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Dec 31. 1999: Arne Hope, London, England ( email: )
Vi vil gjerne onske alle venner og slektinger et godt nyttaar og takk for det gamle. Det ble ikke mye feiring her i London paa oss, for noen maa jo passe paa at Millenium buggen ikke biter - og det gjorde den heller ikke. Derfor er det veldig kjekt aa ha en side som denne, med flotte bilder fra vaar hjemby aa fordrive tiden med.  Skaal for det nye aaret! Millenium hilsen fra Trine og Arne Olav (Arni) Hope.

Dec 31. 1999: Kirsten Gangstø, Haugesund ( email: )
Hei Randi !  Dette er en hilsen fra Kirsten Håvås ( nå Gangstø) fra klassen på Rossebø skole. Så din hilsen i gjesteboken på Haugesund today og vil gjerne sende deg en hilsen med de beste ønsker for det nye år.    Hvordan står det til i California ?   Hilsen  Kirsten
PS: "Den oppgitte email adresse returnerer meldingene som ukjent adresse !" (HT-anmerkning: korrigert!!

Dec 26. 1999: Anke-Maria/ Rainer Schilling ( email: )
Hallo Haugesund,  we send you best x-mas-greetings from Bergedorf (Hamburg) and wish a happy new year.  We have been in Haugesund 9 times in the past and we will visit you next summer again. We like your land, the towns and the country. We've meat many nice and friendly people all over Norge, we've seen impressing nature at the sea, in the fjords and in the mountains. But we like best the town and the people of Haugesund. We've got relatives there and we love them and all their nice friends. Beste hilsen til Jacob og Else-Marie Vik og deres familie og venner.  Anke-Maria og Rainer Schilling, 26.12.1999

Dec  25. 1999: Randi Knutsen, USA( email: )
God Jul.. siden jeg har funnet denne siden noen maneder siden er jeg blitt helt hjemmesyk. Jeg reiste til amerika med familian min nar jeg var13, og har bare veart tilbake en gang. Jeg gikk pa Rossabo skole, og det hadde veart goy hvis noen av gamle klassevennene hadde lest detter. Pikenavnet var Randi Knutsen or noen som jeg gikk in klassen med var Else Johanne, Harald Johnson, Halvor ...glommer sistenavnene.. anyway, I just love the pictures that you present on a daily basis here, and look forward daily to visit your site. Hadde veart helt topp hvis noen hadde kontakted meg. Dette er min sonn's email, men jeg far det allikevel. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year til alle kjente!!

Dec 25. 1999: Arthur J. Knutsen, Alingsås, Sverige  ( email: )
Hei!   Jeg vil sende en julehilsen til alle kjente i Haugesund og önsker også godt nytt år.

Dec 25. 1999: Jon Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA ( email: )
Merry Christmas to all and peace in the new year and the coming millenium!  Eirik, a special greeting to you for all the precious momentos of Norway you continue to give to the rest of the world!   And to your family for sharing your time with us!   Keep it up,  please.   Jon Field Otterson  (Jonnie)

Dec 20. 1999: Jill Forre Sheldahl,Iowa, USA ( email: )
Christmas greetings to all of my family in Haugesund. I am the daughter of Åage Forre of Haugesund, and Lynda Forre of Ames Iowa. I have 2 brothers Trond and Leif. My dad came to America at the age of 17 and didn't return to his homeland for 32 years. My parents have made many trips to Haugesund now over the past 10 years. My brothers and myself have gotten to go which was spectacular to see the areas where our dad played and fished as a child. We are planning to visit Norway again in the summer of 2000. It is such a beautiful country. It is hard to describe the beauty to others that have never been, and yet the beauty is something you never forget in your mind. I have a son named Ian Leif Minnihan that is 4 yrs old. He calls his Grandpa and Grandma, "Pa Pa and MorMor", hopefully someday when he is a little older, I will take him to see where his Pa Pa played when he was his age. What a wonderful website we have found in "Haugesund Today" keep the wonderful pictures coming. God Jul and Happy New year to everyone in Norway.  Jill Forre

December 17. 1999: Liv Kari  Fosen, Dubai ( email: )
Sender en hilsen til alle kjente på Haugalandet med ønske om en God Jul og et Godt Nytt År 2000.
Hilsen Jarly, Aase og Ida Jacobsen, Gunnar, Christina og Liv Kari Fosen.   Tel:  (971-4) 39 99 178    Mobile    (971) 50 6585369

Dec 15. 1999: Diana Sandberg, Greenville, Wisconsin ( email: )
Hi, my name is Diana Sandberg, and I live in Greenville, Wisconsin.  I was checking your very interesting site, as some of my ancestors came from Haugesund.  Mikkol Fladebo had a son Hans Ole Mikkelson, who came to the United States, but made several trips back, including one when he married Josefine Severine Tollackson in 1895.  She followed him to the U.S. in 1903 with their children Martin and Tonny.  They lived in Minnesota.  I am working on a family history and would love to hear from any relatives or anyone who knows how I can find out more about their life in Haugesund.  Thanks.

Dec 13. 1999: Dimitry, Kiev, Ukraina ( email: )
Dear Eirik!    Thank You for Your site!  I'm Dimitry, 24, Ukrainian resident, journalist. I like Norway and i very often visit it. Your site always help me in my dreams about Norway.When I saw Your pictures,  I think about the plases a never been / I was only in Oslo and Trondheim. Great!
Thank You ever much!   Tusen Takk!  Ha det!  Dimitry

Dec 7. 1999: Lars Johan Materstvedt, Trondheim (email: )
Kjære Gjestebok! For en haugesunder i (permanent) eksil er det balsam for sjelen å betrakte de delikate websidene og de strålende bildene. Måtte Gud forby at websidene noensinne blir lagt ned!       Med hilsen Lars Johan Materstvedt

Dec 7. 1999: John Halvorsen, USA ( email: )
I am a first generation Norwegian, my dad lives in Chattanooga, TN - he was born and grew up in Haugesund, and moved to US in his early 20's.
I have a question for you:  I am getting ready for Christmas, and wanted to know if anyone knew how to make Rum Toff.  Some Danish friends of my parents used to make it to put over their Risen Gruns grut.(Rice pudding)  As best as I can remember, they had a ceramic urn or pot that they put different berries in over a few weeks period.  Is the rum added at the beginning of the process?  Thanks for any help that you can give to me. Would there be a web site for Norwegian recipes that you know of, written in English?     John Halvorsen

**Dec 5. 1999: Karl Lee, Newcastle,Staffordshire,England ( email: )
Firstly I express my sadness at the news of the ferry tragedy and my condolences to the families concerned. I have relatives in the SKJOLD area who I have lost contact with and would like to recontact.Particularly Laila LANGELAND and family who I have not heard from for some time and her parents Egil and Gerda VOLL.If any one knows them please pass my regards and best wishes.      KARL LEE

Dec 4. 1999: Steffen McAndrew, UK ( email: )
Hello to all my relatives in Haugesund!!!
Mormor and Morfar.
Ha det

**Dec 4. 1999: Karen M. Tuneberg, USA ( email:
To all concerned, families, friends, loved ones and ship owners:
I live in America and am a member of a list called the Norway-L. It is a list for people researching families in Norway, and also just trying to learn and celebrate the heritage and customs of our ancestors.    I have followed the tragedy of the Sleipner, and am very sorrowful  for people I have come to love, and always considered  my homeland.   I send my sympathies to all involved, and wish you to know that there are people on this side of the Atlantic that grieve also, for those lost, injured, and no longer with us. My prayers go out to you and will  follow you for many days to come.      This is a loss to all of us, not just Norway, but we who love and respect her peoples.  Godspeed, Karen   Decendent of families from Grue-Solør and other fylkes of Norway
Karen M. Tuneberg (Midtsundstad and others), 407 70th Ave North, Apt 102 Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55430-1241,

**Dec 4. 1999: Carol Jensen Sass, USA ( email: )
My heartfelt condolences,  and prayers have been for those passengers and crew on the ferry and the families and  friends of those lost at sea.  Carole Jensen Sass

Dec 4. 1999: Karl Johan Solberg, Nittedal ( email: )
HeY!!!   Jeg har vært i Haugesund før, mormor og morfar bor her og mamma kommer herfra!!!  Jeg kjenner meg igjen!  Jeg hilser til Mormor og morfar og alle andre i Haugesund!!!  Karl Johan + Fam. også!        Hilsen en som bor i Nittedal! Lin@!

Dec 3. 1999: Torin O Torgersen, California, USA ( email: )
I want to thank Eirik Hustvedt, Ann-Elin and the other local Haugesunders who have been so helpful in helping me find old friends that I haven't spoke to in over 20 years. What a valueable sight this has been for me. It's great seeing old places I  used to go to and too see how things have changed. I am married and have 4 children ages 2 to 11 and would love to take them to see Norway, Haugesund specifically. This has been a GREAT WEBSITE to re-kindle my desire to go back. I am looking for e-mail addresse to the following people if anyone know's them. Jan Sigurd Birkeland, Thorolf Skalleberg, Oystein Dosen, Leif Johan Strom. Tusen takk for hjelpen igjen a hyggelig e-posten som jeg har fikk. Hilsen Torin Torgersen.

Dec 02. 1999: Arvid Vestbø, Sverige, ( email: )
Hej.   Arvid Vestbö har bott i Alingsås, Sverige i snart 30 år.  Hälsar till alla jag känner i Sauda - Sandeid -

Dec 01. 1999: Cecilie Bruas, p.t. London, England ( email: )
Hei,  Jeg heter Cecilie, og bor i London.  For tiden har jeg hjemlengsel, saa det var kjekt aa finne nyheter om Haugesund.   Takk.    Cecilie Bruas

Nov 30: 1999: Terri Nelson,  Clearbrook, Minnesota, USA (email: )
Hello from Clearbrook, Minnesota 56634  USA.  I am hoping to hear from distant relations of my from the Haugesund/Utsira area.  I am the great-great-great grand daughter of Sjur Olsen. We was the light house watchman on the island of Utsira in the 1800's.  His daughter Olava came to America when she was around 20-22 years of age.  She was my great great grandmother.  She was 104 when she died and I have a five generation picture of her, her daughter Julia Thompson Hill, her grand-daughter June Hill Larson, her great grand daughter Beverly Larson Roue and my sister Carrie and myself as little childen, we were her great great grandaughters.  I was in second grade when she died.  I would love to hear from any distant relations on this side of my family.  I have had contact with Rolf Skare on Utsira, but haven't heard from his family for over almost a year.  I have also heard from Nils Helgesen and his nephew Per.  I hope to hear from more.  I hope to meet my families that are still in Norway.  I would love to have some visit me and would love to be able to visit with them too.  If you find I am distant relative of you please email me at and let me know how we are related.  Or pass my address on to someone you would know I am related to please.  Hope to hear soon.  Terri Nelson

Nov 30. 1999: Torin O Torgersen, California, USA ( email: )
I am trying to find out if an old classmate of mine who lives in Tysvaer has an e-mail address ? His name is Nils Pedersen. Can anyone help me find this information ?  My address is Torgs@Juno.Com

**Nov 30. 1999: Torin O Torgersen, California, USA ( email: )
Hello, My name is Torin Olav Torgersen. I spent a total of 3 1/2 years of my childhood and early teens in Haugesund. My mother is a native of Haugesunder. I have been following up on Haugesund news with this wonderful sight since September 99.  I was very sadned to hear of the recent ship disaster.  I traveled on the Flagg Route Ships on a regular basis when I lived there. I seem to recall a similar occurrence that happened in 1981, where a similar but older version catamaran ran aground just North of Haugesund. I don't believe anyone lost their lives with the previous occurrence. I do send my prayers and condolences to the families and survivors of the accident.
Sincerely, Torin O. Torgersen from Bakersfield, California. USA.

**Nov 30. 1999: John Otterson, USA ( email: )
May I add my humble wishes of sympathy and support to all those whose lives are shaken by this tragic accident. What can one say? A beautiful ship lost... many beautiful, irreplacable loved ones lost... what a way to remember the beginning of a holiday season! I pray you all find the strength to carry on. Please know that your distant brothers on the other side of the world feel for you and wish you peace and solace.      Another Norwegian-American from the USA.

**November 30. 1999 from: J & A Thornton, USA ( email: )
I would like to express my condolences to the family members of the deceased and missing passengers of the Sleipner. Your community I'm sure is reeling from the event. I once visited your lovely town and from the reception your community gave me I believe your spirits will rebound quickly. My thoughts are with you.

