ikke minst Blåruss 82. Kanskje vi møtes igjen til 20 års jubileum våren 2002. ? 
Mvh Hilde Ulvang f. Klungland   Pt. Oslo

Mar 04: Olav Larsen, NY, USA ( email: )
Vi er stadig inne på sidene og leser nytt - ser på bilder - lengter hjem i blant. Jeg og min hustru Zenia er for tiden hos min onkel, Arne D. Larsen, her i Brewster - en times kjøring nord for New York.  Akkurat nå er det stille før stormen:  Det er meldt snøstorm, verre enn på 50 år, med 50 - 75 cm snø på det meste langs kysten NY og NJ. Vi fyrer i Jøtul-ovn og skalker alle luker. Hilsen til alle i Haugesund - og kjente ellers i verden.     Olav Larsen - Zenia I. Linck - Arne D. Larsen

Mar 04: Ronny Habbestad, P.t. Sogndal ( email: )
Heihei Haugesund.   Sitter i Sogndal, og har et lite snev av hjemlengsel. Hilser til alle kjente!!! Omar bin Laden hilser også!!  Liebe Ronny

Mar 03: Monika Sorensen, England ( email: )
I'm emailing you on behalf of my father Freddy Sorensen. My dad grew up in Haugesund and as we are now on the net we are trying to contact anybody there to chat to. My dad was a merchant navial officer between 1956 and 1985. He moved to England 1970 although kept regular contact with Norway. If you could contact us for a chat sometime i know my dad would love to talk, or be in contact with someone from his home town. Hope to hear from you soon.  Freddy and Monika

Mar 02: Peter Seifert, Germany ( email: )
Danke für interessantes aus meinem geliebten Norwegen!  Bin im Sommer endlich wieder da!!!
Peter Seifert, Hohen Neuendorf, 16535, Box 24, Tyskland

Mar 01: Kjell-Gunnar Heimark, Norge ( Email: )
Eg fann deg i dag - då vart eg så glad,
du samlar folk himante i månge slags lag,
eg fløtte ut frå Vanvik i seksti-årå,
lengtar av og te him med salt i tårå.

Feb 28: Rigmor Mcandrew, Scotland ( Email: )
Vil benytte denne anledningen til a hilse til alle som kjenner meg / mine. Flyttet fra Haugesund for snart 23 ar siden, og sjol om jeg stortrives i Scotland synes jeg det er alle tiders a lese Avisa pa nettet sa vel som a se alle de fine bildene fra Haugalandet. Er det noen som kjenner meg hadde det vart artig a hore fra dem. Hilsen Rigmor.

Feb 28: Ingrid Heike, Germany ( email: )
Hallo, I'm looking to my girlfriend Gisela Lövland. Does anybody know her? I'll be glad, to hear something about her. She lives in Norway since 1965???   Ingrid Heike

Feb 27: Martha Steensnæs, P.T. Thailand / Haugesund
Hei. Sitter i Thailand og ser paa web-camera. Her er det 30 grader og jeg er paa vei hjem til snoe ser jeg..... 
Martha Steensnaes