**November 30. 1999 from: Bruce Lind, USA ( email: )
Our sympathy and condolences to the people of Norway, most particularly the victims or family and friends of victims of the recent Sleipner disaster.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of great sorrow.  May you take strength from each other at this time.
Bruce Lind and family

**November 29. 1999 from: Patrick Webster, Southern California, USA  (email: )
Our sympathy and condolences to all of those who were victims or friends and family of the victims of the recent Sleipner disaster. You are all in our thoughts.  Patrick Webster

**November 28. 1999 from: Karen M. Tuneberg, USA ( email: )
To the families and friends of the injured and victims of this terrible disaster, we in America send our condolences, friendship, and sympathy. I belong to a genealogy group called the Norway-List and we have been kept informed by one of your wonderful reporters. May you all know we are thinking and praying for you.

**November 27. 1999 from: Sigurd Norman Haugen, USA ( email: )
Dear Mr. Hustvedt,
I a very sorry to hear about the tradgey that happened today.  I now hear that there were some deaths involved.  It is very sad news to hear.  CNN has been follwing the story.  That is where I first heard of the incident.  Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. Thanks again for keeping up your Haugesund web site.  I hope you do not have to report very many tragic stories such as the one today.
Sincerely, Sigurd Norman Haugen

**November 26. 1999 from: Solfrid Todd, Iowa, USA ( email: )
Saa trist og hoere om den forferdelige ulykken som sjedde nord av Haugesund. Jeg haaper inderligt at de 14 som savnest enda blir berget.  Solfrid

November 29. 1999 from: Jim Olson, Black Hills South Dakota.  USA (email:
Greetings.  I found this web site as I was searching for reports on the Sleipner disaster.  When I was in Haugesund last summer I took a picture of that ferry when I took a harbor tour.  I am descended on my mother's side, with my grandfather born at Frakkagjerd bnr. 2, and my grandmother's families both coming from Ådland on Karmøy.  I am interested in Karmøy emigration and am working to identify the emigrants which Martin Gjersvik Ådland had identified in 1984.  I am seeking their destination in USA, their American name, and information about the first Norwegian-American generation.  I welcome email correspondence regarding these emigrants.  I have discovered his list is quite incomplete.  I grew up in a Karmøy emigrant community in Northeastern South Dakota and now live in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Rev. Jim Olson

November 28. 1999: Edwin Levering, SE Elbow Lake, MN, USA ( email: )
Thanks for the beautiful pictures.  My Dad was born in Verdal and I still have relatives there.  I lived in Oslo for about three years and found my wife there, her name is Vivian.  If anyone recognizes the name droop a line, my e-mail is  Would be fun to hear from  someone.  Keep up the good work. My address is 213 8th Ave. SE Elbow Lake, MN 56531

November 28. 1999: Elisabeth Sande, Calgary, Canada ( email: )
Hei!  Nå har jeg vært innom Haugalandet-sidene nesten hver dag i et par uker og er kjempeførnøyd med det jeg både ser og leser. Det er supert å holde seg orientret om det siste på de kanter når jeg selv befinner meg i Calgary, Canada. Om tre dager drar jeg derimot til Haugesund, nærmere bestemt Gard, for å feire jul med familien og hilse på "gamle" venner. Dette er noe jeg ser frem til for det er ingenting som er som en skikkelig norsk jul! Har noen lyst til å sende noen ord, enten du er utflyttet eller fastboende haugalending, er det bare å ta taste ivei! God jul og en sprudlende millenniumsfeiring til alle haugalendinger!!   Hilsen Elisabeth Sande

** November 27. 1999: Sigurd Norman Haugen
Dear Mr. Hustvedt, I am very sorry to hear about the tradgey that happened today.  I now hear that there were some deaths involved.  It is very sad news to hear.  CNN has been follwing the story.  That is where I first heard of the incident.  Our hearts go out to the families of the victims. Thanks again for keeping up your Haugesund web site.  I hope you do not have to report very many tragic stories such as the one today. Sincerely, Sigurd Norman Haugen

November 27. 1999: Peter McGowan, Vancouver, Canada  ( email: )
A GREAT BIG H-E-L-L-O to everyone in Haugesund and especially to my sister Berit Slogvik who lives in Hervik and is the beste sister you
could hope for.  Her husband's name is Sjur and she has three children - Eli, Ragnhild Kristin and Bernt Sigbjorn.  Should you
happen to see them please say a giant HELLO from me, Margit, hersister in Vancouver, Canada. All the best to everyone in Norge.

November 24. 1999: Olaf E. Langland, San Antonio Texas, USA  (email:
Hi everyone in Haugesund: My name is Olaf Lang(e)land of San Antonio, Texas home of the NBA world basketball champions. I just retired as a professor of dentistry at the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio after 40 yrs in academic dentistry. I am 74 years of age, and in good health, and would like to travel back to Norway and look up my roots.  My grandfather Ole K. Langeland came from the Langeland Homestead outside of Skjold. My grandfather immigrated to the US, state of Iowa in 1881 and did very well.  I visited Haugesund and Skjold in 1986 and met with Sigmunn and Aslag Satre, and they took me out and visited one of the Langeland Homestead farms, which has been well preserved.  Sigmunn is a retired manager of the telephone company in Haugesund. Sigmunn's mother was a Langeland, and she married Ole Satre and they raised  a large family of achievers. I hope to be able to visit Norway in the summer of 2001. Haugesund is a very beautiful city which I  would like to visit again.  Olaf Lang(e)land, 1819 Babcock Rd, #113, San Antonio, Tx., 78029-4628, phone 210-344-1976, Fax 210-344-1137, and internet address;

November 16. 1999: Marlene Avery, Euclid, Ohio, USA ( email: )
What beautiful pictures!  My ancestors are from the Karmoy area and it's wonderful to see where they come from.  My Great Great Grandfather was Ole Andreas Rasmussen Aakra.  His daughter, Anna Helena came to the US and settled in North Dakota.  Ole had several children and I often wonder if I have family living in this area today.  If anyone has any information on this family, I would love to hear from you.
Sorry, I do not read Norwegian, but I do have a translating program that may help.  Thank You,

November 16. 1999: Laila Gulbrandsen, Haugesund ( email: )
Hallo gjestebok!!  Håper du har det komfortabelt i dette øyeblikk. Hilsen bittelille meg!!
Og siden det snart er jul må jeg jo øve meg:  God Jul og Godt Nytt År

November 14. 1999: Gail Lyn Leonard, USA ( email: )
We found your site in doing research for my daughter's school paper on Norway.  We are of Norwegian descent and I understand that my great-grandmother grew up in Haugesund - she and her family moved there from Flekkefjord and the family name was Swensen.  Her name was Elisabeth and she emigrated to the U.S. and married another Norwegian - Mikal Matthisen!   We are enjoying the sights around Haugesund a great deal, and if we get to visit Norway (hopefully this summer) we will certainly make it one of our stops for a visit.  Keep up the good work!

November 13. 1999: Kurt Tverli, Rognan ( email: )
Hei Haugesund!  Morsom side - bra side! Vi var på deres kanter sommeren 1999 på landsmøtet i LLH - (lokalhistorie). Vi ble meget imponerte over landsdelen og alle de detaljer fra fordums tid som blir godt ivaretatt av historielag og andre.  Ta godt vare på nåtiden også!   (sjekk:

November 11. 1999: Kristina, Haugesundsdame i Stavanger?
Hei !!  Detta va ein go ide!!!!!     Jaja...... eg elske byen vår å d kåmme eg allti t å jørr!!!!!    masse klemmar ifrå Kristina

November 5. 1999: Harriet Persson, Ronneby, Sverige ( email: )
Kära hälsningar från Sverige till Jan, Gunbjörg, Janne och James och alla andra som vi känner. Vi från Ronneby i Sverige hälsar alla i Haugesund en trevlig Halloween.  Massa klemmer från oss.

November 5. 1999: Patrick Webster, Southern California, USA ( email: )
Bytte hus!!  Og Californiaferie!!
I am planning a trip to Haugesund in the summer of 2000 and was wondering if their is anyone from your area who might be coming to America (specifically Southern California) at that time, and who might consider trading houses for about 3 or 4 weeks? We are just a few miles from Laguna and Newport beaches, Disneyland, Hollywood. We are located between Los Angeles and San Diego. Our home is 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, etc.. Email me at  Patrick Webster

November 3. 1999: Grethe Anvedsen, Stavanger, Norway ( email: )
Hei alle arabere!!   Jeg er en av mange utflyttede Haugesundere. Jeg flyttet fra denne vakre byen p.g.a. at jeg giftet meg, men nå er jeg separert og alenemor. Men det får nok gå bra det også. Jeg vil gjerne hilse til alle kjente som skulle se denne siden. Jeg har gått på Rossabø skole, Gard skole, Vormedal ungd.skole og Vardafjell vg. skole. Så om noen ser dette, så kan jeg vel bare si at jeg blir nok i Stavanger en stund til tenker jeg. Så vil tiden vise hva som skjer. Kjekt å se bilder fra Haugesund forresten, god idè.  Hilser fra Grete

October 31. 1999: Einar R Solberg, Knekken, 4818 Færvik ( Email: )
Hei jeg flyttet fra Haugesund i 1983 og startet studier i Grimstad, siden den gang har jeg blitt her . Bor nå på tromøya utenfor Arendal by.  Har nå oppdaget disse sider om haugesund og er ofte inne å leser litt om min barndomsby. Jeg vokste opp på garå nord i byen ikke så langt fra Haraldshaugen.   Mine foreldre bor der fremdeles.  Jeg er interessert i å komme i kontakt med gamle klassekamerater som gikk på Haraldsvang skole - vi gikk ut året 1976.  Kanskje vi kan få til en samling. Min bror Sten driver Sheiken bowling oppe på Raglamyr. Hils alle der oppe. Hilsen en utflyttet haugesunder

October 30. 1999: Tommy Andersson, Kalixbo, Sverige (email: )
Sänder en hälsning till Ann-Elin från en Kalixbo.  Ha det bra......

October 29. 1999: Gaute Grindheim, Chicago, Illinois, USA (email: )
Sender en hilsen til alle kjente I Haugesund.  Det er en stund siden sist jeg var hjemme.  Jeg har bodd I Chicago i 11 aar naa.  Haaper aa oppnaa kontakt med gamle kjente paa denne maaten.

October 28. 1999: Francisco Hansen Vik, Equador ( email: )
Hello my name is Francisco Hansen Vik I live in Ecuador, I need to contact any family Hansen Vik in Norge.    Thanks

October 21. 1999: Phil Hollingdale, Stittsville, Ontario, Canada (email:
Hello Eirik:   I recently discovered that my family tree did not originate in England, but in fact, came from the Hallingdahl Valley.  One doesn't have to think very hard to understand how it came to be that the English natives came to refer to our family name as "Hollingdale".  Unfortunately, English records are not clear on what our surname might have been before visiting England in 1066.  Viewing the photos did provide an errie sense of deja vu.  Best regards to all, Phil Hollingdale, Stittsville, Ontario, Canada.

October 17. 1999: Geir Lyngholm, Santa Teresa, Brasil (email: )
Fint aa se fine bilder fra Haugalandet. Hvis noen av dere som leser dette kjenner meg, send gjerne en mail.

October 13. 1999: Elisabeth Balle, Holland ( email: )
Om jeg ikke er "homesick" blir jeg det når jeg besøker sidene dine, flotte bilder og daglige oppdateringer er supert.Jeg er en utflyttet Haugesunder som nå bor i Holland. Hilser til alle som også har forlatt Haugalandet for en stund eller for lengre tid, og selvfølgelig til alle dem som fortsatt er i Sildabyen vår.   Masse hilsner fra Elisabeth Balle

October 8. 1999: Jon Otterson, USA (email: )
I have been frequently visiting this site and enjoying the many beautiful pictures from around Norway!  I left my name and address before, but now I have a new address for anyone who would like to contact me at home.   It is:   I would especially like to hear from anyone who knows of a Haaland farm near Etne. That is where some of my great-great grandparents came from in the mid-1800's to America. My one great grandfather was Haldor Sjursson Holland, born Aug. 12, 1843 in Etne Prestjeld, Bergen Stift, and his wife was Gunhild Maria Fjeld, born Feb. 26, 1847 in Renlid, Norway. I hope Eirik will keep up this wonderful link between Norway and the rest of the world. It is obviously enjoyed by many!

October 1. 1999: Espen Thune Berge, Norway ( email: )
En hilsen fra en Haugesunder:  Denne siden var utrulig bra! Den hadde det meste ::::::::::::      Hilsen ETB

September 28. 1999: Bjørn Kyvik, Haugesund ( email: )
Det har vært meget hyggelig å få lov til å bla gjennom mange av dine bilder. Jeg må si du har vært meget ivrig med dette og resultatet har vel da heller ikke uteblitt. Lykke til videre i din jakt etter inspirerende motiv! Hilsen Bjørn Kyvik

September 27. 1999: John Young, Minnetonka, MN, USA  (email: )
Hello to everyone in Haugesund.  We were thrilled and honored to visit your fine city on a reunion tour of Norway, put together by my dear cousin Sigrid Sirnes and her husband, Harald, of Haugesund.  We were in Haugesund for the 29th-31st of July for a reunion of my relatives, who came from the Frovik farm near Skjold.  Our time in your fair city is precious to us.  Maybe we will visit again!

September 25. 1999: Den Collins, Long Island, New York, USA ( email:  )
Tusen takk for the Risøy photos of Sept. 20. In particular, the third photo, froymby.jpg, looked familiar to me.  I checked with my mother and she confirmed that the house in the foreground, just to the left of center, is the house where Mormor  (Martha Tollefsen) and her family lived.  When they were there, I recall Mormor saying the roof was sod. My family really appreciates your work, Erik.  I check for photos every day and frequently use a favorite as my wallpaper for the day at work. Hilsen fra, Den Collins, Hicksville, Long Island, New York, USA

September 22. 1999: Sherrill Swenson, California, USA (email: )
Hi:  My name is Sherrill Swenson and my grandparents came from the island of Karmøy in 1880 and 1882 to Illinois in the USA.  Later they moved to South Dakota.  I always enjoy finding Karmøy cousins.  My wife and I hope to be on  the island, and in Haugesund, next year, at the time of the Sons of Norway  International Convention. Hilsen fra Downey, CA

September 21. 1999: Linda Kallevåg, Leirvik, Stord ( email:  )
Eg er veldig imponert over denne siden din, du har fått det kjempebra til. Sender en helsing til alle som  skuleåret 96/97 studerte ved NæringsAkademiet i Haugesund. Send meg en e-mail. Jobber for tiden på Flyspesialisten på Stord.  Ha en god dag ;-)

September 20. 1999: Fam. Baccelli fra Albissola near Genova, Italy ( email: )
My mother is from Haugesund and now lives with all the family in Albissola Marina, near Genova, on the north west of Italy. We usually come to Haugesund at least once a year, but it's always on Summer time. That's why we like to have a look at all the pictures of this very nice site: we manage to feel how life is there even though we are far away! It's nice to see how landscapes change during the year. Thanks a lot for all the things you do!!!

September 15. 1999: Joan Kvande Brusewitz, USA ( email: )
Hi,  I sure am glad that Tove told me to check out your site. Beautiful pictures. I would like to see more of Kyrksaeteroera as that is where my, father came from when he was 7 years old. The ones that you have shown on he Fjordway are so pretty and would love to see as many as possible. Thank you so much for all the work you put nto this site. Take care and Keep on Smiling !!      God Bless !!    Joan Kvande Brusewitz

September 15. 1999: Ron Johnson, USA ( email: )
My mother was born in Haugesund in 1902. She emigrated to this country in 1920. I remember her telling me about her home as a child. (We lost her to cancer in 1948). It is almost like being there when I found this webpage. Keep up the good work and keep the information coming. I'll make sure I'm sure I will bookmark this page. Ron Johnson
Etterlysning: (If anyone knows Johan or Age Kalsto in Haugesund I would appreciate it if you could pass this greetings on th them) Hello Johan and Age, Greetings from the US and your cousin Ron Johnson (Jenny's son). I hope that someone on the net can pass this on to you. If you would like to contact me you can do so with email at Here's hoping!! Ron

September 14. 1999:  Jan Roger Knutsen, student in Melbourne, Australia
Hei!  Mitt navn er Jan Roger Knutsen. Jeg bor for tiden i Melbourne, Australia, hvor jeg studerer. Jeg synes det er helt topp aa kunne gaa inn her for aa se bilder fra Haugesund, som er min hjemby. Dessuten er det altid litt spennede aa se om jeg ser bilder av noen jeg kjenner her, og det har faktisk hendt.  Takk for flotte bilder fra Haugesund   Jan Roger

September 13. 1999: Bente Fajardo, California, USA ( email:
Hei,  Mitt navn er Bente og jeg bor i California, USA. Jeg har lyst til a sende en hilsen til min bror Svein Helge Urdal og hans familie som bor i Haugesund.   Masse hilsen fra,  Bente Fajardo

September 06. 1999: Marcia Freeman, Hawaii, USA ( email: )
I have enjoyed your pictures.  My husband and I will be visiting Norway for the second time next year.  We took a bus tour through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland last year.  This next time, we will be taking the Norwegian Coastal Voyage.     Aloha,  Marcia Freeman

September 02. 1999: Patrick Webster,  Santa Ana, California, USA ( email: )
Hello,   It's been quite about 8 years since I last visited Haugesund, so it is very interesting to see what's new and what has stayed the same via your wonderful photography.   I was wondering if anyone reading this would know any of my children and their families who live in the Haugesund area. They are Anne Marie Webster, Paul & Bente Webster and kids, and Terrance Webster. If you do, could you please say Hi from their father.       Thank you for the opportunity to stay in touch with family and one of the nicest areas in Norway. I lived in Haugesund a long time ago (1964 – 1965), visited quite often and I still miss it.

August 30. 1999: Lauren Lodden Finnegan, USA (?)  ( email: )
Hi, My Father's family lives in Haugesund, his name was Lauritz E. Lodden. My cousins Anund Lodden and  Kirsten Log are still living there today. If anyone in Haugesund can reach them, please let them know my Email address or let them know, I am trying to contact them. Thank you,  Lauren Lodden Finnegan

August 29. 1999: Geir S. Oestrem, Colorado Springs, CO, USA ( email: )
Hei,  Jeg synes denne "web-siten" var et kjempegodt initiativ. Det var utrolig artig aa se saa mange fine bilder hjemmefra.

August 22. 1999: Bonnee Hustvedt Sherwood Johnson, S Georgia, USA ( email: )
Hi, I have been persistent in seeking more information about my heritage. I am the granddaughter of the late Raymond Hustvedt, who's parents came over here to the US from Telemark, Norway. I want to learn all I can about my family history. You can e-mail me at : I will definetly want to visit this beautiful country or yours. I am only 44 and know I know why I am such a strong built woman, Its Norwegian!! Please feel free to contact me with info or just to chat about your lands, ways, and history. I now live in S GA. I was born in Mpls, Mn.  Hope to find some relatives here and chat with those of friends or from Norway.

August 11. 1999: Marijana, Zagreb, Croatia ( email:  )
I have got your page throug a frend of mine in norway pictures are so beautiful and I am glad to be able to at least enjoye the beauty of your country by internet.  Hope you are well and enjoying yourself.   Love from Marijana

August 11. 1999: Becky Rhoads, Jacsonville, NC, USA ( email: )
Hi, think your town or city is very pretty the picture you showed are beautyfull. keep up the good work my name is becky i'm from jacksonville, nc usa .have never been anywhere love this earthcam,com give us a chance to see what the other part of our world looks like other than in books. Thank you for your time.   Becky Rhoads

August 10. 1999: Jon Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA ( email: )
I just had to wish everyone there a wonderful time. I confess I do not like herring, but I *love* jazz!!! Wish I could be there to share it!
Jon Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

August 08. 1999: Mari Anne, Lovina, Bali ( eamil: )
Hei, Det er topp aa faa se bilder hjemmefra. Tusen takk!!!!!!   Jeg bor paa Bali, og hilser alle kjente. Kommer noen til Bali ta gjerne kontakt. Vi driver en dykkerskole her. Mange flotte diving-sites here. So if you are a diver... see you here in Lovina. Dykkerskolen heter Spice Dive.  Mange hilsener Mari Anne

July 31. 1999: Mercedes C. Paulson, USA ( email: )
I have roots in Verdal.  I enjoyed your pictures      Mercedes Paulson  Battle Lake, MN,  56515

July 22. 1999: Anne-Kari Haugen McKerracher, Toronto, Canada ( email: )
Min fetter Morten Vik sendte meg din addresse sist maaned men har ikke hatt tid til aa skjekke det for naa.Jeg heter Anne-Kari Haugen McKerracher. Jeg flytta til Toronto,Can. oktober 1982.Etter 3 aar saa flytta vi til Owen Sound, Ca.3 timers kjoring NV fra To.  Haaper aa treffe mange venner og kjente sommeren 2000.Det hadde vert supert aa faa e-mail hjemme fra.Jeg var komfirmant i Rossabo Kirke i 1975.

July 20. 1999: Berner Grinde, Australia ( email: )

July 15. 1999: Jon Field Otterson, Madison, Wisconsin, USA ( email: )
I am a Norwegian-American with strong Norse roots, but I have never been to Norway. I hope to visit sometime before I die, to see if I can find any long-lost relatives.   My ancestors came from around Bergen, and also near Oslo, as far as I know. Some I have traced to a Haaland farm in the Etne region, I believe.
If anyone is interested in corresponding with me, I welcome them!   Jon Field Otterson,  4914 Academy Drive,  Madison, Wisconsin, USA

July 13. 1999 : Ed Olsen, USA ( email: )
Sailor in the 1880's:  My grandfather, Lars Olsen Bjelland, was born in 1865.  He left his home near Sunde in 1883 to become a seaman.  He sailed on the following ships from Haugesund:

        31 Jun 1883 on Ida; he returned on 7 Nov 1883
        2 Nov 1883 on Syljefriker(?); he returned on 21 Feb 1884
        20 Mar 1884 on Ida; he returned on 9 Jul 1884
        21 Jul 1884 on Ida; he returned on 5 Nov 1884

Following these trips he shipped out of Arendal. Is there any place where information can be obtained on the above boats?  The information I would be interested in is where they went? what was their cargo? what kind of boat was it?  who were the seaman aboard?  are pictures of the boats available?   Any information is appreciated.  If anyone knows where such information could be obtained, that would be appreciated as well.    Ed Olsen

July 9. 1999: Hans-Arne Jørgensen, Norway ( email: )
Selv om det snart e' 30 år siden eg flytta fra by'n så blir eg aldri nåke annet enn "utflytta haugesunder"! Det er skikkelig gøy å bla igjennom alle de utrolig fine sidene i "Haugesund today". Flott .....  åsså så monge fine bilder !!    Øyet blir stort og vått !!  Hilsen  Hans-Arne Jørgensen

July 4. 1999: Johannes Priem, Gouda - Holland
Nice place! Never been there, my collega has been in your country on holiday last four weeks. Fantastic stay in your country. That's why it made me spy.   J. Priem

Jun 29. 1999: Nicholas Møllerhaug, P.t. Harvard University, USA
( email: )
Hei Eirik og andre!
Cambridge, USA, 1.7.1999
Eg heiter Nicholas, og song med deg i Kantoriet for nokre aar sidan. Nett no er eg i statene. Har hatt gleda aa vera ved Harvard University nokre veker, og sit no i ' the readingroom' i Widener Library. Eg jobbar som 'researchassistent' for ein av litteraturprofessorane her. Dette er eit skalkeskjul for aa kunna gaa i biblioteka her, utan aa vera fast student eller ansatt her. Under rosettane i dette enrome rommet, sit det mange folk og verkar viktige. Eg proevar ogsaa paa det, men faar det ikkje heilt til.  Ha ein GLAD dag!

Jun 29. 1999: Araber på TROLL-A-plattformen, North sea
Hei.   Kjekt å ha en side om Haugesund ,som vi " arabere" i Nordsjøen kan klikke seg inn på når hjemlengslen blir for stor.
Hilsen "araber på TROLL-A"

June 28. 1999 from: Marit Eikehaugen, Toronto, Canada ( email: )
Flotte sider fra Haugalandet, og takk for fin profilering av Ølen i åpningsbildet!!! Hilsen Marit Eikehaugen

June 28. 1999 from: Berner Grinde, Melbourne, Australia ( email: )

June 27. 1999 from: Solveig (Svoldal) Morris, Kansas City, Missouri,USA (email: )
Hallo fra Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Mitt navn er Solveig Morris, (Svoldal). Jeg vokste opp paa Bakaroyna i Haugesund, og reiste til USA i 1962.  Idag fant jeg alle disse nydelige bildene fra Haugesund, og fikk hjemlengsel. Jeg har planer aa komme til Haugesund neste  aar.