Feb 27: Olaf Langland, USA ( email: )
Dear Erick:  My grandfather, Ole K. Langeland was born at Langeland Homestead near Skjold.  Some of his relatives still live in Skjold, Haugesund and Stavanger area. When I visited Norway in 1985 I meant Sigmund and Aslag Satre and stayed one of the Langeland homesteads near Skjold (There were two Langeland Homesteads--one of them where my grandfather Ole was born has been destroyed, but a house has been built on it, and a young man by the name of Olaf Langland lives there--great grandson of Knute Langeland, a brother of my grandfather Ole K.) The other Langeland Homestead as the homestead of Marie Langeland who was the mother of Sigmund Satre..  Marie Langeland  married her school teacher, Olav Satre.  The Satre family history is quite remarkable in itself.  One of Satre sons was a distinguished Merchant Marine Captain in WWII, and one of the brothers invented a public elevator or lift as English calle them.   Sigmund Satre was  the manager of the local telephone company in Haugesund prior to his retirement in circa 1986. Sigmund now and he and his wife Aslag (Bergen gal) live in Skjold and they are in their  late seventies or early eighties.  Sigmund is a relative to the Langelands that own the Langeland Bakery in Skjold. (At least they did in 1985)  Their bread is sold in Haugesund.  I haven't been back to Norway since 1985. I am a retired Dental Professor from the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  I am 75 years of age and live with my wife Gwen in San Antonio Texas and Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.  My telephone in San Antonio is 210 344 0649 FAX 210 344 2639. Our e-mail in Texas is   in Calif it is  We would like to hear from you sometime.  I plan to spend some time in Norway in the future. I am sorry I do not speak Norwegian. My grandfather Ole Langeland immigrated to the US in 1881 with his sister Mary who  married Albert Torresdal.  Mary I think a cousin the the Mary Langeland that married Olav Satre. Ole and his sister settled in Cambridge Iowa near Des Moines the state capitol. Ole learned English and worked on the railroad until he had enough money the go to a Business School in Des Moines. He married a young immigrat Swedish girl and they proceded to rear 7 children and they all received a college education--one attorney, 3 dentists, one veterinarian, social worker, and a newspaper editor.  Ole became a successful editor of a small town paper and president of the local bank.  Not bad for a young man who immigrated to the US without knowledge of English or not knowing what he was to find. I am proud to be named after my grandfather. Sincerely,  Olaf Langland.  (The Langelands dropped the "e" in Langeland when they came to US. Would like to know more about Haugesund and the surrounding communities--we love your web site

Feb 25: Randy Livingston, Edmonton, Canada ( email: )
Hi from Edmonton,Canada. My name is Randy Livingston (ikke dame) and I was married to a woman from Aakrahamn. Her name was Helga Holman before we got married. I just thought I'd have a look at Kopervik on the internet and say hi.

Feb 25: Sandy Miller, Irvine, Scotland ( Email: )
Hi there,  My name is Sandy and I live in Scotland (Irvine, on the Ayrshire coast). I was looking for information on Guest houses in Haugsund for a future visit when I discovered this fantastic Web-site, the photos are very interesting and some of them look familiar as my wife and I like to take a mini-cruise to Gothenberg from Newcastle and will be doing so again this March.  Keep the Web-site going as it makes your City and Country very inviting.  Kind Regards Sandy Miller

Feb 25: Robert Muntz, Tacoma, Washington, USA, ( email: )
In looking over pictures of Norway on the computer, I happened across this web site. My wife Shirley's grandfather was from Karmoy at Stava. His name was Hans Haagen. We visited Karmoy in 1985 and stayed at the home of Karen Wallentinsen, and visited with Erling & Jenny Stave. The husbands were my wife's mothers' cousins. If you know them, say hello from Bob & Shirley Muntz

Feb 24: Marianne Reitan, USA ( email: )
Hilsen fra Marianne Reitan m/ familie i Houston, Texas:  Nå er vi vel settla i Junaiten !! Livet er veldig forskjellig fra det vi hadde i synes omstillingen er spennende, men tøff ! Når det er på det svarteste og vi lengter hjem, klikker vi oss inn på alle de fine bildene fra Haugesund og omegn. Og så hjelper det litt at vi iallefall har hengekøyen på plass mellom trærne i hagen og grillsesongen er godt i gang !  Vi hilser til alle venner og kjente !!! Og saa hadde vi blitt kjempeglade for bilder fra Djupadalen, Steinsfjellet og Arkavannet...
mailadresser: |  | ( anne gry )  | 

Feb 24: Turid Bjørnstad, USA  ( email: )

Feb 23:  Mike Jackson, York, England ( email: )
Hei from York (Jorvik) England. I was very lucky to attend the Karmoy Viking Festival in June 2000 as a Viking "re- enactor". I would like to say "hello" to all the people involved and thank them for the very warm hospitality shown to all our group. In the North of England we are very proud of our heritage links with both Norway and Danmark ------ long may it be so!