June 23. 1999 from: Oscar Osmundsen, Grannesgt. 5 N 5523 Haugesund ( email: )
Hei Eirik ! Har for ca. en halv time siden møtt slekt fra USA som jeg ikke har kjent til, men som Haugesund Today har koblet sammen.  Jeg så for en tid siden en som takket for siden i gjesteboken. Det ante meg at det kunne være noen i slekta. Sendte e-mail og fakta var bekreftet i løpet av en time. Takk for det.  Skulle hilse og takke både fra Florida og New York.   MVH Oscar Osmundsen

June 14. 1999 from: Donald Skjold, Newcastle, California, USA  ( email:  )
I have enjoyed my visit to Haugesund, and have assigned it to my favorite places.  My grandfather was Herbert Johane Friederich Skjold.  He married Ragnhild Haug in Boston in 1909.  They both left Norway in 1903. Mr greatgrandfather, Hoblein Skjold, married Helga Gregersen.  On the other side, John Haug married Marie Jakobsen.  Are there any relatives posting here who might know more about them?  I would love to here from you!      Thank you.   Donald Skjold

June 8. 1999 from: Jannik Bacon , Iowa, USA ( email: )
Just a note to say how much I enjoy the pictures, and to thank Inger Lise P for writing.  I couldn't answer because it said "invalid address" or address failure.  I hope to visit Haugesund and family there, sure different from Iowa.  sincerely Jannik

June 6. 1999 from: Bjørn Arnstein Ramslie, Norway  ( email:  )
Hei,  mitt  navn er Bjørn Arnstein Ramslie. Da jeg bodde i Haugesund som liten og hele farsslekten er derifra, vil jeg hilse til mine slektninger.Håper dere har det bra alle sammen. Håper dere kan  kontakte meg.

May 30. 1999 from: Anne Marie Almeida, California, USA ( email: )
Hi there!!!   Thanks for your dedication and your time, I can enjoy your beautiful pictures!  I love Norway and would like to visit there someday...   meanwhile I have to be  content just on exploring the culture and looking at the pictures available in the net.  I live in California, north of Los Angeles... definitely quite a change in the scenario!!!           Thanks again!  Cordially     Anne Marie Almeida

May 29. 1999 from: David Erich Larsen, Utah, USA ( email: )
Jeg enda gleder meg over det som står på hjemsidene dere har arbeidet på. Jeg kan bare si som amerikaner, Thanks a Whole bunch from over here. Selv om jeg ikke snakker norsk som mors mål, det gleder meg at over internet, kan jeg ha kontakt med et land jeg er veldig glad i.    mvh D.Erick Larsen

May 28. 1999 from: Per Bjørn Eriksen, Håvik, Avaldsnes ( email: )
Hei.  Sender en hilsen til alle Haugalendinger, både kjente og ukjente. Dere kan lese litt om meg og mine hobbyer på min internettside:   Hilsen Per Bjørn Eriksen Søralauvegen 23, 4265.Håvik Tlf.52843032 ISDN Fax.52840375 Mobil:91126943 E-post jobb:

May 21. 1999 from: Jannik B. , Iowa, USA ( email: )
Hi I see many Iowans enjoy your pictures and want to add.  I will keep this as one of my favorite sites.  I was born in Aalesund Norway but came to Iowa in 1949.  My mother was from Haugesund, ( or close by in Aksdal) Kristine Aksdal, and still has both friends and relatives there. I visited Haugesund 10 years ago and really enjoyed meeting many of them.  If anyone is on line that is related to Kristine or Bertha Aksdal (my grandmother) I would like to hear from them.  Jannik

May 19, 1999 from: Dagfinn Torp, Haugesund ( email: )
Vil først få takke arkitekten(ene) bak disse sider.  Her var mye spennende.
Sammen med kona Bertha som forøvrig kommer fra nabo kommunen Tysvær flyttet vi til Haugesund i 1988.
Selv kommer jeg fra Sarpsborg. Familen forøvrig består av gutten vår på 6 år, og en hvit katt som er 6 måneder gammel.
Vedrørende Haugesund.  Byen er jo kjent langt utenfor landets grenser for å være en festival by. Her arrangeres bl. annet havnedager, sildajazz og filmfestival. Med andre ord, noe for enhver smak. Vil spesielt nevne sildabordet. Det å avlegge dette selskaps bordet (som jeg selv vil kalle det) et besøk, er en opplevelse jeg unner både turister og fastboende.  Å være tilstede i byen denne dagen er opplevelse. Her finner du ung som gammel. Alle med det mål for øye. Å få en smak av de ulike delikatesser som her finnes.  Utennom dette er det gode muligheter både hva gjelder turgåing og bading. For de som ønsker en full oversikt over byen og disktriktet,  så anbefales en tur til utsiktsplassen Steinsfjellet.
Litt om familien. Kona som er hjemmeværende husmor, har brevskriving og kryssord som sine hobbyer. I tillegg liker hun å
bake. Ved spesielle anledninger disker hun også opp med flotte marsipankaker eller andre varianter.
Jeg har mitt daglige virke som vaktmester og kirketjener i en av distriktets kirker. I tillegg har jeg en stilling som sekretær i en
kristen organisasjon. På fritiden tar jeg enkelte oppdrag som frilansevangelist samt noe taxi kjøring. Liker ellers å lese bøker,
høre på musikk, eller se en god film. Med denne hilsen vil jeg anbefale byen og distriktet . Her er mangt og meget for enhver smak.

May 14, 1999 from: Olaf Langeland, San Antonio, Tx, USA (
My paternal grandfather came from Skjold, Norway--outside of Haugesund. My grandfather was named Olaf K. Langeland and immigrated to US in 1881. Many of his decendents still live in Skjold area. I visited  Haugesund in 1986 and became acquainted with Sigmund and Aslaug Satre. Sigmund's mother was a Marie Langeland from Skjold area who married her teacher, an  Olaf Satre, who was from prominent Norwegian family--at least his brothers, who all made a name for themselves. Sigmund was manager of the Haugesund telephone company for many years before he retired in 1987 or 1988. There is a Langeland family in Skjold who own a bakery that  makes the Langeland Bread which probably is still sold in Haugesund. If there is anyone with any e-mail address, who would like to discuss the Satre, Langeland and Torresdalfamily history from the Haugesund and Skjold areas please contact me.. I am retiring as a Professor of Dentistry at the Univ. of Tx Dental Sch at San Antonio Texas this year after 40 years of teaching in 3 American dental schools and hope to do alot of traveling with my wife Gwen--especially to Norway. There are alot of questions that are still unanswered about my grandfather, Olaf K. Langeland, who came to the US,  married, with his wife raised 7 children--all successful college graduates.  I am sorry that I do not speak Norwegian--my grandfather and grandmother ( a Swede) did not believe in teaching norwegian to their children--they believed in America and wanted their children to achieve in their new chosen country. I wished they would have taught my father to speak norwegian, maybe I would be fluent in the language today.  Olaf E. Langland, 1819 Babcock Rd., #113, San Antonio, Tx, 78229.

May 14. 1999 from: Glenn Wikre, Shoreview Minnesota, USA ( email: )
Your website is very near and dear to my heart.  My paternal grandmother was from Ytreland and I am sure went to Alvaldsnes church.  My paternal grandfather was from Skudeneshavn and I still have relatives there in post office and at the Fishermans Museum.  Also have cousins in Kopervik. I must get a more detailed map of the area so I can determine better where some of your great pictures are taken.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  Glen Wikre

May 14. 1999 from: Lionel Comeau, California, USA ( email:  )
A family friend worked at the UMOE yard in the past year and told us about the Haugesund Today web site.  We started looking at the excellent photographs and although our friend has returned to North America we continue to marvel at the lovely sights on the West Coast of Norway.  Keep up the fine work and we hope to visit the area some day.

May 08. 1999 from: Reidar Østensen, Vancouver, Canada ( mailto:
Greetings to familie and friends in Haugesund from the(pearl) at the Pacific, Vancouver! Har mange gode minner fra denne byen, ser fremover til neste gang jeg har anledning til og reise over.   Ps. Excellent pictures.     Reidar Ostensen

May 06. 1999 from: Marjorie Wilson, England ( email: )
I have just come back to England after having spent 12 days in Haugesund with a group of college students.  I thought that  I would have a quick look to see what the weather was doing on the website and saw the link to the football match picture.  I had been to the match and thought I might see myself [very vain I know].  And the sad thing is, I can just about make out where I am sitting in the picture.  So I guess I can say that I have my picture on the internet now.  A first. We all had a wonderful time in Haugesund... it really has been a placeof contrasts and surprises for us. Thank you to all you wonderful Norwegian people - so kind, friendly and hospitable.  Can't wait to come back Marjorie Wilson.

April 28. 1999 from: Dagfinn Heimestøl, Haugesund, Norway ( email: )
Den russen i rundkjøring var drittøffe. Eg likte spesielt han så sto heilt te venstre på bildet. Han var tøffe. Dei andre  va tøffe dei og, men ikkje så tøffe. Go TWA!!!!!!!

April 28. 1999 from: Gunnar Kjell Rustad, Haugesund  ( email: )
Hei Erik.  Til lykke med russe feiringen. Ta godt vare på deg selv. Vi skal se etter deg i russetoget. Vi ser deg før det.  Hilsen Farmor og Farfar       Gunnar Kjell Rustad   Karmsundgt. 95 5531 Haugesund Phone 52 71 17 40

April 28. 1999 from: Gunnar og Liv Kari Fosen, Dubai  ( email: )
Her kommer en hilsen fra fire haugalendinger i Dubai. Vi er inne og leser Hgsd. i dag hver dag. Og det er veldig spennende hva som skjer hjemme, været er jo noe av interesse, da vi her nede i Gulfen har stort sett sol og sommer hele året, men nå begynner det og bli veldig varmt. I dag 28. april hadde vi 43 gr. kl. 1300, og det er varmt skal jeg hilse og si, men vi overlever med aircondition innendørs hvor enn vi er og i alle biler .Nå nærmer det seg snart sommerferie og vi ser fram til og komme hjem og kjøle oss litt ned.. Skriver mer siden, ha det godt alle Haugalendinger som leser dette. Mange vaaarme hilsener fra Åse og Jarly Jacobsen med lille Ida 6 år,  Hilsen Gunnar og Liv Kari Fosen med datter Christina 7 år  (971-4) 39 99 178  Mobile (971) 50 6585369

April 28. 1999 from:Lars Walker, USA ( email: )
Tusen takk for siden din. Det er en av de mest interresant jeg har sett. Du sikkert arbeider mye over den.  Jeg er amerikansk-født, men noen av oldeforeldrene mine kom fra Karmøy og Randaberg. Jeg besøkte Norge i 1994, og har mange gode minner. Jeg er takknemlig for muligheten å si nye fotografier daglivis.
Med hilsen, Lars Walker  ( Forfatter av "Erling's Word," publisert av Baen Books, og "Wolf Time,"  kommende i juni fra Baen. )

April 27. 1999 from: Micke, Lina and Elisabeth (?), Sweden (?) ( email: )
Wahey Haugesund!!  thanks for a great visit..hehe Me and my friends visited your beautiful town and we fell deeply in love and we will be back for sure this summer. I love the night life over there and the nice guys...esp  Eik..u know who u are and I luv u=)  Micke and Lina thanks for easter...mwah!  Elisabeth thanks for having us in Bomlo=)

April 26. 1999 from: Dennis Sibert, West Des Moines, Iowa, USA ( email: )
I got this website from a man in North Liberty Iowa.  I live in West Des Moines Iowa.  My grandfather came to the U.S. at the age of 16 or 17 in the late 1800's.   My mother and father visited Norway in 1980 for their 50th wedding anniversary.  My wife is Swedish, so we hope to visit Scandinavia sometime.  I am really enjoying the website!!

April 25. 1999 from: John Fridahl, Danmark ( email: )
Hej Steen Erik Hansen.  Du er dansk født og har boet i Gammeltoftsgade. Du blev som jeg gift med en Haugesunder, men bosadte dig i Haugesund, mens jeg tog bruden til København.  Hvordan har du det? Lad et par ord falde, har talt med Hanne(pige) på Fyen.
Hilsen din fætter John.

April 25. 1999 from: A. Dohmen , Nederland ( email: )
Hi,   You asked who visits your page. I belong to the 5% you mentioned (others than Norway and USA). I spend my hollidays 5 times in Norway and I can imagine the feeling you describe. It's a very nice country and I will visit again.   Last year we visit to walk. Unfortunately the weather was very bad. We would like to try it again. With bette weather of course.   Sometimes on a free sunday or dark evening I get the feeling that I want to know how the weather is in Norway. Then I take the webcams and dream away! That's my reason to visit your site. I also like the webcam of Finse. We've cycled there.  Greetings!

April 23. 1999 from: Jan Kvindesland, Stavanger  ( email: )
** NB  ** "MENING" om navnet Nilsenbakken! Øverst i Nilsenbakke bodde Hanna Nilsen.  Hun hadde butikk i krysset Stavangergaten / Spannevegen - like nord for Haga sin skofabrikk.  Der hadde hun også en liten løe, og en ku eller to som bl. a. beitet på eiendommen nord/vest for Stavangergaten, som hun visst nok også eide. Hennes datter Nora betjente butikken i slutten av 50 årene - da jeg vokste opp i strøket her.  Nora var gift Skådel, og bodde i huset sør  for Haga sin skofabrikk - i Nilsenbakken. Dette er grunnen vi ungene i Spannaveien fikk opplyst opphavet til navnet Nilsenbakken.  jk

April 23. 1999 from: Sherelle,  Phoenix, Arizona  USA ( email: )
Hi there!  I just wrote to say that I really enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures you put in Haugesund Today.  An old acquaintance by the name of Steffen Andre Marthinussen gave me the address to your website.  He lives there in Sveio.  We met through the internet last year.  Sadly, now we lost contact.  I hope he is doing well though.  I really think Norway is so beautiful.  I hope someday I get the chance to see it in person.  I especially love the pictures you have on Djupadalen.... that place is sooooooo lovely.  Is that like a park or something?  Well, I hope you will keep putting more pictures.  You are truly doing a great job.  The pictures are so clear!  Best wishes!    Sherelle

April 23. 1999 from: Anita Torsteinsen, Sveio ( email: )
Endelig har jeg funnet denne siden, som du Cato Helgesen nevnte en gang på jobb. Jeg jobber som han, på Heimdalplattformen i nordsjøen, skal på jobb på mandag, ser  ikke spesielt fram til det, må jo reise fra barna mine i 2 uker. Trøsten er at jeg kommer hjem til 17mai.  Kjempefine bilder fra byen og omgivelser, så jeg kommer nok til å "kikke"innom denne siden igjen, spesielt når jeg er på jobb. Jeg jobber forresten som kokk på Heimdal.  Sender en hilsen til Hans Gunnar Frøystad ,hils familien!

April 21. 1999 from: Richard Sutherland-Smith, New Zealand (email: )
To any friends I have left from 1964 in Christian Haaland a/s or the Russ at the Høgre skole.
Richard Sutherland-Smith,  Wanganui Collegiate School, New Zealand  ( )

April 21. 1999 from: Denward W. Collins, Long Island, New York, USA( email: )
Mormor grew up on Risoy.  Martha Tollefsen.  I understand that she had a dress shop in Haugesund in the mid 1920's.  My family was able to join her in visiting Haugesund in 1969.  Wonderful memories.  Best wishes from Long Island, New York, USA       Den Collins

April 19. 1999 from: Rune Pedersen  ( email: )
Takk for ei fina sida om Haugesund. Greit med oppdaterte nyheter!!   Rune Pedersen

April 18. 1999 from: Trond Emberland ( født i Ølen ), USA  ( email: )
Kjaere alle i fra Ølen, Jeg heter Trond Øyvind Emberland og jeg var fodt i Ølen i 1957.  Min familie flyted til America i 1960. Jeg bode i Ølen i 1978 til 1980 med min besteforeldrer, Simon og Anna  Ekrheim. Jeg ville bare hilse til Asmund Ekrheim og hans familie. Nok for na. Vist der er noen som leser dette, kan du ver sa snill og sende meg noen ord. Min e-mail er  Ha det bra, Trond Emberland

April 17. 1999 from:  IANNIS KOSMATOS, Kefalonia, the Ionean sea, Greece  (email:
Hi. I am sending you my greetings from greece. I live on the island of Kefalonia in the Ionean sea. I enjoyed the pictures and through them I formed a completely different of Haugesund than when I visited it about twenty years ago. I really loved the town but now I think its much more beautiful. As a matter of  fact we intend to be there in mid-July. I would be grateful if you could recommend any good hotels.  We had a good friend who was born in Haugesund. Her name is Toril Rannestad . As far as I can remember her house was at Kirkegt    church street?  If by any chance you know something about her I would be glad to about her whereabout.  Thank you for the nice time you are giving us.

April 16. 1999 from:Ann Elin Asbjørnsen, Hämeenlinna,  Finland ( email: )
Hei alle Haugalendinger!  Kjempe kjekt å få se ferske bilder fra hjemstedet når jeg er en utflytter fra Haugesund og bor nå i Finland, Hämeenlinna. Sender også en liten hilsen til alle kjente på Haugalandet, spesielt til Stine Tvedt & Malin A. Friestad.
Hilsen Ann Elin Asbjørnsen

April 16. 1999 from: Chris Knutsen, Karmøy p.t. Wisconsin, US ( email: )
Hey!!   My name is Chris Knutsen and I'm from Karmoy.  Now I'm living in Wisconsin, US, for a year, but I love to come to Haugesund today and look at the photos, cause I miss home...thanx for doing this, I think it's great. And it gives me an opportunity to show people here what it looks like where I live. The funny thing is that it's first now I've realized I get to live in a place where most people just dream of living in...Thanx for doing this, good job guys...    Chris

April 15. 1999 from: Guri Wee Waage, Statfjordplattformen, Nordsjøen ( email:  )
14 dager på Statfjord B, og med bare hav rundt seg på alle kanter. Da er det fint å titte innom "Haugesundssidene", hvor man kan se både Haraldsgatå' og Presten.  Hilsen Guri Wee Waage

April 14. 1999 from: John Huberdeau,  Canada (email:
A short visit from a Franch Canadian whose mother was a Skare, and whose father came from Orland.    John Huberdeau

April 13. 1999 from: Bruce Lind, Tacoma, Washington, USA ( email:  )
Greetings from Tacoma, Washington   I check your great web site daily and always enjoy and learn from the photographs.  You have surely chosen an interesting variety of scenes to share with your viewers.

My name is Bruce Lind and my grandfather emigrated to the USA from Avaldsnes parish in 1888.  He was born Jorgen Mikal Olsen in 1869.  The farm he was born on is Spannhelgeland.  His parents, Ole Lind Hanssen and Berte Karine Endersdr. were cotters on the Leite (sub)farm from the 1850's until 1903.  Three of us who are grand children of Jorgen Mikal Olsen (he went by the name George Michael Lind in the USA) will be visiting Haugesund this July.  We will have spouses and three of Jorgen's great grandchildren along as well.  We hope to be able to locate the farm name Leite on Spannhelgeland while we are in Haugesund.  We will also ask to see if we have cousins in the area.
I am looking for a day when you have taken a drive through the Spannhelgeland area and some scenic photographs of that region appear on your web site.  Thanks again for your creativity and dedication to sharing the beauty of the Haugesund area with the many of us who have been waiting a very long time to visit.
Sincerely, Bruce Lind, Professor of Mathematics, University of Puget Sound Tacoma, WA 98416 Phone: (253)756-3552 FAX:  (253)756-3352

April 11. 1999 from: Sivert Vedøy, Nanaimo.B.C. ( email:  )
Hallo til alle fra to utreiste karmoybuer. Morsomt aa se bilder fra Haugesund. Fra Inger og Sivert i Nanaimo.B.C.

April 11. 1999 from: Eivind Sjøen, Karmøy Norge ( email:  )
Hilsen, spesielt til Helen og Ole i USA!
Hei, jeg er også innom denne siden, selv om jeg bor på Karmøy og ikke langt fra Haugalandet! Tenk, så kjekt å høre livstegn fra deg, Helen! Du er fortsatt i USA! - og jeg er fortsatt på Bygnes! En hilsen også til deg, Eirik!

April 10. 1999 from: Eric Glicker (Lovise Meling), California, USA ( email:  )
Min mor, Lovise Meling var fodt i Haugesund paa Rogalandsgaten og vi har komt paa besok flere ganger.  Dere har lagt saa manger nydelig fotoer paa "web-siden" av Haugesund.  Vi satt og saa pa fotoer og min mor synes at det var neste like godt som a kommer 12 timer med flyen fra California.  Jeg har besoket Haugesund manger ganger aa ser min bestemor og tanter og jeg kan endelig sier at Haugesund er "best i sydvest."  Du kan plustre inn paa Totalen og gaar ut igjen som de sier i gamle Haugesunds sangen.  Hilsen til alle and SKAAL for de pene bilder dere har samlet.   ERIC GLICKER

April 06. 1999 from: Martin Schouwstra, Nederland ( email:  )
Jeg heter Martin Schouwstra. Jeg kommer fra Holland og veninne min kommer fra Forresfjorden, Norge. I sommeren kommer jeg pa besok i Haugesund. Vi ses.  Hilsen fra Nederland, Martin.
PS: Can anybody tell me about the film/jazz or other festival dates in Haugesund? Tusen Takk. Jeg kan ikke snakker sa godt norsk, men jeg laerer snart. Hilsen igjen, Martin

April 06. 1999 from: Fred og Linda Åmodt, ( email:  )
Hei,  vi heter Fred og Linda Åmodt..  Vi er haugesundere men flyttet til Kristiansund april-98...  veldig kjekk side du har laget... vi savner Haugesund veldig så nå i april 99 flytter vi hjem igjen. Vi har 3 barn på 6år, 4 år, 8mnd. så vi gleder oss masse til å komme hjem til familien vår. Hilser til alle kjente som er innom på denne siden. Hilsen Linda og Fred Åmodt

April 04. 1999 from: Dana & Beryl,  Wellington, New Zealand ( email:  )
We are visiting your area in May... just found your homepage tonight. Good fun! Thank you. Especially loved the hen photos !!!!  We have hens ourselves. Haugesund hens look as hen-brained as ours!  Dana & Beryl,

April 04. 1999 from: Ole Andreas Thorsen, Fairhope, Alabama, USA ( email:  )
Hei, vi koser oss med å se på bilder og lese nyheter fra Haugesund og omegn. Vi bor i Fairhope, Alabama (nærmeste "storby" er Mobile). Her kommer vi i kontakt med andre nordmenn via sjømannskirken i New Orleans, Louisiana. Hilsen Helén , Ole, Andreas & Elisabeth Thorsen

April 02. 1999 from: Marit og Arild Stø, Kina ( email:  )
Vi takker for kjempefin web-side. Settter pris på alle de fine bildene fra Haugesundsdistriktet. Mange hilsener fra Marit og Arild Stø.

Mars 29. 1999 from: Burton Lothe, Newton, Iowa, USA ( email: )
Hi, I am Burton Lothe from Newton,Iowa  USA.  My Grandparents came from Utne, I remember hearing them talk about the Hardanger Fjord. They never forgot their homeland. I check in on this site daily and really enjoy the different views.  Keep up the great work!!  We are planning a trip to Norway next year. Burt Lothe

Mars 29. 1999 from: Terje Brathen, Oseberg, North sea ( email: )
En hilsen fra oss her på Oseberg Feltsenter. Fin side for oss med hjemlengsel!!!!

Mars 23. 1999 from: Erling Sangolt,  Norway   ( email:  )
Hallo på dere. I dag er det veldig kaldt ute ( red. anm: Hvor?? )

Mars 22.  1999 from: Cato Eriksen, Kolnes / Heimdalsplattformen ( email: )
Jeg arbeider som nattkokk på Heimdalplattformen i nordsjøen, og et absolutt hødepunkt på vakta er å sette seg ned i kaffepausen og logge seg inn på "Haugesund Today" Da blir en oppdatert på hvordan været er hjemme, og spenningen er der alltid om en kanskje ser noe eller noen kjente, og litt artige bilder fra ting som skjer der hjemme. Ekstra stas er det naturligvis når bildene er fra området hvor en bor. Tusen takk for at dere gir oss fra distriktet disse lyspunktene i vår hverdag her ute og tro meg.;They makes a difference!!! Også kan vi jo mobbe alle de kollegaene som er så uheldige å måtte bo andre steder i landet, hvor de ikke får sin daglige oppdatering, samt at vi får briefe oss og vise dem hvor fint det er på haugalandet. Ka fakerten!!! I dag er det hjemreisedag , å det ska bli himla godt å komma him! Vennlig hilsen, Cato Helgesen Hestfaret Kolnes.

Mars 20.  1999 from: Gwen Knighton,  Las Vegas NV  ( email:   )
Your site is beautiful and very professional. I am 3rd generation Norwegian and have only been privileged to go to Norway once. This is a  rand way to visit. Gwen, Las Vegas NV

Mars 12.  1999 from: Jarle Loland, P.t. Trondheim ( email:  )
Hei. Hilsen fra Trondheim, haugesundere på tur.