Feb 19: Anne Andersen, Trollhättan, Sverige ( email: )
Hei.   Besökte denne side bare for å se om det fanns noe nytt siden jeg hadde muligheten sist, og det må jeg si det var. Denne siden gav meg en liten dose hjemmelengsel, jeg flyttet ifra Haugesund for 10 år siden. Vokste opp i Tysvär kommune. Jeg bor i Trollhättan Sverige med mine tre dötre. Alle slektninger bor i Haugesund og Tysvär. Takk for en kjempefin side og masse fine bilder.

Feb 18: Caroline Hill, Canada ( email: )
Hello from Canada;  I am trying to find some information on my Great grandfather and his family. What information I have been able to gather is as follows: His name as we know it on his tombstone is John C. Nodland born  August 31, 1844 in Norway and died Jan 10, 1918 in Irene, South Dakota, USA.  He was married to an Elen Christine Oursland who was born May 17, 1838 in Norway and died Jan 16, 1917 in Irene, South Dakota, USA.  Her parents were Elias ( Nielsen) Oursland and Engebor Malina Danielsdatter.  I do not know the marriage date for my great grandparents and I also believe that their given names where possibly anglicized when they came to the USA.  We have been told that John  ( or Johannes)  was a sailor off the coast of Rogaland and that his family lived on the ship.  He eventually decided that he did not want to raise his family on the ship and therefore emigrated to the United States somewhere between 1883 - 1888.  They made their way to Irene, SD and took up farming in that area. They had five children that we know of who were born in Norway.  They are as follows Mary b. ?, Nels Daniel ( Dan) b. March 11, 1866,  Christian John b. June 21, 1872 in Haugesund ( he was my grandfather),  Elias N. b. Aug 01 1879, Anna Dorthea ( Dora) born August 1 1882 in Kvalavag. My grandfather ( Christian John) later emigrated to Canada with his family in 1913. Sometime after coming to the USA all the children's surnames were changed to Christopherson which is what they still use today. However the parents John and Elen Christine Nodland kept the surname on Nodland as that is what is on their tombstone.   I would be interested in any information that anyone can send me regarding this Nodland family.  You may email me, Caroline at

Feb 14: Anita Linga, Norway ( email: )
Hei!   Ville bare sende en aldri så liten hyllest til redaktøren(e) av   Jeg synes dette er en utrolig flott web-site!  Å kunne gå inn å kikke på nye bilder fra Sildabyen har mange ganger gitt meg gode følelser.  Jeg flyttet fra byen for halvannet år siden etter å ha studert der i 2 år, og har mang en gang savnet det nydelige stedet ved havet, og da er det godt å gå inn å kikke på bildene deres!   Keep up the good work.  Med Vennlig Hilsen Anita Linga

Feb 05: Sharon Helgerson Kaser, USA (email: )
Hello, my name is Sharon Helgerson Kaser.  I'm researching my grandfather's family.  His name was Peter John Helgerson.  He immigrated from Haugesund in about 1902.  I know that in Norway his first name was spelled "Peder".  His last name may have been anglecized from "Helgesen" to "Helgerson" when he entered the U.S.A..  He would have been about 24 years old when he left Haugesund.   Traditionally, it has been said that Peder's father was a stone mason in Haugesund.  The name Helge Kringlin has been used at times when speaking of him.  Although, I don't know if this was his name.  There is some confusion about this.   Peder had two sisters, Gina (nickname for Jorgine?) and Alida.  Gina was married and had children.  She lived somewhere named Kalstue House, I think.  I have no information about Alida. Peder had maybe three brothers that I know of, Severin, Olava (or it may be Olaver), and Nilsen.  Severin was married to a Laura, and they had 3 children, two girls and a boy, I think.  Severin was either a fisherman or some type of seaman.   One brother came to the U.S.A., but stayed only a short time and went back to 
Norway.  This was probably in the early 1900s.     If any of this information fits you or someone you know, please contact me at  my e-mail address:  I would be overjoyed to hear from you! Thank you,  Sharon Helgerson Kaser

Feb 01: Larry Nerison, Minnesota, USA ( email: )
I am very excited to find this site.  I was referred to it by a fifth cousin, Magne Førre.  Will be visiting Haugesund and Røvær next May in the hopes of photographing the Støle and Røvær farms where my grandparents came from.  We also hope to meet some relatives at that time.