Mars 12.  1999 from: Kees & Elly Schout, Hengelo, The Netherlands ( email:  )
Hei Erik, Nice to see your photos. We have bookmarked your site. We apreciate it very much. The energy and time you spend to this every day is worthwhile to see !! We enjoy it very much. Good luck with your work. Kees & Elly Schout

Mars 9.  1999 from: Rolf Thorsen, Oslo ( email:  )
Hei Eirik, Gratulerer med fin pris. Det er vel fortjent. Jeg bor i Oslo, og setter svært stor pris på sidene dine. Er stort sett bare en tur i Haugesund om sommeren, så det er OK å se hvordan det er fra dag til dag ellers i året også. PS kan du ta noen bilder fra Skåredalen, Tømmerdalen, jeg har slekt der ? Hilsen Rolf

Mars 9.  1999 from:Jan Ragnar Hagland, Trondheim, Norway ( email:  )
Til Gjesteboka, Takk for fin og informativ webside. Fint å kunna sitja her i Trondheim og vera orientert om 'ka så e tids' mellom øktene med haugesundsbesøk! Beste helsing Jan Ragnar Hagland, Professor, NTNU, Trondheim

Mars 8.  1999 from: Fredrik Buch, California, USA ( email:  )
Hi, I was just snooping around, and found your site, and many nice pictures. The Dokken area is especially interesting to me, since I'm Carl Egil's little brother, in California, the land of Sunshine and Electronics! Seeing pictures from the harbour area reminds me of Stavanger when I was a kid...   Enjoy the clean air!!!  Fredrik Buch

Mars 8.  1999 from: C. J. Eike, USA ( email:  )
My wife and I visited your wonderful city of Haugesund in July 1994.  All my grandparents immigrated to Iowa from Norway.  My mother's father, Nils Bortvit (Bortveit), was born in 1874 on Osteroy Island, and her mother was born in 1888 in Bergen.  My father's parents came from the Haugesund area.  Andrew Eike was an orphan (I was told) and was raised in the Eike Farm District near Haugesund.  He was born Jan 30, 1853 and we think his father's name was Ole Muejataen.  Andrew came to America ca 1875.  His wife's name was Axness (Aknes).  She died several years after coming to USA.  Andrew then married my grandmother, Elizabeth Carlson, born 1867 in Olen Sondhordland, Norway.  The Carlson family came to America from Ilsvag, Norway, ca 1885.  During our visit to Haugesund, we visited the villages of North Eike, South Eike and Aknes and many other communities in the Haugesund area.  But, I was unable to locate any of my grandfather's relatives.  We did visit many of our Bortveit, Jamne and Carlson cousin in Norway.  Norway is a marvelous country.  In our travels, I often wondered how my ancestors could leave such a beautiful country, but times were difficult then.  Congratulations Eirik for taking on such a great project in bringing the community of Haugesund to the people of the world. Thank You, Tusen Takk.  C. J. Eike

Mars 7.  1999 from: Jarl Haugen, Utah, USA ( email:  )
My name is Jarl Christian Haugen. I was born in Haugesund in 1944. We moved from Haugesund to Utah USA. in 1949. I do not remember very much of the town, but I do enjoy the pictures. My brother Norman Haugen came across your site and email your webb site. Would like some email  from anyone who would have the time to write. Chris & Judy Haugen

Mars 5.  1999 from: Kjell Kolsaker, Trondheim, Norway ( email:  )
Snublet over denne siden ved en ren tilfeldighet. Plutselig kan jeg være tilbake i denne byen jeg vokste opp i for 30 år siden. Kjenne "luktå" fra ferske bilder hver dag fra skrivebordet mitt her i Trondheim. Helt utrolig. Jeg håper du/dere kan fortsette lenge med disse sidene.
Hilsen Kjell Kolsaker (også kalt "Fiskaren" på Breidablikk skole på siste halvdel av 60-tallet)

Mars 4.  1999 from: Elise Høyland, Svalbard, Norway  ( email:  )
Hei Haugesund Today      Jeg flyttet fra Haugesund for å studere i 1985, siden har jeg bodd litt rundt omkring, mest i Bodø. Nå er jeg på Svalbard, og har stor glede av å gå inn på Haugesund Today og se på flotte bilder fra Haugesund. En får hjemlengsel av mindre.   Elise

Mars. 3 1999 from: Hans Gunnar Frøystad, student i Kristiansand  ( email:  )
Tips har ført meg til denne siden, og som student i Kristiansand får en litt hjemlengsel når en ser Haugasundet en ettermiddag i mars! Det blir ikke siste gang denne siden besøkes. Hilsen Hans Gunnar Frøystad

Feb. 28 1999 from: Harald Aksdal, Fairfax Vermont,USA  ( email:     )
Greetings from Fairfax Vermont,USA.  Congratulations on your "crowbar" award.  Your recent pictures of Bakarøynå hit home, so to speak, as that's where I was born and spent the first seven years of my life.  Thank you, keep up the good work and I'll continue to look forward to your excellent picture tour of my old home town. Harald Aksdal  ( click to see picture )

Feb. 27 1999 from: David Edgar, UK ( email:  )
I have visited your site on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks and find it very interesting, I have never been to Norway, but after seing your photographs I would like to visit one day.  Having seen streetcams, on other sites before, I find your site much more interesting because you give a commentary as to what is happeing on that day and the pictures are varied.  So, thank you very much, for some insight into Norwegian life and the beautiful pictures.  Keep up the good work!

Feb. 26 1999 from: Leslie Hemmingson,  Iowa  USA   ( email:   )
Hi!  Per Helgesen directed me to your site.  It's WONDERFUL!  And I plan to spend more time looking at your pictures.  My Great, Great Grandparents are supposedly buried in Haugesund and their son,  Mikkel Tostensen Elgeraas was born there before emigrating to Wisconsin and then Iowa.  He served in our Civil War shortly after he came to Wisconsin and later settled in Iowa.  According to my mother, he was a wonderful, wonderful man.  We have a translated copy of a letter from his father, Tosten Ingebritson Elgeraas. Mikkel's mother was Kari Mikkelsdatter.  Thanks for this wonderful site,   Iris Hemmingson from Iowa

Feb. 25 1999 from:  Norman & Lynette Haugen, West Point, Utah, USA ( email:  )
Thank you so much for the pictures of the 25th of Feb.  They were very interesting to me, as we lived by the large white home you referred to as Kringsto.  The other pictures also brought memories, although some changes have been made. I still recognize the area where the new homes have been built.  I played down there - caught crab, and fish on the dock.  Keep up the great work.  I love this site. Norman Haugen - former Haugesunder who will come for a visit in the sumer of 2000.

************* I would sure like to hear from people from Haugesund via 'e' mail !!!! **************


Feb. 25 1999 from: Tom Ask,  ( email:   )
I have enjoyed the web site, thanks for the information and photographs.  My parents were from Haugesund and our family lived there in 1970.  We have enjoyed many trips to Haugesund and it will always hold a special significance for us -- a place of deep roots and stability unlike our  situation in the U.S. Regards, Tom Ask

Feb. 23 1999 from: Ola Nestaas, Sai Gon, Vietnam ( email:  - OBS: mailadr virker ikke !! )
Hei Eirik, en liten hilsen fra Sai Gon, Vietnam. Vi bor her nå på andre året og trives godt i varmen. Savner naturligvis Smedesundet og den friske havluften i blandt. Et oppslag på HT hjelper godt på, og en tur på elven nå og da.  Legger ved to bilder fra elvelivet:   FrakteskuterTradbåt
Hilsen Ola Nestaas m/familie.

Feb. 21 1999 from: Wayne & Mette Midboe, Carson city, Nevada ( email:  )
Hei Til Haugesund  Sender en liten hilsen fra Carson City, Nevada USA.  Vi har familie, venner og kjente paa Karmoy og i Haugesund.  Vi har vaert inne paa HEC baade titt og ofte takket vaere et stykke fra Haugesunds Avis sendt til oss.  Det er kjekt aa sette seg ned med ungene og se paa bilder og minne dem paa hvordan det er. Vi skal ogsaa flytte tilbake til Norge naa til sommeren.  Vi sees da. Wayne, Mette, Timothy and Bianca Midboe

Feb. 21 1999 from: Bob & Jean Murray, Cedar Rapids, Iowa , USA ( email:  )
Hi Eirik... We enjoy your pictures from Haugesund.  My wife and I were there in 1994 to find her mother and fathers family. Her father was born in Kyrping, and mothers family in Etne. My wife also has family at Molde, Gaupset, Gronningsater and Valldal. We found a man (Stein Valen) from Story City, Iowa, living in Etne. He introduced us to all the cousins and their familys. Thanks for the news & pictures.   Bob & Jean Murray

Feb. 19 1999 from: John Johnsen, Nederland ( email:  )
Fra: John Martin Johnsen, Almere, Nederland. Flotte bilder, Eirik, dette er noe vi utvandra Haugesundere kan kose oss med. Selv vokste jeg opp pa Skeisvoll, ved Nordra Skeisvatnet. Gikk pa Gard skole fra 1950 til 1958. Na bor jeg i Nederland og jobber med shipping og driver bar pa si. Jeg fant sden din i dag og na kommer jeg pa daglig besok. Hilsen John

Feb. 11 1999 from: Michal Aase, Karasjok, Finnmark, Norway ( email:  )
En liten hilsen fra en "gammel bygutt" som nå bor i Karasjok. Det varmer godt å se bilder fra hjembyen når temperaturen her oppe kryper under -40 grader !  PS: Legger ved et bilde jeg tok i går ettermiddag. Temperaturen var da ca. -39 grader og BLIKK! stille

Feb. 9 1999 from: Joakim Lund, Haugesund, p.t. Konstskolan, Finland ( email:  )
Til Eirik. Mitt navn er Joakim Lund og jeg studerer kunst i Finland. Gratulerer med hyggelig hjemmeside om Haugesund. Det varmer godt når der er 24-C her. Takk!

Feb. 9 1999 from: Larry Mulligan, Nicaragua ( email:  )
Hello there!  My name is Larry Mulligan and I'd just like to comment that your website is great! I'm a Nicaraguan who got recently married to a girl from Haugesund and I've never been to Norway, much less Haugesund and it's really great to see the pictures and imagine what it's like to be there. I'm planning on going in Christmas to meet my new family and look forward to seeing your beautiful city! o.k., it was a pleasure once again and keep up the good work!!   Sincerely, Larry Mulligan

Feb. 7 1999 from: Jan Roald, Norway ( email:  )
Ville bare si du har noen glimrende sider, og det er kjekt å se oppdaterte bilder fra hjembyen når en er ute og studerer. Håper du fortsetter med dette... lykke til videre!!  Hilsen Jan Roald

Feb. 5 1999 from: Trubaduren Jojo, Haugesund ?? ( email:  )
Hei Eirik. Liker web-sida di godt,,  koselig å se bilder fra byen vår. Jeg er nok en av dem som stadig er innom..........    Jojo

Feb. 4 1999 from: Susanne, Germany    ( email:  )
I was in haugesund and haugalandet in 1995. but only for a very short time because  I was on the way back to germany. I was very happy to find  such a nice site about haugesund. I like the fotos and i come here every  day. thank you for the great pictures!!!   susanne

Feb. 4 1999 from: Knut Hausken, Trondheim, Norway ( email:  )
Hei Erik. Takk for fine bilder fra Hauge og Asalvik!  Det var som å komme hjem en tur. Tilbrakte mye av min barndom i strøket.  Fine bilder fra Kvalsvik og Killingøy. Været er nokså skiftene i Haugesund.  Vi har en liten storm her i Trondheim også idag (snøstorm). *** Ellers er jeg interresert i å komme i kontakt med andre som driver med slektforskning, spesiellt de som har etternavn Hausken.** mvh Knut Hausken

Feb. 4 1999 from:  Dallas Fuller, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA  ( email:  )
( a response to my Norsk/ Engelsk-question)
We have been off-net for a week and are now looking at the great pictures you photographed this past week. We really enjoyed the "mirror pictures". Your web-site just gets better and better each week. We like your captions in Norsk and English. Since we are primarily English speaking, we need English to fully understand the content. However, we are striving to learn Norsk also. Thus we vote for both. We know this causes you more effort, but we are grateful.  Tusen Tak, Dallas and Dolores Fuller

Jan. 30 1999 from: Johs. Helgesen, Moss Norway  ( email:  )

***** Etterlyser Lindøe-slekt i Haugesund *****
Har noen kjennskap til Lindøe-slekt med inngift forbindelse til Målselv i Troms. Karen Anna Olsdatter Lindøe f. 30.08.1892 i Målselv - far Ole Bernhard Mattiassen (event. Mathiassen) f. 04.01.1863 i Målselv . Karen Anna var gift med en ved navn Lindøe fra Haugesund. Dersom noen vet noe om dette kontakt over internett adr. E-post:  Hilsen J. Helgesen Moss.