Jan 30: Bjørg Rasmussen, Utsira ( email: )
Ønsker å sende en hilsen til mine 5 søskenbarn som bor i California. Dei er etterkommere av Edvard Skaaren som emigrerte til USA i 1922. Har og en onkel som bor der borte på Sykehjem. Etter at han er blitt 93 år er kontakten dårlig. Navn på disse slektningene er Dorthy, Kay, Edna, Pincy og Cheryl.  Kanskje er der noen som kan formidle denne hilsen fra Utsira.

Jan 26 (11) Bryan Mjaanes, Chicago, IL,  USA  ( email: )
Hello Eirik!   I came across your site while looking for information on towns/cities close to where my great grandfather came from; Mjaanes, Hordaland.  I've now spent close to 2 full hours looking at your wonderful pictures; they are truly fantastic!!  I would love to hear any information about Mjaanes that anyone could provide.   Thank you and kind regards, Bryan A. Mjaanes

Jan 24: Morten Sundby, Svalbard ( email: )
Hei, måtte bare sende en hilsen fra Svalbard.Her oppe er det mørkt ennå, men solå komme tebake i mars.  Fine bilder himaifra og ei ganske ok side me info fra haugalandet.  Hilsen Morten Viking Sundby.

Jan 22: Kosmatos, Greece ( email: )
Hello to all my friends in Haugesund,   I am  an Engish teacher in Greece. I am still looking for a friend named Toril Rannestad, She was born in Haugesund in 1957  or 1958 and she is a registered nurse. Some years ago she moved to Bergen and I have not heard from her ever since. If anybody knows anything about her please let me know.     Best wishes:  Kosmatos@hol,gr

Jan 18: Arlette Twedt, Minnesota, USA ( email: )
We are planning a trip to Norway in the spring of 2002.  I know my husband Chuck (Charles Lee Twedt) has cousins located in Norway.   In 1914 his grandmother Louise (Strom) Twedt waved good-bye to her parents, brothers & sister before boarding the  S/S Kristianiafjord which left the harbor in Bergen, Norway  on October 24, 1914 with her 3 little children---never to see her family again.  We believe relatives live in Haugesund (there may also be some living in  Karmoy, Skold, & Stavanger).  Grandpa Twedt's brother owned a bakery in Haugesund maybe in the 1960s?  I have been researching my husband's family (genealogy) for several years and we are anxious to meet with our relatives in Norway.  Here is a brief background of my husband's heritage: 
Henrik & Ingeborg Strom (my husband's great-grandparents)
    1.Emil Strom 
    2. Lauritz died June 13, 1966 
    3. Anna Louise Strom born April 10, 1885 (my husband's Grandmother) 
        married Ole Twedt in 1903 before leaving to USA in 1914 where 
        she moved to Dawson or Madison, Minnesota with there first 3 children, 
        which were born in Norway: Olaf, Inga & Henny (Henny is now 90). 
    4. Kristine N. married Lauritz Okre (Kristine died Jan. 21, 1975 at Lindanger 
        Tysveer, Norway. (We have a letter she wrote to grandma Louise in 1957). 
Emil Strom (oldest son to Henrik & Ingeborg & brother to our grandma Louise)
    1.  Ingjald Strom lived in Yakje, Norway? 
    2.  Bertha lived in Stavanger 
    3.  Leif lives in Haugesund-born in Solvang? (wife Martha) (WE have a copy of a family photo taken in about the 1980's?) -Leif Strom worked for Toyota Dealer      in Haugesund about 1970. 
    4.  John lives in Stavanger 
    5.  Elfrid? married Mauritsen
    6.  Harry deceased-Otterlater, Norway 
Leif Strom  (is married to Martha & the son of Emil Strom)- (Leif Strom is grandma Louise (Strom) Twedt's nephew) 
    1.  Henrik born August 1969 (this birth announced  in a letter written to grandma  Louise from Martha Strom. 
    2. Odvar Strom 
I have a copy of a  photo, taken in about the 1980's, of the Leif & Martha Strom family.  Also have copies of about two letters that Leif and Martha Strom wrote to Grandma Louise (Strom) Twedt in Madison, Minnesota in the 1960's.  The letters were written in Norweigan but, we had someone interpret the words to English for us.
We know there are plenty of relatives for us to meet in Norway when we come there to visit in the spring of 2002.  Grandma Louise (Strom) Twedt has many decendants here in Minnesota, we can only imagine the relatives we have in Norway.  We would like to greet the Norweigan family that grandma Louise never had a chance to meet.   If anyway has any ideas on how we can find any of our relatives, we would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.  Thanks so much. Chuck and Arlette Twedt,  6533 North 20 Street, St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303  Or you can E-mail me Arlette at

Jan 13: Leena Mannsåker , Oslo
Jeg er en Oslo-boer som hadde en kinesisk utvekslingselev hos meg i tre måneder i høst. Nå er han utenfor Haugesund, og jeg sjekker jevnlig på disse sidene om han har snø, regn, vind eller hva. For en fra Shanghai er det nok svært annerledes å gå på videregående skole i Haugesund!

Jan 10: ( email: Leif Rolfsen, USA ? ( email: )
I came across your site from a search for "Gloppe".  My father grew up on a farm in Norway near Risor, named Gloppe.  I still have many relatives in Norway, who use the name Gloppe as their last name.  Are the photo's that reference "Gloppe" the same Gloppe farm that I am referring to?

Jan 9: Valerie Reynolds, Central Texas, USA ( email: )
Just found your site and think that it's great! Hoping that someone will see this and "relate" to my info. Have been searching for info on my great grandfather, Karl ( aka "Carl" and "Carl K." after immigrating to the US) OLSEN or OLSON; b. Oct 1879 in Norway. Parents names were Knut/d OLSEN (OLSON) and "Susen" Sigveson (name was found on Karl's application for a Social Security #). Have a contact in Norway, Lillian, who has been trying to help locate Karl's ancestors through bygdeboks that she borrowed, and may have found them... not absolutely positive yet, but looks promising: Knut Olsen Hundsnes b. 1833; d. 1892; married to Synnove Sigvesdtr Hundsnes b. 1840 (daughter of Sigve Sjursen Hundsnes and Synnove Torbjornsdtr Nedrebo). This family was in the Haugesund area, possibly in Tysvær for a while. Karl came to the US at the age of 12, possibly in 1892 sometime. Went to live with relatives, but we don't have their names--Karl only referred to his relatives as "Aunt" or "Uncle" in Des Moines (Iowa). Have found no trace of him in Des Moines, but he did live in Webster City, Iowa. Found that he was married to a Millie Olsen/Olson on 13 Sept 1902 in Webster City, Iowa; Testimony given by a J. P. Olsen/Olson..don't know if this is a relative of Karl's or Millie's. Karl also lived in South Dakota, and later went West to Oregon, where he remarried in 1920. If any of this is slightly familiar to anyone, please don't hesitate to contact me! Would love to find my grandfather's Norwegian  family. 
Thank you so much,     Valerie Reynolds

Jan 07: Chris, London, UK ( email: )
Hello, I have a friend that lives in Haugesund. Nice Web Site.  I didnt get the opportunity to visit but I still keep in touch them.

Jan 05: Norman Halls, USA ( email: )
Hei!  Give my best to my Sons of Norway Lodge Haugaland, hope you all have a great year. Say hello to, Tilly Sjo,  Karen Louise Sandvik and Gard Grubstad.

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