Jan. 31 1999 from: James W. Norris, USA  ( email:  )
I thoroughly enjoy Haugesund Today, because it keeps the memories of my friends, Hilmar & Erna Bastholm fresh in my mind, even when they are so far away.  It is also nice to see a contrasting climate to ours in Florida.  Keep up the good work.

Jan. 28 from: Mary Ann Tighe,  Newark, New Jersey  USA ( email: )
January 28 from Newark, New Jersey ( My daughter, Lauren (her 1st visit)  and I (my 2nd ) just came back from a visit to our extended family in Haugesund.  We arrived on Jan 11 right after the snow fall on the previous night.  It was like entering a fairy tale of what you expect to see in the books about Norway in the winter.  It was breathtaking.  This site helps bring back our wonderful winter visit. I am forwarding this site to my daughter in California and will be a frequent visitor also. Thank you for this picturesque  web site which brings us closer to our family and friends in Haugesund. Thank you for sharing this site with us, I only wish I understood Norwegian and then I could truly appreciate it more.  Hello to Synne, Jen, Jan Olav,Peder,Turid & Magne Alvheim and also those wonderful watch keepers Bjorn and Tina;  they have the best watch shop in Haugesund!

Jan. 24 from: Linda McKnight,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA   (  )
Hi!  My name is Linda, and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I just learned of this site today, and I'm very happy to send a greeting to my "relatives" in Norway. My mother and her family are from Norway, but I do not have the exact information at this time; hopefully, I will have this soon.  One of my dreams is to visit the beautiful country of Norway, and I hope to realize this dream one day.  Thank you so much for this site and the beautiful pictures!  God's blessings to you!    Linda McKnight

Jan. 19. from: Roger Berg, USA  ( email:  )
Dear Eirik:  My grandparents left Norway in 1903 for the United States. My grandmother was from Haugesund and my grandfather was from Skanevik. I have many relatives in Norway that I have never seen, but my son visited Norway last June and was warmly greeted by our long lost relatives.  We hope to have a family reunion within the next few years. Thank you so much for your web site. It is wonderful!  Roger Berg.

Jan. 19. from: Signe Lill Hansen, Norway ( email: )
Takk for spennende sider ! Da jeg leste gjennom din gjestebok, fikk jeg lyst til å ****  etterlyse Randi Digernes ****som bor i Tucon,Arizona.  Hvis du har e-mail adresse Randi, send noen ord til meg!  Vil også si hei til Kirjan i Paris,hvis han skulle komme til å kikke på siden din.  Klem fra Signe Lill e-mail

Jan. 15. from: Gordon Ferguson, Glascow, Scotland  ( email:  )
Dear Erik, A Guid New Year from the Fergusons in Scotland. We enjoy reading all the fascinating letters in your Guestbook.  We are particularly interested in the correspondence relating to AFS students past and present as our daughter Sian is presently living with the Nordvik Family in Haugesund on the AFS scheme. We miss her very much although E-mail keeps us in touch and your web site brings us closer with her pictures and scenes of life in Haugesund. Her best friend is Julie Robinson and we have enjoyed reading her family's letters in the Guestbook.They comfort each other when homesickness threatens occasionally!  It is Burns' night on 25th January so we sent some Haggis to the Nordviks - we hope that they will like it!!   With best wishes from Gordon & Joyce Ferguson

Jan. 15. from Gordon Norman, USA  ( email:  )
Hi,  My name is Gordon Norman - a Norwegian descendant who's mother came from the Hallingdahl area.  I brought over 150 people to Norway this last August visiting Oslo, Bergen, Fagernes, Lillehammar to name a few.  I really enjoy the north of Norway, especially Tromso.  Thanks for your nice Web Site.  Gordon Norman

Jan. 15 from: Mike Taylor, Durham, England ( email:  )
Hello Eirik.   I have visited your fine town last March and I hope to do so again before March 31st 1999. I work at New College Durham in the north east of England, I teach Mechanical Engineering subjects and our two College's are involved an exchange project to develop knowledge and expertise in the use of compressed natural gas for vehicle fuel.
I wish to send New Year greetings to all of my friends at Haugaland Vid Skole, particularly - Hilde, Bjorn, Kjell, Jan and Olav. I hope to meet up with them all again soon.  I would be happy to hear from any one at the College or from Haugesund town. Is any one interested in a "house exchange" for the summer holidays?. My Email address is   Look forward to hearing from you.   Mike Taylor

Jan. 15 from: Knut Hausken, Norway  ( email:  )
Hallo Eirik. Flotte bilder fra Haugesund idag.  Det er sjeldent å se så mye snø på de kanter.  Men det varer vel ikke så lenge. Storm og styggvær ligger og venter.  Vi får nyte det så lenge vi kan.  Hilsen Knut (utflyttet Haugesunder)

Jan. 8 from: Jo-Ann (Larsen) Thornton,  ( email:  ThorntonJL@Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil  )
Hi Eirik.   I'm so happy my cousin told me about your web site.  A little bit about myself and my family.  My father,  left Haugesund in 1950 and my mother and sister left in 1951 for the USA. i was born in the USA in 1952.  My parents are Jabob and Ane (Jektevik) Larsen. My parents were born and raised in the neighboring communities of Royksund and Skjold respectively.    I still have aunts, uncles and cousins in Haugesund.  My sister and I were visiting Haugesund this past spring.  We were able to celebrate the 17th of May together for the first time in Norway.  What a wonderful experience.  Haugesund is such a beautiful city.  I feel like I can take short trips "home" every day and see what is going on back home. Keep up the good work.  Jo-Ann (Larsen) Thornton

Jan. 7 from: "oseverin", Norway ??        ( email: )
Hei.  Flott dette med bilder fra byen,godt arbeid.  Hilsen

Jan. 7 from: Craig Nelson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA ( email:  )
Eirik,  this is my favorite and most regularly visited webpage, a superb window on Haugesund and Norway. My grandfather Weir Nelson, was born in Etne, near Haugesund in 1891. My grandmother, Ella Tabitha Thompson, also came from the area, in a place called Severeide, where Eric Severeid, the renowned CBS broadcaster came from. Their families came to the U.S. in the 1890's because of the military draft laws and the onerous, corruptness of the lendsmenn in the area, who imposed prohibitive, punitive taxes on their land to force its sale to the lendsmenn. I visit Norway every year, and am in love with everything about it,  its healthy robust people, its black/gray rock mountains, its dark fjords, its greenery, and its ancient, mysterious, silent past. I have learned, through the Kathleen Stoker books from the University of Wisconsin Press, to read and speak Norwegian.  I have yet to be able to understand it when its spoken.

Jan. 4. 1999 from:  Odd. Fr. Johannesen, Melbourne Beach,  Florida, USA ( email:  )
Happy New Year, Eirik!
Browsing around checking the weather situation in Haugesund in the new year -(huttemegtu - I'm happy we're here), I came over your "Haugesund Today"-pages.  CONGRATULATIONS  - it's a Great idea and, as I notice  from the guestbook, certainly appreciated by the many "i utlendighet" who wish to be in contact with friends and family and get news from home.    We just moved into our brand new house located at Melbourne Beach, FL and will spend part of the year here (winter months that is!!), but with my business in Norway we will still live in Tysvaer for most of the year. Our 3 kids and 5 grandcildren all live in the Northeast, with everybody gathered here during the Christmas/New Year holidays for a Great time  -  the last ones just left today.  Hope everything is well with you and your family;  would be grateful if you drop off copy of this greeting to your neighbours Lulli & Erling as well. Hanne-Mi also sends her greetings.    Vennlig hilsen Odd Fr. Johannessen

Jan. 2. 1999 from: Sandie Vogelpohl, Saginaw Michigan  USA ( email:  )
I am so thankful that I came upon your site.  Some day I hope to visit your lovely country.  I have had a pen pal in your beautiful city for 30 years and have never met her. I  would like to say hello to her - Sissel Haukas and her husband, Leif. We have raised families together through the years, and now speak about the fun of having grandchildren.  I would like to wish her and her family and all a Happy New Year!   Living in Michigan, I think we must have the same type climate.  We are a state of 1000's of lakes and boast of having three LARGE ones surrounding us.  Norway is my adopted sister country.  Thanks for all the pictures and I plan to return on a daily basis.  You make me feel right at home!  Sandie Vogelpohl, Saginaw Michigan  USA

Jan. 1. 1999 from: The Robinson family, WA, USA ( email: )
Happy New Year Eirik!  Our family and friends have enjoyed your site since May of 1998 when we first found out that our daughter Julie Robinson would be spending a year as an AFS exchange student in Haugelandet.  During that time we feel that we have gotten to know you as well as Haugelandet a little, and have been very gratified with your fulfilling our "Picture wishes"!  We watch with amazement and interest as your site has grown from the "Digital Camera Network" ( days to the recent glimpse into the "Virtual Haugesund" concept of the future.  What interesting ideas and visions are in the head of Eirik Hustvedt!  Thank you for sharing your world with us all!  Mitch Robinson, Lake Stevens, WA  USA

Jan. 1 1999 from: Stefan Söderberg, Sverige   ( email: )
Hej Norge och Haugesund!  Hjärtliga Hälsningar från Sverige och Stefan Söderberg. jag bor i samhället Lomma strax nord väst om Malmö, och har varit i Haugesund många gånger.

Dec. 31. 1998 from: Bud Halverson, South Dakota (?) USA  ( email:  )
I am Bud Halverson, born 1940, in Veblen South Dakota ( the town is named after one of your famous countrymen) father of three, computer amatuer.  My Grandfather was born on Snorteland farm, south of you, on the east coast of Karmoy. (as you can see I haven't figured out how to acess the Norwegian letters on my computer ---yet)  I enjoy your site and photographs very much. Keep up the good work   Tusen takk   Bud

Dec. 27. 1998 from:  Inger Marie og Gordon, Bogota, Colombia ( email: )
Buenas Eirik!!!  Sender en hilsen fra Bogota i Colombia, og ønsker med det deg og resten av haugalandet et godt nytt år.
Vi var russ i våres, på henholdsvis Kopervik og Skeisvang v.g.s., men nå bor Gordon her i Bogota (og har gjort det de siste fire månedene) og
har julebesøk av kjæresten sin Inger Marie!!  Jeg, Gordon, jobber på et team med fem andre norske ungdommer med barne- og ungdomsarbeid i
noen av de fattige bydelene her i hovedstaden.  Dette skal jeg gjøre frem til sommeren 2000.
Jula her i Colombia og Bogota er veldig annerledes enn den hjemme i Haugesund og på Bleikemyr, og det er ikke fritt for at hjemlengselen
kommer litt ekstra frem nå om dagene.  Da er det veldig fint å kunne få se de bra bildene fra Haugesund og sånn.  Tusen takk for et kjempebra
arbeid!!!            Vennlig hilsen fra Inger Marie og Gordon.

Dec. 27. 1998 from: Kathy Muir, USA (?)   ( email:  )
I am Kathy Muir, and my grandfather was Gundvold Fillinger (Fyllingsnes).  My mother, sister and I visited  relatives in Haugesund in 1974 or 75, and I'm hoping to return for a visit within 2 years, after we retire.  I'll share your site with my Norwegian friends.  We're avid hikers, so it was fun to explore future trails through your pictures ( Kringsjåturen ).

Dec. 27. 1998 from: Ralph E. Rennemo, Scotsdale, AZ, USA ( email:  )
I am Ralph E Rennemo, son of Johan E. Rennemo who came to USA in the early 1900's  I became acquainted with the pictures etc. through a meeting with Roger Espeland at a lutefisk dinner in Scotsdale, AZ.  We visited Norway in the l970's and enjoyed it lots.  Met several relatives in Oslo, Verdal, Malm, Bergen and other areas where my father was brought up until' leaving for America at the age of 17. Any relatives or other Rennemo's please contact me.  Thank you.

Dec. 26. 1998 from:  Carole Verschoor, USA  ( email:  )
Roger Espeland gave me the address to this site.  My family came to South Dakota and Iowa from Stavanger and Telemark in the 1870's.  I studied at the University of Oslo in 1996 and traveled around Norway.  I love Norway and I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage.  I hope to visit again soon.  Carole Verschoor e-mail:

Dec. 25. 1998 from:   James A. Blumer, Denver, Colorado, USA.( email: )
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! I discovered your website by searching for Haugesund. Your pictures are wonderful!  My wife has cousins in Haugesund, and we have visited there twice. We live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, USA.  Our relatives in Haugesund are Margit and Olav Egil Larsen.  We are both retired, she from teaching and me from computer programming,analyst, manager etc. Her late father was Mandius Svinakleiv from Skjold.  I would like to get other e-mail addresses of people from your area.  Jim and Arlene Blumer

Dec. 25. 1998 from: Jerry Goldfarb, Miami, Florida, USA ( Email:  )
We wish all our family members living in Haugesund a very merry christmas:  Amdal , Staveland , Goldfarb, Johannessen . we are enjoying the warmth of Miami Florida .   Jerry  , Jerry, Liv , Elise, Kjersti.

Dec. 24 1998 from: Gary&Alice Vedum  ( Email: )
Merry Christmas to your part of the world from Kenosha,Wisconsin USA.  Gary&Alice Vedum

Dec. 23. 1998 Julehilsen fra: Richard Falck ( )
Ønsker min kjære by Haugesund.  En god jul & et godt nytt år   HILSEN fam Linda m/ Falch..

Dec. 22. 1998 from: Åge Førre, Slater Iowa, USA ( email: )
Hallo Eirik. What a great service you are providing for us "utvandringar" with all your pictures and answers to the questions we have when in doubt as to what it is and where it is. You seem to know it well!  Christmas in Iowa is different then what we as kids grew up with in Norway.Here it starts in november,with lights and music at all the local stores and malls,by the time Christmas actualy arrives it has lost some of the joy. We do try to make some Norwegian food for christmas but some of the "real stuff" is not available. My good friend,Arne Kallevik [Fördesfjorden] sends me a package full of törrfisk each year and that gets a good cooking for julemat. Lutefisk is available but does not have the flavor that you in Norway is used to. Pinnekjött is not to be found any place at any time. Even as we grew up in Norway, pinnekjött was never heard of, but on one of our trips back we had the pleasure of eating it at christmas eve, what a delightful meal that was.  I could go on and on men saa blir det bare rot. Wish we could be there again this christmas but we have to do with what we have.
PS: Keep up the superb work you are doing Eirik,we all love it here in Iowa!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 20. 1998 from: Justin Forre, Slater Iowa, USA ( email Aage Forre: )
Hallo Haugesund.   My name is Justin Forre and my grandpa is Aage Forre and we live in Slater Iowa.My brothers names are Jacob, Gabe, Jeff, Aaren and my sisters are Sara and Abby. I like  to eat some Norwegian foods and we eat that at Christmas [Jul]  GOD JUL ,GODT NYTT AAR!   Hilsen fra Justin.     PS: Eg er 8 aar.

Dec. 19 1998 from: Martijn Schoemans, Nederland   ( email: )
Dear Eirik,  If i red the guestbook well, i have the honor to be the first person from The Netherlands who signed your guestbook! I enjoy your site very much cause you live in this beautiful surrounding. One day you had taken pictures at Skeisvang and my girlfriend who was in that class told me to take a look at your site. And so i did, now i take a look every day for the latest pictures!  Keep on going with it!!! Greetings from The Netherlands, Martijn

Dec. 19. 1998 from: Tor Hagland, Hagland, Haugesund, Norway ( )
Hei igjen, Eirik - Hyggelig med siden din. Denne hilsenen er fra hagland altså ikke den mest eksotiske men alikavel. Tor

Dec. 19. 1998 from: Solfrid Førre Todd, Iowa, USA ( email: )
Hi Eirik, I have been enjoying all your pictures ever since my brother, Åge Förre, "found you" while doing some surfing one night.  We grew up in Förre but immigrated to Iowa when we were teenagers back in 1957. Our mother was Ingeborg Förre and taught school there before moving to the US. I'm a regular visitor to your page and enjoy absolutely ALL your photos and even make copies of them to show off my wonderful, beautiful home country to my friend and family. We have lots of family in the Haugesund area and we make trips back home regularly to visit and also to satisfy my yearning for the  beautiful, marvelous landscape  that is so familiar to me from my childhood.  Keep up the good work, I'm hooked on HAUGESUND TODAY!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Greetings from Iowa, Solfrid Förre Todd

Dec. 18. 1998 from: Peter Kolja Krauß, Engelskirchen, Germany ( email: )
Dear Eirik,  I send my greetings from Germany - Engelskirchen- a small Town near Cologne. I was often in Norway ( I even had a girlfriend in Elverum, a long time ago). I like Your Country very much.I am teacher at school here and built in the year of 1946. Have a good week end, best wishers from Peter.

Dec 18. 1998 from: Lyle and Ardis Grove Rochester, Minnesota, USA ( email: )
We are so pleased to see these pictures and read about the AFS students in Norway!  We are friends of the Robinson family; we and they lived in Alaska at the same time.  Merry Christmas to all.  Lyle and Ardis Grove Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Dec. 17. 1998 from: Linda Robinson, Lake Stevens, WA, USA ( email: )
Hello Eirik!!   I am Julie Robinson's have so far communicated only with my husband Mitch.  Now I must thank you so very very much for not only the interesting and varied pictures of Haugesund, but those of my precious daughter, too.   Yes, now at this Christmas time of year, I (we) are missing her very much, and the pictures today are truly delightful.  I enjoy seeing all the pictures of the Norwegian landscape.  Norway is lucky to have such a devoted citizen as you. One day we will be able to visit Norway, meet Julie's host family, and will certainly want to meet you also.  Thank you again very much.   Linda Robinson

Dec. 17. 1998 from: Gail H. Pierce ~ Fairhaven, MA, USA  ( email: )
Hi! Just a note to say how much I enjoy your site. I try to "visit" every day or so. Also enjoy the weather updates.  Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas.  Gail H. Pierce ~ Fairhaven, MA

Dec. 16 - 1998 from: John Alfred Hustvedt, Oslo / Haugesund   ( email: )
Hello Eirik  Finally a guest book at your site. A site who is of special interest for us away form home, and want to check the weather etc. Keep up the good work and spirit, and I do really hope that you will be able to make a living out of your project soon. Regards John Alfred

Dec. 16- 1998 from: Rachel Court, Southampton, England ( email: )
Hei Eirik!  Thanks for keeping the Norway fans of the world supplied with reminders of some of the reasons we like Norway so much.  God Jul og Godt  Nytt År, Rachel.  P.S. I also admire your persistance in photographing in all kinds of weather!
Dec. 18 - 1998:
Hei igjen! I just saw the picture of the AFS students and it reminded me of the amazing experience of swapping countries for a year ( I lived in Venice in Italy as an AFS student in 91-92 )  If you meet with them again, tell them I wish I could do another year, and that I hope their experience is as an enlightening one as mine was! Hilsen,  Rachel

Dec. 16 - 1998 from Sean Fitzpatrik, USA ( email: )
Crazy as it may sound, I have bookmarked webcam images from all around Norway. Each day when I go to work I look at about 15 webcam images to get a sense of what is happening in Norway, the weather, the time of day. I am not Norwegian and I have never been to Norway, but I thought it would be fun to adopt a country and become a "virtual" citizen. I am happy to say that I do check your site each day to look at the latest photos. My only question -- can virtual citizens vote in Norway?

Dec. 16 - 1998 from: YOSHIMI Maria IZUMISAWA, Tokyo, Japan (email: )
Kjaere Eirik:  Hei! Hvordan gaar det i dag?  I was so surprised that there was a GUEST BOOK in your. Haugesund page all of sudden, but I am very happy with it!  When I was watching the town from ferry boat, many people were having nice time in cafeteria and  seaside.  Suddenly it began to rain so heavily but the people seemed to enjoy  the accident of summer rain.  Also, I remember there were some beautiful shapes of bridges and roads. On the same day, I asked a Norwegian who was working in the old watch tower in Stavanger, "Why the town of Haugesund was so lovely?"  He explained that a successful man of Haugesund donated a lot of money to the town for the purpose of building and making good town for the people. I would like to visit and read the history of Haugesund someday. Fordi jeg har ikke venner fra Norge her i Tokyo, det er saa vanskelig aa huske Norsk, men jeg leser Norsk med deg! TUSEN TAKK! og GOD JUL! og GODT NYTT AAR!
Med venlig hilsen, YOSHIMI Maria IZUMISAWA

Dec. 15 - 1998 from: Roger Espeland, Scottsdale, Arizona ( email: )
Hei, You have a fantastic web site.  It would be great to have more of these around the world. I am Roger Espeland from Scottsdale, Arizona and live in Haugesund in the summer months.  My photo and an article was in 11/07/98 Haugesund Avis this summer.  I have informed family and friends of this great site. I am addicted to a daily visit to your site! I have seen the building where my leilighet is and one photo I was in but difficult to spot Many of your photos are familiar to me and I enjoy the comments on hose not so familiar.
Mange takk.  Helsing, Roger

Dec. 15 - 1998 from Martin aus Halle, Deutschland  ( email: )
Hey Eirik! Jeg heter Martin og skiver fra Tyskland! Jeg har vaert i Haugesund en gang og jeg likte meg god der. I should better turn to English. Yes I like the coast and especially the norwegian. I like the country and the people and so I like to watch how the year goes by in Haugesund. Well, I like most the pictures from the landscape and the contrasts of nature and economy. Go on as you did in the last weeks.
Tschüß sagt

Dec. 15 - 1998 from Linda Rossehaug, Vormedal, Karmøy Kommune  ( email: )
Hei takk igjen for De fine bildene Du sendte.  Jeg het Linda Dagsland før jeg giftet meg, Jeg er født på Bakerøynå(Hasseløy)
6 .1.1967.  Jeg er oppvokst sør i byen,like ved Lundal Auto, og bor nå på Moksheimåsen og har 3 barn 3mnd,2år og 8 år.
Kommer til å følge med på sidene dine.

Dec. 15 -1998 from: Dallas/Dolores Fuller, Lake Havasu-City, Arizona,USA (email:
I am Dallas Fuller and my wife is Dolores (Espeland) Fuller form the USA. Dolores's father is from Olen and migrated to the USA in the early 1900's. She has many  relatives in the Haugesund area within a 150 KM. We attended an Espeland reunion this past summer in early July in Olen. Over 450 Espeland descendents attended. Perhaps you noted it in the local newspaper. Please excuse the improper O because I do not have a Norwegian computer!! We spent 2-3 weeks in the Haugesund area and enjoyed it very much. After finding your website we hit it almost every day. Your pictures are great. We will send requests periodically.
Thanks for making our day!! Dallas And Dolores Fuller, Lake Havasu - City, Arizona, USA

Dec. 15 - 1998 from: Norman Haugen, Utah, USA ( email: )
We have talked via 'e' mail before, but never in your guest book.  I enjoy all you pictures very much, and escape to your web site every night before retiring.  I was born in Kristiansund N. in 1941.  I don't know when my parents moved to Hasugesund, but I do remember an awful lot of the way it was before we moved to the U.S. in 1949.  I attended the first grade there (Braderblik ?? ) and spent many hours in the city park.  The gazebo was there when I lived there.  My grandmother lived just a few yards up from the park.  My father drove a bus up and down  araldsgaten.  We lived on Bakaroyna (????).  It was great of you to take the pictures of the house we lived in, and the back yard.  It brought many memories.  My cousin, whom you have contacted - Adolf M. Haugen lives there.  One of these times, I am coming for a visit, and probably will not want to come back.  We live in Utah - just a few miles from the 2002 Winter Olympics. Hope to hear from you again.   Thanks for all your efforts.   Norman Haugen

Dec. 15 - 1998 from: Lars Weyer, Michigan USA ( email: )
Hallo Eirik / De er mange her borte som liker bildene fra Haugesund. Jeg er en av dem. Jeg heter Lars Weyer og var fodt i Haugesund i 1944, emmigrerte til USA i 1960. Va hjemme pa besok et par ganger, siste gang var i 1986. Fra det jeg husker fra Haugesund, ser jeg store forandring, og det mellom Plasser og bygninger som er akurat som for. Jeg har bestemt meg og ta en tur hjem sommeren 2000. /   Jeg bodde pa Ole Frovik gt 4  ute pa Rossabo ( Fjellstemmen ) .  Et par bilder fra den plassen ville vert kjekk og se.  Thank you for keeping the memmories alive. Hilsen Lars  |  The 2000 Guestbook     | The 2001 Guestbook  |  The 2002 Guestbook  | is distributed by Eirik Hustvedt and Spindelveven Internett AS